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My Love, Enlighten Me 暖暖请多指教 Episode 22 Recap

Dr. Xu had no choice but to call Gu Li and inform him about Han Che’s condition. Han Xue knew the seriousness of Han Che’s condition. She was so scared for the first time, and Gu Li kept comforting her. On the day of the date, Han Che and Nuan Nuan had a sweet date. At the end, Han Che took her to see the wedding dress and dress. Someone came and asked if they wanted to buy a wedding dress. Some shy Nuan Nuan pulled Han Che away. . They go to eat, “Love” happens to be the premiere, and Han Che photographed her name in the play. As soon as this program started broadcasting, it was the most watched. I watched the program on the hot search, and Nuan Nuan was very happy. She sincerely told Han Che that she was very happy today, but actually he was there, even if she didn’t do anything, Nuan Nuan was very happy.

Han Che apologized to his colleagues in the studio. Because of his own reasons, he failed to participate in the Dunhuang project. Gu Li promised that he would carry on the Dunhuang project. In the final scene of “Love”, Lin Jiayi put the photos they had taken since the filming in the river and let them drift, then smiled at Fang Hanchen. But in the end, they chose not to hold hands, which surprised everyone present. The director felt that free play was more attractive. Lin Lin also made his position more clear. Brother Liu not only praised her long-term thinking. Sitting back in Fang Hanchen’s car, they warmly chatted a few words, hoping for each other’s future.

Wan Nuan came out after taking a shower, and unexpectedly refused Han Che ’s closeness. Han Che lied and said that he was going to Beijing for a business trip. He could be back in three weeks at the fastest, but Nuan Nuan was abnormal. It turned out that she knew that Han Che was going to Beijing for brain surgery. She blamed Han Che for hiding her. At the same time, she also hoped that she would accompany him when Han Che was the most vulnerable. Han Che was unwilling, even if Nuan Nuan threatened himself with a breakup, he did not agree to let Nuan Nuan go together. Warm up in the morning, Han Che has disappeared, she understands that Han Che has left. She saw Han Che’s kraft paper notebook and opened it to see all of Han Che’s things about herself. She looked at her and couldn’t help tearing.

Han Xue and Han Che went to Beijing together, and handed over the matter of Haicheng to Gu Li. Gu Li watched them leave and remembered the previous thing. After arriving in Beijing, the doctor told them that the probability of a successful operation is only 60%, and they will start the operation tomorrow. Nuan Nuan also went to Beijing, Han Xue said what she did. The next day, Han Che was about to enter the operating room, and Nuan Nuan only had time to look at him. The two were anxiously waiting for Han Che outside the operating room. Nuan Nuan received a phone call from his attorney. It turned out that Han Che had given him all the courtyard and artwork in advance. This seemed to indicate something. Nuan Nuan was too scared to call, but fortunately the doctor came out and told them that the operation was very successful.

Nuan Nuan has been taking care of him painstakingly, nourishing him with soup every day, attracting the envy of the patients in the same ward. Although there is no reconciliation, he is sad and sweet every day, making Han Xue cry and laugh. Gu Li and others in Haicheng were very happy to learn that Han Che’s operation was successful, and took the opportunity to ask Han Che’s video about Han Che’s recent situation. Han Che was more sticky and warm because of the operation. Although she had not been able to forgive him for leaving him for surgery, she looked at the tired Han Che, and she couldn’t help but refuse the requests made by him.

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