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Burning 燃烧 Episode 5 Recap

At the airport, Xu Jiatong said that she did not want to answer Zhou Haoyu’s question. Now she has two decisions to let Zhou Haoyu choose. Xu Jiatong said that if Zhou Haoyu agreed, he would immediately announce that he would serve as the general manager of Longxing Financial Group. The second choice was that Zhou Haoyu would immediately resign and pursue himself, because he did not like office romance.

Zhou Haoyu was incredible, he was dumbfounded. Xu Jiatong asked him to make a decision immediately. Zhou Haoyu chose the first item after making difficult choices. Xu Jiatong let out a long sigh of relief. She said that Zhou Haoyu wouldn’t mention the pursuit of things after that.

Liu Qingye continued to interrogate Yang Heng. Yang Heng insisted that he had freedom of speech on the Internet. He said that he understood the law and he did not slander and frame it. Zhou You said angrily that Yang Heng’s malicious attack on Gao Jianshe was denying the conclusion of the task force that year. Yang Heng argued that he was only aiming at Gao Jianshe, but not the task force.

Feng Kai walked in and said that even though Luo Hongying was the victim, it was not excluded that Xu Guangyi was killed by Luo Hongying. Yang Heng angrily asked Feng Kai what it meant. Feng Kai argued that although Luo Hongying was killed, she did not rule out the possibility of killing Xu Guangyi and being killed by other associates. Yang Heng was speechless. Feng Kai agreed to let him go, but must be on call.

Li Xian returned home and Gao Feng was anxious to tell Li Xian his judgment on Luo Hongying’s case. Seeing his obsession, Li Xian persuaded him not to mix the matter. After all, the case has passed for twenty years. If it is too difficult to investigate. Gao Feng argued that his father was framed as a black policeman, and he wanted to investigate anyway. Li Xian reluctantly told him to help him find that Yang Sanshui had a driver’s license before the incident, and Yang Sanshui resigned shortly after the incident. Gao Feng heard something thoughtful, he quickly stood up and went to the criminal investigation team to find Feng Kai.

Gao Feng came to Feng Kai’s office, Liu Qingye and Zhou You were discussing the case with Feng Kai. Gao Feng told Feng Kai about his new views on the 405 case. According to Gao Feng’s analysis, Yang Sanshui had a driver’s license, and he most likely killed Luo Hongying and drove his body to the Beishan cave. Yang Sanshui has no income but has the financial ability to buy lottery tickets after his resignation. This is very suspicious. Yang Heng may have a certain understanding of the case, otherwise he will not assume that the corpse is Luo Hongying.

Gao Feng continued to express his views on the case. Feng Kai asked him alertly why he knew the details of the case. Gao Feng confessed that he read the file in the archive room. Feng Kai lowered his face and ordered Zhou You to take Gao Feng into the cell for at least twelve hours, and immediately went to Li Xian’s house to bring Gao Feng’s laptop and mobile phone to the criminal investigation team. Liu Qingye couldn’t help but defend Gao Feng. She hoped that Feng Kai could understand Gao Feng’s mood to solve the case. Feng Kai said that it was good for Gao Feng, because Gao Feng is no longer a policeman.

Feng Kai went to the detention room to inform Gao Feng that he could leave. He said there were still planes going to Shanghai. Gao Feng suddenly said that he would not go to Shanghai anymore. He would stay in Longwan and continue to investigate the 405 case. Feng Kai was a little shocked. He warned that Gao Feng was no longer a policeman. It would be illegal to intervene in the 405 case. Gao Feng’s eyes revealed firmness.

Zhou Wei came to visit Gaosihai and found that the high wind was coming. Zhou Wei’s posture to chat with Gao Sihai was actually dissatisfied with Gao Feng’s major incident. Zhou Wei was distressed that Gao Feng always did unexpected things. He said that he had learned from Zhou Haoyu that Gao Feng gave up going to Shanghai. Gao Feng gave reasons for his stay, and Zhou Wei could not convince Gao Feng to be worried.

Xu Guangyi’s ex-wife Li Yan was taken to the criminal investigation brigade to be interrogated again. Liu Qingye asked Li Yan some questions. Li Yan recalled that Gao Jianshe had taken someone to find her. Xu Guangyi had divorced her before her death, but Xu Guangyi ’s home was facing demolition, and he would soon have 1.2 million. Compensation, so she did not agree to a divorce. Li Yan emphasized again and again that when she returned to Henan’s family, she had no time to commit crimes. Li Yan said very reasonable and reasonable, Feng Kai thought that Li Yan had to leave.

Feng Kai received a phone call from the forensic Wei Cannon before leaving the interrogation room. Wei Cannon told Feng Kai that Yang Sanshui’s anatomical results basically ruled out the possibility of homicide. Feng Kai told Fang Fei and Li Xia of this conclusion. Feng Kai then analyzed that Luo Hongying’s corpse was found without clothes, and that the murderer most likely had a male-female relationship with her. They should check from Luo Hongying’s social relations, especially those who can drive, because Beishan is very far away, and the corpse needs to be driven by to pass by.

Gao Feng was ready to take a closer look at the relationship between the characters in the 405 case at his home, when the door knocking sound came. Gao Feng opened the door and saw a middle-aged woman standing at the door.

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