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Burning 燃烧 Episode 10 Recap

Gao Feng hurried to the hospital, Zhou Haoyu and Xu Jiatong simply told the situation of Gaofeng Airport. At this time, Zhao Yue’e and Xu Jun also hurriedly came. Zhou Wei came out from the rescue room and told everyone that Xu Da had lost too much blood at the airport. Although he came to the rescue now, he did not rule out his brain death. Everyone was shocked. Zhao Yue’e’s expression was even more complicated.

Gao Feng hurried to the door of Li Yan’s ward. He wanted to see Feng Kai, but was stopped by the police at the door. At this time, Feng Kai and Liu Qingye were interrogating Li Yan in Li Yan’s ward. Li Yan wanted to conceal at first. Feng Kai reminded her to conceal important case information many times. If she concealed again, she would be held accountable according to law. This is how Li Yan reluctantly asked Feng Kaihe the secrets he knew.

Li Yan said that she caught Xu Guangyi and Luo Hongying’s personal affair at the time. Xu Guangyi argued that he was with Luo Hongying to help Xu Da. Xu Guangyi said that Yang Heng was the illegitimate child of Xu Da and Luo Hongying. Xu Da raped Luo Hongying in 1987 and later blocked Luo Hongying’s mouth with money. After that, Xu Da returned to Longwan to invest with Xu Jun in 1995. Luo Hongying approached Xu Da to talk about the illegitimate child. Xu Da gave Luo Hongying one million for this.

Li Yan confessed the hidden feelings of the 405 case. Feng Kai continued to ask Li Yan where the money in her account came from. Li Yan confessed that after seeing Yang Heng’s post on the Internet, she found Xu Da and Xu Da gave her a 20 million sealing fee to keep her secret from Yang Heng’s illegitimate child. Feng Kai wondered why she was not killed like Luo Hongying. Li Yan rolled her eyes and said that it was because of her tight tone, otherwise she was most likely buried in the Beishan cave like Luo Hongying.

Feng Kai came out of Li Yan’s ward with a heavy heart and returned to the Public Security Bureau. Zhou You opened the surveillance video at the time of the incident from the airport. Feng Kai found in the video that a tall woman deliberately approached Yang Heng and bumped his arm. He asked the airport to help see if there was a woman’s frontal video, and found nothing. Feng Kai was totally unaware that this woman was the man who was posing as the man who killed Yang Sanshui.

Feng Kai and Liu Qingye went to the interrogation room to interrogate Yang Heng, but Yang Heng said nothing. He just kept shaking and his eyes were full of panic. At this time, the police informed Feng Kai that Xu Jiatong came. Feng Kai’s interrogation Xu Jiatong, Xu Jiatong’s answer is no different from what is seen in the surveillance video.

Gao Feng came to Zhou Wei nervously, and he asked Xu Da if he could wake up. Zhou Wei persuaded Gao Feng not to take care of this matter, this matter should be left to Feng Kai and they will handle it. Gao Feng begged Zhou Wei for help to save Xu Da. If Xu Da died in the 405 case, he might not be able to find out. His father and grandpa might never be wronged. Zhou Wei promised to do his best.

Xu Jun accompanied Zhao Yue’e to visit Xu Da in the ward and saw Xu Da’s body filled with tubes. After Xu Jun and Zhao Yue’e returned home, Xu Jun couldn’t help but finally ask Zhao Yuee if Xu Da had something to hide from them. Zhao Yue’e vehemently denied. Xu Jun was ready to leave in disappointment. Zhao Yuee suddenly stopped him and told him that if the police asked them to ask questions tomorrow, he must be clear about what to say and what not to say.

Xu Jun expressed his doubts in Xu Jiatong’s office. He said that he always felt that Xu Da had something to do with Luo Hongying. Xu Jiatong, like an elder, persuaded Xu Jun to focus on the Dragon Star Group. After Xu Jun left, Xu Jiatong went directly to Zhao Yue’e’s office. She asked directly why Xu Da wanted to kill Luo Hongying. Seeing Xu Jiatong’s determined appearance, Zhao Yuee had to tell her that Yang Heng was the illegitimate child of Xu Da and Luo Hongying.

Xu Jiatong asked Zhao Yuee. Xu Jiatong said that with her understanding of Xu Da, he could not kill Luo Hongying because of this matter. Xu Da must have other reasons. Zhao Yue’e insisted that Yang Heng murdered in retaliation for Xu Da. Xu Jiatong said coldly that he could see clearly at the airport. Yang Heng did not kill Xu Da but had someone else. Was that person sent by Zhao Yuee? Zhao Yuee did not answer. Xu Jiatong went on to say that she did not want Xu Jun to know all these things, and that she would adjust her investment in the UK.

After Xu Jiatong left, Zhao Yuee sat on the sofa and fell into a deep thought. She remembered that in 1986 when she was in her home village in Xu Village, she called the police that the 400,000 people her husband Xu Jiafu took were stolen. She said that Xu Jiafu was now in Haidong and he did not want to live. What did the police want to ask, Zhao Yuee hurriedly hung up the phone. Immediately after Liu Zhijian, who was the captain of the criminal investigation team, invited Gao Sihai to investigate the body of a fire case. Liu Zhijian said that Gao Sihai and Xu Jiafu were like brothers, so he asked Gao Sihai to personally inspect Xu Jiafu’s body. Gao Sihai was shocked to see the charred body burned at the scene of the fire. While the police were investigating Zhao Yue’e, she spoke perfectly.

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