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My Dear Lady 你成功引 Episode 10 Recap

Ling Xunxun came to the court because of pollen allergies. Cheng Li also called Secretary Wang of the army to say he was in love. Ling Xunxun just agreed to watch the movie with him, so he agreed with him. Zhou Quan saw that Ling Xunxun was very happy and very happy. Cheng Li called Jin Hui but was hung up because Jin Hui didn’t want to hear his love. Cheng Li ca n’t wait to share the joy of love with his friends, and Ling Xun is still thinking about how he and Cheng Li candidly confess that he has a son. This matter is a big deal emotionally, so Xun Xun also knows, so Decided to find an opportunity to confess tomorrow, if Cheng Li felt unacceptable, she resigned.

Huiyi came back the next morning, and Zhou Quan hurriedly prepared to go out. Cheng Li called Ling Xunxun to his office early in the morning. While no one had seen and hugged for a long time, Ling Xunxun said that there were important things in the evening. Zhou Quan put on a make-up at Huiyi’s door. When he opened the door, he found Mo Yunyun in his house. Zhou Quan was very dissatisfied and left without saying a few words. Ling Xunxun called to gossip, and Zhou Quan Tucao Mo Yunyun, the green tea bitch, came back and was in a bad mood. Ling Xun looked for some information about Cheng Li at school, but there was nothing special about it. No one knew what happened that night. After the transfer, Cheng Li ’s mother donated to the school every year. Cheng Li was a little strange, but it was still comforting that finding her own illness should not have much to do with the school.

Mikela asked Ling Xun to come to the rooftop to drink coffee, and asked her if she was getting well with Cheng Li. Ling Xun refused to answer, but Cheng Li suddenly appeared to declare sovereignty, and also let Mike stay away from Ling Xun. Mike was very angry, he could not bless the two, and Chengli almost quarreled with him, Mike was greatly stimulated. Ling Xunxun still hopes that Chengli can keep a low profile. Colleagues seem to see their relationship, otherwise there will be too many people to explain in case one day. Cheng Li can’t wait to get tired of Ling Xun all day long, and also let his colleagues get off work early. The two enjoy the world of two together. Mike and Bao Xiaojing ran to KTV to sing and buy drunk, one was sad for Ling Xun and the other was sad for Mike.

Cheng Li packs a restaurant, and when Li Xunxun eats, Cheng Li’s mother comes suddenly, and gives Cheng Li a document, which is a photo of Ling Xun Xun and his son Dudu. Ling Xunxun simply told Cheng Li that he was his own son, dudu. When she filled in the information before, she cheated him. Today, when he asked him out, he wanted to confess to him. Cheng Li couldn’t accept it for a while. Ling Xun cried and said that he didn’t want to change anything through marriage. Cheng Li pulled Ling Xun away, whether he loved Ling Xun or not, and his mother It doesn’t matter. Cheng Li’s mother sighed. If Xingxun didn’t touch the previous things, she could let her go.

Cheng Li was sad because he was deceived. He would rather listen to Xun Xun frankly than let his mother take it through. Ling Xunxun decided to resign tomorrow. She didn’t want to make her uncomfortable. Cheng Li was obviously unwilling to shut herself in the room for a long time after returning home. Ling Xunxun cried and called Zhou Quan to talk, she was sad, Zhou Quan hurried over. Ling Xunxun had been crying for a long time. She knew that she had done something wrong, but she could n’t stand the indifference, and Zhou Quan hurried to comfort her that Chengli also needed time to digest this matter. He was not emotionally mature than Lingxun. Seeking to be hit harder. Mike was drunk and blatantly removed makeup on the live broadcast, and said that he didn’t want to act as a sissy anymore. In this industry, a straight man means a bad aesthetic. It has always been a confession of a girl who dare not dare and a beloved girl. Ling Xun looked at Mike’s live broadcast and sighed silently.

Ling Xunxun ’s ex-husband called to say that Tudu wanted to see her, but Ling Xun-Xun hurried over and found that Tudu was not there. The ex-husband told her parents to call them, and Ling Xunxun had n’t told them that they were divorced. Ling Xunxun did not want to tell them. After all, her parents almost broke up with her because of their marriage, but now they told them that the carefully selected man was derailed. Early the next morning, Cheng Li didn’t eat the breakfast that Ling Xun prepared, and went to the company indifferently along the way.

Mike also appeared in the company with a different image, and Bao Xiaojing took the lead to encourage him. Yu Meiling is going to make make-up, and Ling Xun makes some new suggestions. Director Lin feels that her plan is very good, and also makes Ling Xun more confident. It is no big deal to get out of work after divorce. Cheng Li asked Ling Xunxun to buy food for himself, but in the middle of the day he sent a message saying he would not eat anymore.

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