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Mr. Fox and Miss Rose 酋长的男人 Episode 12 Recap

Xingyue is really a lucky girl who easily unlocked the code lock and entered the small room. When she saw the cut star stone, she didn’t recognize her one. Instead, she cleverly guessed that Gao Zhenhe was going to steal Uncle Wen’s things, although she didn’t know. Gao Zhenhe’s true purpose, however, promised not to speak to the outside world. He just hoped that Gao Zhenhe would stop stealing and hurting others.

Uncle Wen ’s meal has been prepared, but there are prawns that Gao Zhenhe does n’t want to remember. The last time he ate prawns was when his father said goodbye to himself. Such past events made Gao Zhenhe think that what he was doing might be a thief and a meeting. To hurt others, Shana can only repeatedly emphasize Uncle Wen’s complexity in order to make Gao Zhenhe no longer soft-hearted, and also asks Gao Zhenhe to send Xingyue away.

Gao Zhenhe temporarily regained his indifferent reason. It was just that Uncle Wen and Xingyue were having a good time at this time, and they were particularly able to stay up late. Gao Zhenhe and Shana could n’t support all of them asleep, and Wen Shu went to the basement after successfully sleeping in Xingyue. Want to rummage something, thanks to Gao Zhenhe suddenly woke up and pulled away Uncle Wen. Gao Zhenhe went out early in the morning and was followed by Xingyue. The taxi driver mistakenly thought that Xingyue was following his boyfriend to see if he was cheating. When Qin Shu slept in the car and woke up all night, he still couldn’t face Xana bravely. Xingyue followed Gao Zhenhe to the nursing home. He was originally monitoring whether Gao Zhenhe would steal things. As a result, Gao Zhenhe was to give a birthday gift to Sixi, a child with eye diseases.

Gao Zhenhe can say particularly beautifully when describing the sky to Sissi. Xingyue still thought that Gao Zhenhe likes to lie. In the end, Gao Zhenhe just wanted to create a beautiful world for Sissi, so that he had the courage and hope to cure the disease.

Gao Zhenhe always hides his good side from others, and this side is seen by Xingyue, but Xingyue doesn’t understand why, Gao Zhenhe just doesn’t want to be asked for eternal goodness after showing a goodness. Because no one can always be a good person, the world of Xingyue only has good and bad people, but people are not so simple to define, but Xingyue still likes Gao Zhenhe willing to change him.

Yi Tian was very embarrassed and angry with Gao Zhenhe, thinking about how to scold Gao Zhenhe for taking back Xingyue. The intention was to play hard in front of Gao Zhenhe, but he still counseled Gao Zhenhe to buy food back. Xana questioned why Xingyue still returned home, but Xingyue was monitoring Gao Zhenhe so she could not leave it for the time being. Uncle Wen confirmed to Xingyue that Gao Zhenhe’s true purpose was to go to the nursing home, but Gao Zhenhe did indeed a kind thing, and Xingyue also told the truth.

Yi Tian came with food obediently, and as a tool, he would be driven away by Gao Zhenhe. Yi Tian courageously courageously confronted Gao Zhenhe and said that he liked Xingyue, but Gao Zhenhe asked Yi Tian to give up and say it. The reason, Yi Tian asked Gao Zhenhe to use a cold appearance to cover up the truth about her. Gao Zhenhe resolutely refused to recognize it. Yi Tian used the horoscope to analyze the disaster caused by the opposite sex this year. Gao Zhenhe was completely unbelieving to leave.

Uncle Wen insisted on going back to the nursing home, and Gao Zhenhe decided not to frighten the snake and let Uncle Wen go back. Xingyue saw the meaning in Gao Zhenhe’s eyes and wanted to continue to ask, but Gao Zhenhe pulled Xingyue to see the cut out star stone, Xingyue did not Thinking that Xingyue Stone would be so beautiful after being cut out, Xingyue couldn’t understand why Gao Zhenhe was angry. Now that the stone was given to Xingyue, Xingyue should always leave. Gao Zhenhe was not angry but just didn’t want to be monitored by Xingyue.

Xingyue hands Xingyue Stone to Gao Zhenhe again. Although she likes Xingyue Stone, she likes Gao Zhenhe more and wants it more, but Gao Zhenhe cannot return to the world under the cliff with Xingyue, unless she falls in love with Xingyue, but Xingyue Full confidence in the month will make Gao Zhenhe fall in love with himself.

Xingyue lovelyly studied the Xingyue Stone. Gao Zhenhe looked at the lovely Xingyue and admitted that he had no way to get the Xingyue. He quietly asked Xingyue to return to Yitian to live for a while, but Xingyue suddenly hugged Gao Zhenhe, Because Yi Tian is not afraid of darkness and Gao Zhenhe is afraid, only by Gao Zhenhe’s side can he hug him tightly and comfort him. Gao Zhenhe’s instantaneous heart may actually fall in love with Xingyue, but he thinks that his love is not true love will hurt Xingyue after all.

Xingyue Brain Circuit was embarrassed. Before that, she promised Shana to let Gao Zhenhe’s love out, and looked at Xingyue’s entangled embarrassment. Gao Zhenhe couldn’t help but hold Xingyue’s small face. Xana designed a car breakdown to let Uncle Wen go home alone, and looking at Qin Shu remembering everything he had heard the night before, Qin Shu’s drunken words were deeply affectionate for Xana from inside and out, Xana thanked Qin Shu for always being firm Stand by your side. Uncle Wen was once again arranged to force out of the nursing home to find Shana.

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