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My Dear Lady 你成功引 Episode 6 Recap

On the way home, the car was very quiet. Xunxun did not talk like usual. Chengli noticed that the atmosphere was wrong and told Xunxun to know that the painting was hers. It was n’t a painting that was n’t necessary for fairness. not good. The next day the factory went to work and took the initiative to ask Xun Xun to join the table and discuss his new brand plan. Xun Xun learned that Cheng Li won the Yingshu brand. He never thought of doing this well, but he wanted to create his own brand. Yingshu conducts marketing. Xun Xun accused Cheng Li face-to-face in the car.

This practice favored Yihui and his whereabouts. Cheng Li answered but accepted Xun Xun’s resignation at any time. In business, how can two men whose IQ is much higher than Xun not realize this? They both know each other, but Xun Xing is too emotional in business, which makes Cheng Li very upset and playing with Assistant Wang When I was thinking about this, I was absent. Xunxun submitted a resignation report and Chengli told Xunxun that the way to deal with problems in life and work is to choose to escape is a very naive behavior, but Xunxun thinks that he has a bottom line and can not make friends, making both sides embarrassed Things, take the initiative to resign.

Zhou Quanktv was drunk and asked Huiyi to pick him up. He wanted to try his feelings for himself, but did not expect to try out his own. The gallery informed that Xun Xun’s paintings were collected. After meeting, he realized that he was a professional painter in charge of the company’s packaging design, and learned that Cheng Li took the initiative to find this painter to use his own paintings and let the painter buy himself. The painting was created again. Zhou Quan made an appointment to talk about Hui Yiwang. The two expressed their own wishes. In order not to destroy this feeling, the two chose to be friends for life. Hui Yiwang drank some wine and woke up and found that she had slept for two hours. When Xun Xun was there, he asked about his resignation. He called Cheng Li, and Cheng Li called Hui Yi Wang to inform the ins and outs of Xun Xun. Understand that it turned out that I was playing for myself.

The company looking for an interview sent an admission notice, but Xunxun refused. When he went home to pack his luggage, he gave Xunxu a very important career and life course. Among all the paintings sent, any one It is not enough to be more capable and harder than Xunxun. It is still not enough to seek to grab a job with these people only by one’s own hobbies. Suddenly running back halfway in the middle of Xun Xun’s departure, she asked Cheng Li to give herself another chance. The boss who accompanied her to quickly grow up in the workplace told her that it was not an opportunity. Xun Xun and Zhou Quan distracted from riding a bicycle and shouted their minds to each other.

Although they were not good assistants, what she had gained in this job should be enough for her to reorganize her combative spirit to welcome her new career. Cheng Li also started a new round of assistant recruitment. The interviews seemed to be better than the search ability and academic qualifications, but Cheng Li still did not forget to search every year. During the interview, he got along with Ling Xun. The scene was vivid, and Assistant Chen, who was in the front row, once recognized it as a search, and entering the house was not a familiar taste. This makes us can’t help but look forward to Xunxie Chengli and can continue to be colleagues?

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