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And The Winner is Love 月上重火 Episode 12 Recap

At night, Chongxuezhi asked Shangguanto where she would go in the future, and she decided to stop talking. Chongxuezhi felt that she shouldn’t ask him these questions again, so she got up and left. The next day, Hong Sheng admitted that he stole “Lian Shen Nine Forms” but was discovered by Wang Yinya, and rushed to Xiangzhou to kill him. Then he designed and burned “Lian Shen Nine Forms” and blamed heavy Xuezhi And Heavy Fire Palace. Yu Wen Mu Yuan wants to take Hong Sheng away, but the Huashan faction leader disagrees.

He is worried that Yu Wen Mu Yuan will force Hong Sheng to write down the content of the Lotus God’s Nine Styles and merge it with Lotus Heart Sutra into Lotus Wing , Still threatening rivers and lakes. At this time, Chong Xuezhi came to the conference site, and she burned the “Furong Heart Sutra” in public to conclude the lotus wing. Huashan sent the head to see that the lotus wings were burnt, and he secretly attacked Chong Xuezhi secretly, even though Shangguan through the timely shot kicked the head of Huashan, Chong Xuezhi was still attacked and injured.

Shangguantou took Chong Xuezhi out of the conference, and Huashan sent palms to find Yu Wen Mu Yuan in trouble. Thanks to Master Shiyan, he stood up to preach justice and warned others that no one should provoke trouble in Luduan Temple, let alone send trouble to the Heavy Fire Palace. Everyone had to go away. In view of the current situation, Yu Wen Mu Yuan proposed to put Hong Sheng in Luduan Temple first, and wait for it to be dealt with in the future, Master Shi Yan agreed to his proposal. Shangguan Tou wanted to heal Chongxuezhi, but she refused. Chongxuezhi told him that he had fulfilled his original promise. Since then, the two have no ties, hoping that he can find his own happiness and see the heavy Xuezhi is so determined that Shangguan feels helpless through the extreme pain in his heart.

When Yuwen Muyuan returned to the inn, he didn’t see Chongxuezhi and Shangguantou, so he went out to look for him, and came back to meet Shangguantou and came back with a comatose Chongxuezhi. Watching them go away, it was uncomfortable. Yu Wen Mu Yuan placed Chong Xuezhi on the bed and accompanied him beside him. He looked at Chong Xuezhi who was sleeping, and he felt infinite love. Shangguan Tou walked aimlessly on the street, Lin Fengzi asked him what was wrong with concern, and invited him to return to Lingjian Villa, but Shangguan Tou was not interested in anything, even though Lin Fengzi was deeply passionate about himself. I don’t want to mention it again. When Wuming found Shangguantou, he found that he had no inner strength. It turned out that he had just transferred all the inner strength to Chong Xuezhi for healing.

Chong Xuezhi had a nightmare and dreamed of his father Chong Ye. When he woke up, he knew that Shangguan Tou had sent him back, and he knew that he had left, and suddenly felt empty in his heart. But what happened in front of her did not allow her to fall in love with her children. She settled down and decided to find the traitor inside Chonghuo Palace, so she wanted to take Hong Sheng back to Chonghuo Palace for interrogation. Lin Zongxing also confessed the original Shuangshuang and seized Hong Sheng to force him to write “The Lotus Nine Styles”. Master Shi Yan gave Hong Sheng to the people in the Palace of Heavy Fire, and Chong Xuezhi decided to imprison him forever in the Palace of Heavy Fire, and no more tragedies could happen.

On the way back to the palace, Chong Xuezhi and others were attacked, Hong Sheng was beaten to death, and Gu Gu died in Chong Xuezhi’s arms. When Yuwen Muyuan chased the murderer, he found out that it was Yu Wan, who was beside Elder Yuwen of the Palace of Heavy Fire. He didn’t dare to say anything but had to let him go and then came back to tell everyone that he hadn’t caught up with the murderer. Xia Qingmei learned that Chong Xuezhi had already gone, and they chased all the way. On the way, he saw the fighting scene was very fierce. When he was about to leave, he heard Hong Sheng’s life-saving voice.

Elder Yuwen learned that Chong Xuezhi was not dead, and Yu Wan had already been exposed, so he quickly sent Yu Wan to leave. Chongxuezhi returned to Chonghuo Palace, and Yuwen Muyuan announced the return of the palace owner to Chongxuezhi, which was strongly opposed by Elder Yuwen and others, but Yuwen Muyuan was unmoved. He asked Elder Yuwen if Yu Wan’s matter was his arrangement. Elder Yuwen did not answer positively, but only told him a news that shocked him very much. His father was killed by Chong Ye.

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