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Love Designer 幸福触手可及 Episode 20 Recap

In order to complete her personal custom-made tasks, Zhou Fang specifically learned about Mrs. Lu’s wearing preferences. Finally, she decided not to design a wedding dress for Mrs. Lu. She felt that the white wedding dress was too similar to the color of the hospital, and the patient was not comfortable wearing the wedding dress So, she decided to go to Zhouzhuang to learn the craftsmanship from the boss who made the dyed clothes last time and make a special fabric for Mrs. Lu.

Song Rong approached Zhou Fang by working, trying to make Zhou Fang change her mind, but Zhou Fang refused for thousands of miles. She said that the two had broken up, so Song Rong would n’t haunt her like this again, and Song Rong was a little unhappy. When he left, he left Wang He and Zhou Fang to contact Zhou Fang about Zhou Fang’s wedding. Wang He and Zhou Fang talked about Mr. Lu’s wedding. Song Rong specially sent a message to remind Wang He that he could only discuss the business with Zhou Fang. After the two had finished the business, Wang He asked Zhou Fang about her affairs with Song Rong. Zhou Fang thought he was sent by Song Rin as a lobbyist. Wang He told Zhou Fang that what he said was not what Song Rin meant. He hoped that Zhou Fang could forgive Song Rin, because he always liked Luna and he introduced Luna and Song Rin to know, but Song Rin did not like Luna, and after meeting Zhou Fang, he changed a lot, so he especially hoped that Zhou Fang would be with Song Rong.

Youyou and the other three asked Zhou Fang to resign. They were afraid that after Zhou Fang signed the contract with Wan Feng, the job they had done would be difficult to do. Zhou Fang stayed for a long time and could not make them change their minds. The three went to a picnic in the suburbs together, and told them many intimate words about themselves. Finally, they pretended to threaten with a sharp knife. When they saw Zhou Fang was full of sincerity, they all agreed. Qin Qing saw Zhou Fang’s circle of friends and felt that Zhou Fang was still so happy without her by her side, which made her feel bad. So Qin Qing called Huo Chendong to drink together. Huo Chendong knew what Qin Qing was like when he saw it. He persuaded Qin Qing to stop making trouble with Zhou because their girlfriends for so many years were not easy, but Qin Qing did Zhou Fang is a jerk, saying that he will not forgive Zhou Fang.

When Qin Qing went to the bathroom, Huo Chendong specifically called Zhou Fang and told her about Qin Qing’s situation, hoping that Zhou Fang would take the initiative to sum up with Qin Qing. Zhou Fang said he knew what he knew. Zhou put a bunch of balloons in front of Qin Qing’s house, and left the cards she wrote on the balloons, and then called out Qin Qing. Qin Qing came out after hearing the doorbell. She took off the card on the balloon. Zhou put an apology with Qin Qing on the card, saying that she could not do without Qin Qing. Qin Qing was very moved after seeing it, and Zhou Fang appeared afterwards. , The two embraced together, Zhou Fang began to spoil Qin Qing.

Wang He, Zuo Yulin and Chen Chen went to Song Rong’s house to cook together. Song Rin pointed his fingers at him, and Wang He fell down to him. Wang He specially called Zhou Fang to have dinner together. He hoped Song Rong could reconcile with Zhou Fang. Zhou went to Song Rin’s house, Wang He directly called Zhou Fang’s younger sister, Zuo Yulin and Chen Chen called Zhou Fang’s sister-in-law, Song Rong was embarrassed, but Zhou Fang did not refuse. When Zhou Fang left, Song Rin deliberately went out to see her, and apologized to Wang Fang for their behavior, hoping that Zhou Fang would n’t think that she deliberately took advantage of her. Zhou Fang didn’t want to tell Song Rongduo that she only talked to Song Rin about employee training. After Song Rong promised to arrange it properly, she went home, her expression was still calm and light.

Shen Di will go abroad next Wednesday. He has never found a chance to say goodbye to Song Luo, so he can only ask Zhou Fang to help him talk to Song Luo. Zhou Fang called Song Rong for Shen Di’s business and wanted him to tell Song Luo, but Song Rong did not agree. He didn’t want to hurt Song Luo’s heart, so he didn’t want to tell Song Luo about this matter. Zhou Fang had to go to Song Rong in person and forced Song Rong to tell Song Luo about it. After Song Rong agreed, she ran away immediately. Qin Qing took Zhou Fang to do beauty. He also introduced Zhou Fang to the beauty salon Evelyn, who surprised Zhou Fang that this Evelyn was the youngest three who destroyed her marriage, Shen Peipei.

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