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My Dear Lady 你成功引 Episode 9 Recap

Facing Cheng Li, Xun Xun lost his mind for a moment and reacted quickly to push him away. Cheng Li had never been in love, and he began to imagine how Xun Xun looked at him coyly the next morning. Early the next morning, Cheng Li asked himself to drive, but Xunxun refused in a hurry. Cheng Li had to sit in the passenger seat from the back seat, so that he would be more comfortable. Mike did live streaming at the company, making Xunxun take notes seriously. Mike wanted to remove makeup on the spot. The girls of the company ran away quickly. At this time, Xunxun recommended himself to save the scene. Mike was very excited to hug Seeing her, Cheng Li was very dissatisfied, and he was very angry.

Cheng Li came to play, he had to pull Ling Xun into, his schedule was leaked, and many fans came to the basketball court to watch him play, making Xun embarrassed. During the intermission, Cheng Li took the water that Ling Xun had drunk and touched her head, making Xun Xun a little shy. However, the fans just mentioned were all group performances that were successfully found in order to assist the feelings of the two. These were seen by Ling Xunxun, and they laughed at him in the car. Cheng Li changed clothes in the back seat, scaring Xun Xun’s heartbeat.

Mike asked Xunxun to have dinner at noon, and Xunxun had an appointment with Bao Xiaojing, and the three went to dinner together. Mike and Bao Xiaojing’s relationship is still very tense, not looking at each other well, so Xun Xun tentatively asks if they will accept the relationship with colleagues, or even the relationship between superiors and subordinates. Mike accepts it and even thinks that Xun Xun likes himself. His words were temptations, and Bao Xiaojing was speechless. Mike decided to confess to Ling Xun, and Ling Xun went to the bathroom to find Mike’s eyes changed, and was very frightened.

Cheng Li questioned why Ling Xunxun had a separate meal with Mike, and Ling Xunxian quickly explained that there was Bao Xiaojing. Cheng Li said that the company hadn’t built a group this year and would have a meal together at night. At night, the atmosphere on the dinner table was very embarrassing, and Cheng Li hurried to the bathroom. Zhou Quan is the company’s legal adviser, so Chengli called her over.

Company colleagues played games together, making Xun Xun take a big adventure and one of her colleagues looked at each other for ten seconds, and she happened to be Cheng Li and Mike, so Xun Xun embarrassedly chose Mike, Cheng Li quickly stopped let Ling Xun. After drinking a glass of wine over this question. Cheng Li then took the truth, the person he liked was not present, Cheng Li answered, and silently took Ling Xun’s hand under the table. After returning home, Cheng Li prepared a birthday cake for Ling Xunxun. He looked at Zhou Quan’s circle of friends and found that Ling Xunxun’s birthday is today, so the group building he did today was to accompany Ling Xun’s lively birthday. Xun Xun was very moved. Cheng Li helped Ling Xunxun put on the birthday gift she gave to her and confessed on the spot. If she still refused today, he would continue to confess. Making Xun Xun froze in place, Cheng Li had already kissed up, making Xun Xun gradually hug Cheng Li.

Early the next morning, Cheng Li elaborately dressed up, opened the neckline of his shirt, and once again kissed at a loss to find. During the meal, Cheng Li’s idiot stared at Ling Xun, and Ling Xun’s cell phone rang. Cheng Li took the first step and picked up and told Zhou Quanling that Xun Xun wouldn’t go to him anymore. She would live with her boyfriend. Zhou Quan realized that the two were together and was very happy. Cheng Li wanted Bao Xiaojing to buy something. She hadn’t come yet. Mike had to help him buy it. Cheng Li embarrassedly asked him to help Xun Xun buy a sanitary napkin. Mike quickly told Bao Xiaojing. Zhou Quan called Hui Yizheng but prompted to shut down, and he went to Cheng Li to learn that Hui Yiwang was transferred back to the head office for work because of Peter.

Cheng Li saw Ling Xun looking for the sanitary napkin when he saw it, and the two were speechless in embarrassment. A bouquet of flowers was placed at the front desk, and Bao Xiaojing opened it and found that someone had asked her to meet, but when the scene arrived, he found that Mike was also there. Both of them are waiting for someone. Bao Xiaojing took the card and realized that it was written by Mike. It turned out that Mike wanted to give it to Ling Xun. Bao Xiaojing immediately started the mocking mode, and both of them discovered the unusual relationship between Chengli and Lingxun.

Cheng Li also prepared a lot of flowers at home for Ling Xunxun, but she didn’t expect her pollen allergies, and Ling Xun was very moved. Ling Xunxun hasn’t been to the cinema for more than a year. Cheng Li because of the fear of not going too much, the two decided to go to a movie together. Cheng Li couldn’t stand it but was still holding on, so Xun Xun quickly pulled him out. The two formally confirmed the relationship between her boyfriend and friend, and Cheng Li happily hugged Ling Xun. Ling Xunxun asked the two to not publicly fall in love at the company. The working relationship is greater than the love relationship. Cheng Li agreed.

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