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Mr. Fox and Miss Rose 酋长的男人 Episode 8 Recap

Gao Zhenhe rescued the real driver from the trunk. The three of them drove to the destination together. According to Qin Shu ’s guidance, they found a shortcut, but the driver described it as the road to death because the road was full of snake holes If they do not carry anti-toxic serum, they are difficult to pass through. The driver dared not take them forward, and Gao Zhenhe asked him to put them at the intersection of the road of death. He and Xingyue went to the mining area alone.

Xingyue followed Gao Zhenhe firmly. In order to help Gao Zhenhe get what he wanted, Xingyue went forward without fear. Qin Shu’s calculation of this road can be reached in 40 minutes at the earliest. If it goes smoothly, it will arrive 20 minutes earlier than Dong Yunxi, but this is only Qin Shu’s idealized design after all, and there will be many difficulties and obstacles in real implementation. Although Gao Zhenhe’s surface was calm, in fact, he was also in a panic. The two accidentally broke into the minefield. Even though Shana’s phone was remotely controlled, Xingyue still stepped on the mine. Gao Zhenhe has undergone professional demining training. He calmly demined Xingyue. When Xingyue lifted his foot away from the mine, he pushed himself up and deliberately deceived Xingyue. He plans to sacrifice himself to save Xingyue. Fortunately After the mine exploded, Gao Zhenhe was not hurt, but Xingyue was still scared. Xingyue cried and said that she did n’t have to go back to the tribe under the cliff with Gao Zhenhe, she would n’t go back to the Xingxing Stone anymore, only hope he could survive the cloud safely.

At the moment when Gao Zhenhe was safe, Xingyue immediately repented and admired Gao Zhenhe. Gao Zhenhe and Xingyue hurried to the mining area after getting rid of the danger. At this time, Dong Yunxi had already transported what he thought was the only diaspore. Qian Dingwan, the owner of the mining area, told him not to sell diaspore to others. The boss felt that Dong Yunxi was not a good person. Look at Gao Zhenhe. They walked from the dead jungle. For the precious stones to save their lives, of course, they are more trustworthy than Dong Yunxi. Then they took out diaspore and sold it to Gao Zhenhe.

After receiving the instructions from Shana, the driver picked Gao Zhenhe as originally planned. He was curious about the relationship between Shana and Gao Zhenhe. Gao Zhenhe just regarded Shana as a relative. Xia Na called Gao Zhenhe about Dong Yunxi. The flight that returned the next day had only one seat, which was already taken by Dong Yunxi. Gao Zhenhe would be 20 minutes later than Dong Yunxi. The situation now is that unless Dong Yunxi looks away, or they use unfair competition in the middle to intercept Dong Yunxi, Gao Zhenhe will still lose this matchup.

After finishing the call, Xingyue played with the boehmite bought by Gao Zhenhe. She found that the gloss on it was painted the day after tomorrow. Gao Zhenhe felt that this way came along, except for the road to death. Some things were too smooth. Especially when dealing with the mine owner, the mine owner is too enthusiastic, like looking for a play in a script. After inquiring the driver, Gao Zhenhe learned that there was no news about the production of diaspores in the entire Tadong. Then, the driver promised to help him inquire about his father-in-law who had been in the jewel circle for fifty years. Gao Zhenhe stayed awake all night. The driver told Gao Zhenhe the news he heard the following morning. The mining area selling diaspore was only a place where rubies were produced. The owner said that diaspore was deceptive, but the false news came from Where is unknown.

While Gao Zhenhe was thinking, Xingyue suddenly rushed into the room. She was lying on Gao Zhenhe’s body as a whole, thinking of Gao Zhenhe as her charging treasure, and she had to hold her tightly. She even proposed to sleep with Gao Zhenhe. This made Gao Zhenhe shy, he sent Xingyue out of the room, and sat chatting with Xingyue because of Xingyue’s coquettishness. Gao Zhenhe wondered how Xingyue discovered fake gems. Xingyue said he could see the inside of the stone.

Xingyue refused to go home to find the Xingyue Stone and bring back Gao Zhenhe, but Gao Zhenhe always thought that he and Xingyue were not the same person. He wanted to persuade him patiently, but Xingyue was asleep, and Gao Zhenhe looked at the sleeping Xingyue Full of love. Xana and Qin Shu stopped Dong Yunxi from going to the Midsummer Jewelry, let Dong Yunxi take a taxi all the way to the red light, and Xana and Qin Shu, who received Gao Zhenhe and Xingyue, all led straight to Midsummer Jewelry. They wanted to grab the front of Dong Yunxi.

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