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And The Winner is Love 月上重火 Episode 11 Recap

Seeing that Shangguan was so painful, Lin Changran did not know what to say. He just persuaded him meaningfully not to leave both of them regretful. Shangguan Tou didn’t know how painful it was to let go, but he felt very helpless, but just drank a glass of bitter wine silently. Chong Xuezhi ran to the river, her mood was extremely sad, but she couldn’t get rid of it. She suddenly turned around and found Yu Wen Mu Yuan standing beside her. It turned out that Mu Yuan was here by the mysterious man Yilu. Chong Xuezhi left here and was stopped by Shangguan through, because he felt that Yu Wen Mu Yuan would be detrimental to Chong Xue Zhi, Yu Wen Mu Yuan explained that he was only acting temporarily as the master of the palace.

Shangguantou still didn’t believe in Yuwen Muyuan. The two of them were about to start their work. Lin Changran came to stop them in time. Yuwen Muyuan asked Chong Xuezhi if he also suspected that he was a traitor, but Chong Xuezhi was silent. He told Chong Xuezhi that there was only one palace master in Chonghuo Palace, which was Chong Xuezhi, and he immediately went back to resign as the palace master. Chong Xuezhi was deeply moved. Shangguantu heard Mu Yuan and Chong Xuezhi’s conversation and laid down his guard, but he still felt that it was safer for Chong Xuezhi to stay in Yueshanggu. It would be more appropriate to wait for the weapons spectrum meeting to appear again. Yu Wen Mu Yuan also feels that this arrangement makes sense.

At this time, a sound of melodious grief came, and Chong Xuezhi heard that this was a tune that was played by his father Chong Ye when he was a child. It’s also sad, he knows that he is making Xue Xuezhi sad. Xia Qingmei didn’t detect the whereabouts of Chong Xuezhi, Lin Zongxing was not at ease. He arranged for Xia Qingmei to protect the Chonghuo Palace during the weapons spectrum meeting to be held soon. The original Shuangshuang and Lin Fengzi were also together Go with me. Lin Fengzi had a little thought, that is, he could use this opportunity to see Shangguan, Xia Qingmei was very jealous of it.

After Yuwen Muyuan left, Chongxuezhi stayed in Yueshanggu as planned. On that day, Shangguantou was playing the piano, and Chongxuezhi came to say goodbye. She said that after this trip to the capital, she would part ways with Shangguantou. These days of ups and downs, she knew that she had thought of Jianghu before too simple. Shangguan Tou still wanted to help her, but when she heard that she wanted to draw a line with herself, she couldn’t help but feel sad. Shangguan Tou and Chong Xuezhi bid farewell to Lin Changran together, Chong Xuezhi was reluctant to separate from his second father, and was very sad.

When Elder Yuwen learned that Mu Yuan had returned, he asked him where he had been these days. Yu Wen Mu Yuan told him that he was not assured of the weapons spectrum conference and went to investigate the situation in advance. Mu Yuan said that the promised thing must be done, and this conference can be used to expand the reputation of the Heavy Fire Palace. Mu Yuan quietly told a few guardians that Chong Xuezhi was still alive, and several people were very happy. Regardless of the elders ’opposition, Yuwen Muyuan insisted on taking the Furong Heart Sutra to participate in the weapons spectrum conference.

Chongxuezhi is no longer in front of Shangguantou. She has a sharp word to Shangguantou. She knows that she has a grudge against her heart, but she doesn’t know how to comfort her, but she silently helps her to put on her clothes. Chongxuezhi and Shangguantu meet with the people in Chonghuo Palace. Everyone hasn’t seen each other for a few days. They are very happy. Chongxuezhi said that he must catch the thieves this time, and it will be a shame for the palace. At this time, all the rivers and lakes are undercurrent, and a conspiracy against Chong Xuezhi is beginning. To ensure safety, Shangguan Tou hides Chong Xuezhi in his secret room, and lets Chong Xuezhi change into his followers’ clothes and follow him.

Mage Shiyan worried that tomorrow’s weapons spectrum meeting would be difficult to achieve, because the Palace of Heavy Fire has become a target, but he will certainly speak justice for the Palace of Heavy Fire. Mu Yuan suggested to hide the “Furong Heart Sutra” in Luduan Temple. At night, the monk Hong Sheng came to secretly, and was caught by Master Shi Yan, and his martial arts were abandoned on the spot. The person who stole the secret has been caught. In the evening, Chongxuezhi couldn’t help but ask Shangguan through, and in the future, Shangguan through did not answer.

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