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My Love, Enlighten Me 暖暖请多指教 Episode 24 End Recap

Han Che sat alone in the dark room, warmly opened the door, and the light shone on Han Che. Han Che has called the doctor for consultation. His symptoms of short-term amnesia may last for a long time, his memory may also be slowly lost, and eventually he may even lose his normal ability to live. Nuan Nuan showed him his meticulous notes about him. After reading the notebook and watching the video of Nuan Nuan, he couldn’t help but tears in his eyes and wept in Nuan Nu’s arms. The next day, Nuan Nuan signed a lot of couriers from Jiangcheng, all of which were said to be good for the brain by their parents. After a day of thinking, they also knew that they should not intervene in Nuan Nuan and Han Che ’s feelings, so they decided to agree They are very happy together.

Wan Nuan entered Han Che’s studio and worked as a full-time assistant to Han Che. This time, she helped Han Che with great care for her. She prepared Han Che’s schedule for tomorrow. After working, Han Che seemed to be recovering well. She treated her and her colleagues very differently. They couldn’t help but say that the treatment difference was too big. Nuan Nuan pushed away Gao Yingna’s invitation. Although she followed Gao Yingna with a high probability of becoming a front-line stylist, Han Che was relieved, so she decided to stay with Han Che and take care of him. But at the same time, she also has a dream to develop an APP. Han Che downstairs heard a conversation with her and Han Xue.

Coupling has been working for a long time, and the dream of Dunhuang has finally ended. Dad and Mother Liu saw Han Che ’s Dunhuang project on television and won the prize. They immediately called her and warmed up to thank Han Che. Han Che knew about the award. After they celebrated, Han Che presented the Nuan Nuan APP planning book to her, which surprised Nuan Nuan, and Han Che’s team also came to help. Nuan Nuan also invited Li Lie to join, Nuan Nuan’s studio was officially established, and they called this APP a wonderful you. A year later, Nuan Nuan ’s studio was running well. She was invited back to the company to style the girl group. She learned that Fang Hanchen would hold a solo concert soon, and she asked Fang Hanchen to reserve two tickets for herself.

Nuan Nuan said a few words to the girls group, all of which were sent from the heart. She came out from Xingxiu confidently, not quite imagining that she is so successful now, but in any case, this is the result of her efforts . Han Che was waiting for her in front of the company. The two went to the vegetable market to buy vegetables. When they met the aunt who sold vegetables last time, she said that when they saw them for the first time, they thought they were a natural match. Fang Hanchen is also getting hotter and hotter, and he is on the cover of high-end magazines. He and Lin Jiayi are very popular in CP. They will take the dream of warming Han Xue and will go further and further in the performing arts circle.

Han Che invited Han Xue and Gu Li to eat in the courtyard. Gu Li specially prepared a surprise for Han Xue. Then Lin Lin and Fang Hanchen also came to eat together. They asked if Lin Lin was with Fang Hanchen, neither of them. Answer positively. After dinner, Han Che and Nuan Nuan hugged and watched the stars together. Han Che said that his memory seemed to be restored, and Nuan Nuan was extremely surprised. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Han Che gave her a unique flying sky and said a lot from his heart. To be honest, she knelt down to propose to her. Although Nuan Nuan did not directly agree, her cowardice and unstoppable smile showed that she was looking forward to marrying Han Che, and the two kissed sweetly under the stars.

Early the next morning, Nuan Nuan also wanted to hear Han Che propose to her again. Han Che said it again as she wished, and every time she said, Nuan Nuan walked away shyly. Until the eleventh time Nuan Nuan asked him to say it again, Han Che finally couldn’t help pulling her to register.

The end.

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