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And The Winner is Love 月上重火 Episode 14 Recap

Shangguantou was extremely depressed. A man was drinking booze. His father Shangguanxingzhou found him and tried to persuade him to let go of his knot and take good care of himself in the future. Shangguantou could not forgive his father’s selfishness. Shangguan Xingzhou also felt guilty about his obsession with power and hurting Bailu’s mother and son, but now there is no way to make up for it. He took out the small shoes that Bai Lu made for Shangguantuo and gave them to Shangguantuo, saying that he had used these little shoes to pin his thoughts on Shangguantuo’s mother over the years. Shangguan received something and told Shangguan to go on a boat, so I won’t see you again.

Sister Shangguan Zheng came to comfort Shangguan Tou. In fact, she already knew this secret. Over the years, she has always regarded Shangguan Tou as her own younger brother. Shangguan Tou envyed her sister for being favored by her parents. Shangguan Zheng said that in fact her father did this, her mother Also suffered a lot. But after so many years in the past, the mother had already let go of her, and she had accepted Shangguantuo. She persuaded Shangguantuo to go back to see her mother and was rejected by Shangguantuo.

Chong Xuezhi is about to enter the customs and practice, everyone comes to send her, Yu Wen Mu Yuan let her rest assured that during this time he will do his best to lead the Chonghuo Palace. Xia Qingmei said to Hong Sheng who was saved by himself that he wanted to learn “The Nine Forms of Lotus God”. He didn’t learn to dominate the rivers and lakes, but just wanted to defeat Shangguan Tou, because in his heart he already regarded Shangguan Tou as his rival. . In order to repay the grace of saving lives, Hong Sheng promised to teach him.

During this period, the disciples of Chonghuo Palace practiced martial arts diligently, and Chong Xuezhi was practicing in meditation, and everything seemed calm. Shangguanto continue to stay in Yueshanggu, Lin Changran knows that he is depressed in his heart, often drinking and chatting with him, and enlightening him to face reality. Naturally, one’s life experience cannot be chosen. Only courageous confrontation can solve the problem.

Shangguan looked at the little shoes left by his mother, and his heart was choppy. Suddenly he found a small note inside, which was the ancient poems that his father taught himself when he was a child. He didn’t understand what his father was pursuing in his life, and he suddenly realized that he knew too little about his father.

Chong Xuezhi retreat and practiced, and accidentally found the lotus wing moves left by his father Chong Ye, and then practiced one by one, and found that his martial arts improved a lot at once. Suddenly, it was about a year for Chong Xuezhi to practice retreat, and Yu Wen Mu Yuan missed her very much. At this time, Chongxuezhi’s martial arts have been advancing by leaps and bounds.

Nowadays, suddenly the plague prevails, and the people are countless dead and wounded. In order to curb the spread of the epidemic, Shiyan Master quickly summoned Jianghu people and others to discuss the countermeasures together. However, this plague occurred at the foot of Miyagi Mountain, and the Jianghu School, which has always been advertised as the main entrance and decent, disdain to reach out to help.

Everyone in the Chonghuo Palace was very concerned about the safety of the people under the mountain. Yu Wen Mu Yuan arranged for his men to prepare food and grass to go down the mountain to comfort the people. Huashan sent Feng Cheng to be happily guilty. Furiously went back to the disaster relief.

The epidemic became a spreading trend, and Master Shiyan wrote to the State Master for help. Chonghuo Palace took out all the reserve materials to rescue the victims, but unexpectedly it was attacked by the bandits early. At the critical moment when everyone lost, Chong Xuezhi came out of the gate. She exerted her martial arts and easily defeated the bandits. It turned out that she had already practiced the ninth style of lotus wings.

Chongxuezhi learned that it was the plague that raged outside. Despite Elder Yuwen’s sarcasm about his martial arts words, he decided to find a cure for the plague. The Master received a letter of help from Master Shi Yan, but he could n’t go there while he was offering sacrifices. At this time, Shangguan Tuo also returned to the Master ’s house with his doubts about his father. Go to relieve the worries of the people.

Received a letter from the Master of the Kingdom, but now it was the day of the celestial sacrifice, and he had no avatar. At this time, Shangguan arrived and expressed his willingness to go on his behalf.

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