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Mr. Fox and Miss Rose 酋长的男人 Episode 9 Recap

With the efforts of Qin Shu, Gao Zhenhe and Dong Yunxi arrived at the designated place at the same time. Dong Yunxi could not wait to take out the gibbsite he bought and placed it in front of President Wang, then looked at Gao Zhenhe proudly. Gao Zhenhe did not come up with anything, but debunked the fact that President Wang deliberately released false news in person. Gao Zhenhe’s judgment ability made him admired very much. As a jewelry hunter, he must have the ability to judge the truth of the news. Dong Yunxi lost in this contest. Although he was very unconvinced, he could only accept this reality.

In fact, this competition test was designed and arranged by Li An. She wanted to make Gao Zhenhe stronger and stronger, so as to find the disappearing ore veins. She threw the bait Dong Yunxi to make him think that Gao Zhenhe was grabbing a bowl with himself to stimulate He went to fight against Gao Zhenhe, thus inspiring Gao Zhenhe’s more potential. After experiencing this competition, Dong Yunxi ended in failure. Subsequently, he received a number of cancellation calls from several jewelry companies, which made him hate Gao Zhenhe and began to study to replace Gao Zhenhe and Li An.

Xana felt that since Gao Zhenhe and Xingyue returned, their relationship had become unusual. She was worried that Xingyue and Gao Zhenhe would become more and more inseparable. In this way, her plan to pursue Gao Zhenhe would be difficult to realize. Xana wanted to use fake stones as star stones to deceive Xingyue to leave, but Xingyue could tell at a glance that the stones were true and false. The real star stones had been destroyed and could not be recovered. Gao Zhenhe’s purpose was to exchange money with gems He didn’t really treat Xingyue, Xingyue felt sad after learning the truth, and Gao Zhenhe had deeper guilt for Xingyue.

Xingyue thought about what Shana said, Gao Zhenhe only needed money, sitting alone in the room thinking, thinking about even the favorite instant noodles. Xingyue answered Yi Tian’s phone call and said that she was uncomfortable. She thought that Gao Zhenhe was her friend, but Gao Zhenhe only regarded herself as a prey, a prey that could be exchanged for money. Gao Zhenhe was worried about Xingyue ’s condition jumping into the room from the window, and took away his phone to hug Xingyue and apologize. He told Xingyue that he was originally for Xingyue Stone, but now it is impossible to recover, he can only let Xingyue Yue killed himself before venting his anger. Xingyue inadvertently turned off the lights in the house, Gao Zhenhe had a black fear, he curled up and hid in the corner, recalling the scene of his mother ’s murder, it was difficult to restrain himself, Xingyue wanted to come forward to comfort but did not know what to do Do it.

After Xingyue turned on the light, Gao Zhenhe gradually recovered. He told Xingyue that he loves money. If he used to have money, he would n’t have suffered so much now. Friends, love, and trust are all false scams. Gao Zhenhe left in a low mood. Xingyue does not understand how important money is, and whether Gao Zhenhe is with him only because of Xingshi, Xingyue is puzzled. Gao Zhenhe received a call saying that Uncle Wen was drunk outside. He just wanted to take this opportunity to talk to Uncle Wen, so he hurried over. Uncle Wen was a little drunk. He regarded Gao Zhenhe as his child. He mentioned the situation of his family and the things he used to work in the jewelry factory, but he got drunk before he finished.

Gao Zhenhe went home with Uncle Wen back, and he recalled his father drunk and fell into the river and tried to carry him. The next day, Gao Zhenhe met with Li An. According to Li An ’s reliable information, Uncle Wen was the only one who knew where the disappearing vein was. Once the address of the vein was locked, Li An ’s company would initiate formal and legal mining procedures to mine and find Gao Zhenhe is also to save the money for early prospecting. Gao Zhenhe told Li An that he had made progress now, and at the same time told Li An not to intervene too much.

After talking with Li An, Gao Zhenhe brought Xingyue back with a sweet cake, and Xingyue followed Yi Tian together, but she was so bitter in her heart that she could n’t even eat the cake. Xingyue did n’t know why she was unhappy. She recalled what Gao Zhenhe said. She wanted to make a lot of money for Gao Zhenhe to make him happy, and immediately asked Yi Tian to bring herself live to make money.

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