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My Dear Lady 你成功引 Episode 8 Recap

Cheng Li and Xun Xun lay in their respective rooms and watched the hands that were holding each other tossing and turning. The next morning the two met and dared not look up at each other. When they were nervous, they grabbed chopsticks together and let go. Looking for the scene was too embarrassing, went out to drive the car, but hit the back of the sofa and planted it on the sofa. He stood up wearing slippers and ran away. When he watched the scene, he smiled happily. Wang Dong officially resigned today, and the company organized a bureau to take Assistant Wang and take him to the bar to give him a farewell party. At this time, Jin Hui also came, and her relationship with Assistant Wang began to surface slowly.

The company held a dispute over the new brand’s plan, looking for an opportunity to go out and buy lunch to ease the atmosphere. As a result, the concepts of McDonald’s and KFC inspired the successful marketing concept and opened new brand stores in the malls with Yingshu And called Xunxun to persuade Hui Yi to pursue this strategy. It ’s very difficult to find Xunhui. After finding no benefit, he went to the basketball court to persuade Chengli to abandon the method of bundling sales. , Tell Cheng Li not to make such jokes with herself.

Cheng Li made a bet with Xun Xun in a basketball game and agreed to Xun’s two requirements after losing: first, give up the plan of bundling sales; second, do not make love jokes with her. However, if Xunxun loses, he will demand secrecy. Xun Xun lost the last ball. Cheng Li saw that he hadn’t touched basketball in Xun Xun for ten years and declared that this was a draw. Xun Xun wanted to lose the game and asked Cheng Li to ask. Cheng Li and Ling Xunxiu shook hands with each other and re-introduced each other. They asked Xunxiu two questions: First, do I have a job vacancy here to try?

Xunxun replied: The salary is considerable, and the two looked at each other with a smile on their faces. At this time, I dragged myself through the search, the second question: there is a girlfriend’s position here, are you willing? Xun Xun heard a burst of dizziness and shouted, don’t joke, turn around and answer the phone. Xun Xun was nervous in the corridor, and Cheng Li chased him out. He pressed Xun Xun to the wall and asked if he had any feelings for him. Xun Xun said no. Cheng Li’s face was close to Xun Xun’s face and asked: What now? Looking for a push away, he ran home. When he entered the room, he didn’t come out. He didn’t answer the phone, and he was hiding in a corner nervously.

Yingshu headquarters received photos of Huiyiwang and Xunhui to investigate Huiyiwang and Chengli’s violation of Yingshu’s case. One of the incidents was reported by Peter. I originally wanted to overwhelm Hui Yiwang and Xun. Unexpectedly, I had a recording of Peter ’s harassment when I found Xun, and countered that the reason why Peter was fired by the company was to harass the company ’s female employees. This investigation also came to an end. When Cheng Li came out of the conference room, he hung around and looked in public, showing that his woman should not be worried about anyone, nor gossip. Hui looked at him and smiled, peter’s entire face was blue. Cheng Li went out and asked his girlfriend to send him to the boxing gym.

Sitting on the sofa, I asked my girlfriend to help him play the video, and after looking for the video, he was going to be sulky, and took it to his arms to tell her to watch the beating. Cheng Li’s bruised face was swollen, Xun Xun looked and laughed, and the two fell asleep on the sofa …

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