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And The Winner is Love 月上重火 Episode 13 Recap

Knowing that Chong Xuezhi was the daughter who killed his father and his enemies, Yu Wen Mu Yuan was very angry and contradictory. He didn’t know how to face Chong Xuezhi and his father’s card. Is good. Out of the ancestral hall, seeing Chong Xuezhi standing alone, he wanted to avoid her, but was stopped by Chong Xuezhi.

Chongxuezhi said with resentment that you are not even willing to take care of me even if you are Mu Yuan, are you ready to leave yourself? Yuwen Muyuan doesn’t know what to say, Chongxuezhi continues to say that he is not suitable for the palace Palace Master, it is more appropriate for Mu Yuan to do it. Mu Yuan resolutely refused, and persuaded Chong Xuezhi not to evade responsibility, but to learn to face it bravely, and he would always support her by her side.

Yuwen Muyuan’s grandfather, Elder Yuwen, heard the conversation between two people and went to the ancestral hall alone. Yuwen Muyuan met him in the ancestral hall, and the grandfather and grandson had a fierce conversation. Yuwen Muyuan said that he knew that Grandpa was the master behind the scene, but he would push all this to Yu Wan, provided that he had to ensure that he Xuezhi was safe in Chonghuo Palace, because what happened at that time had nothing to do with Chongxuezhi. If there was any accident in Chongxuezhi, she would immediately leave and never come back. Seeing Sun Zi’s decisive attitude, Elder Yuwen finally agreed to his conditions, and he would no longer harm Xuezhi.

Shangguan Tou came to Emei and saw Baiyun Shitai. It turned out that Master Baiyun was the sister of her biological mother Bai Lu. At that time, the two sisters Bai Yunbailu went together under the door of the Emei School. However, when Bai Lu went down the mountain once, she met Shangguantou ’s father Shangguan Xingzhou. However, Shangguan Xingzhou concealed the fact that Bailu had married his wife and had children, until Bailu was pregnant with the child and was found by Shangguan Xingzhou’s main wife and wanted the life of Bailu’s mother and son, but Shangguan Xingzhou was determined to serve the court He didn’t arrange for Bailu’s mother and son to be comprehensive, causing Bailu to give birth to a child in a panic, but she was difficult to die.

Mr. Bai Yuntai was taken care of by the elder sister. This child was Shangguan Tou. Shangguan Xingzhou arrived. Seeing such a miserable situation, he couldn’t help but feel painful. But Mr. Baiyun would never forgive Shangguan Xingzhou. The boat took back to the mansion to recognize the ancestors. Now, Master Bai Yun is too weak. She knows that she can’t support it for many days and must tell the truth to Shangguan. Shangguan heard the shock and heard that his current mother was not biological. No wonder how clever he was when he was a child, he couldn’t get his mother’s love, but instead made him difficult. Later, when he was young, he left home and went to Lingjian Mountain to study martial arts. Gradually, his relationship with the Shangguan family, including his father, became weaker and weaker.

Chongxuezhi accidentally found that her skills had improved a lot. She thought that Poison King Dan had played a role. Everyone asked her that Shangguan had sent her such a precious tonic, and she must like her. Chongxuezhi was said to be the central thing. My heart is more dull.

Shangguantuo’s aunt Baiyun Shitai, after telling Shangguantuo the truth, her wish was gone and she fell asleep. Shangguan Tou had just learned about his mother and lost another loved one, feeling very sad. In the Guoshi Mansion, Shangguan Xingzhou found that someone had entered the mansion, and he knew that Shangguan Tou had returned. He was overjoyed and prepared to go out to meet him, but issued a cold on his neck. It turned out that Shangguan Tou had driven the sword to his neck.

Shangguan thoroughly asked his father why he was so cruel to his mother. Shangguan Xingzhou admitted that he was sorry for his mother. He asked Shangguan to kill himself and thanked his mother. Shangguanto could n’t get it, but just cut him off. Yu Pei dropped the sword in his hand and turned and left.

Chongxuezhi was surprised when she learned that the traitor inside Chonghuo Palace was Yu Wan, but since the matter had passed, she decided not to pursue it again, and she told Yuwen Muyuan that she would retreat to practice, improve martial arts and practice, Take up the responsibilities that should be undertaken. During this period, everything in the Chonghuo Palace was left to Yu Wen Mu Yuan to handle.

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