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Fake Princess 冒牌太子妃 Episode 13 Recap

Li Heng confessed to the queen that she was happy with Zhu Yan for a long time, and she was ready to elope. If the queen was not complete, the two would die. The queen was disappointed when she heard it, and her raised son even threatened herself because of a woman. Seeing Li Heng’s determination to die, the queen softened and agreed to help Li Heng. Li Heng was very surprised after hearing it.

Li Che saw Changle, who was dying in the water prison, and felt distressed. He jumped out of the water prison and hugged Changle. Chang Le woke up from a coma, and he still hoped that Li Che could believe in himself. Even if he died, he asked Li Che to help rescue the people in the cottage imprisoned by Liu Sheng. Li Che was afraid of Changle’s failure, he cut the chain with a dagger, and threatened to let Changle go with his life.

The queen and Liu Sheng staged a bitter love scene. The queen pretended to ask Liu Sheng to complete Li Heng. Liu Sheng refused, and sent someone to close Li Heng. They were not allowed to go out before the wedding.

Li Che successfully left Changle out of the dungeon, and the two came to Mo Yun Inn to recuperate. The condition of the inn is simple, only buns and pickles, but Changle feels very happy. At the same time, Chang Le also felt guilty of being involved in Li Che, and the two planned to leave the capital to be a bandit. Li Che is happy, even if he can’t do laundry and cooking, he can learn slowly, and Chang Le takes these guys himself. Li Che took Changle’s hand and said that he didn’t start when. When he saw Changle suffering, he could forget everything in his heart. When he saw Changle weeping, there was only one sentence in his heart, that is, he must protect Chang Le is comprehensive.

Li Che confirmed the identity of Changle again. Fortunately, Changle was not a real Yuyao, and she could put down her psychological burden. Li Che took the initiative to give Changle a nickname and called her Lele. Such an ambiguous scene made Qin Feiyu feel uncomfortable outside the window and stopped the two with a loud voice. Chang Le told Li Che that Qin Feiyu was the big brother he worshipped in the cottage, and Li Che also understood. Qin Feiyu thought that this place would not last long, and General Shen might have found their whereabouts.

As soon as the three arrived in the courtyard of the inn, they were surrounded by General Shen, and the three were captured by General Shen. General Shen ’s old story reiterates: When Li Che was six years old, Li Guo invaded Pei Guo. General Pei Guo General Shen invited two hundred thousand troops to fight against the enemy. Not only did Emperor Li Changye not give it, but he doubted that General Shen would rebel. In desperation, Empress Shen asked to bring troops to fight, and showed the emperor that the Shen family had no cause for concern. The emperor agreed, but only 100,000 soldiers were given. With less enemies and more enemies, Queen Shen repelled Li Guo but died of serious injuries.

General Shen, who lost her beloved daughter, asked the emperor to apologize to Queen Shen above the main hall. The emperor did not obey, and also put General Shen under house arrest for decades. General Shen tried his best to train Li Che, that is, to make Li Che an emperor, tell the world, and return the Shen family to a clean innocence.

After listening, Li Che knew that he had a heavy responsibility, but Changle was a kind woman, and hoped that General Shen could have a life in Changle. General Shen insisted on his own way, and the obstacles that prevented Li Che from becoming the emperor must be removed, and Chang Le must die. General Shen sent someone to execute Changle and was stopped by Li Che. After listening to the ins and outs of things, Chang Le knew that Li Che must become an emperor. He shot and held Li Che acupuncture point, and Li Che could not move on the ground. Chang Le walked to General Shen, saying that he voluntarily led the death. Chang Le drank the poisoned wine prepared by General Shen and poured it in front of Li Che.

Li Heng did n’t think about tea, and the queen applied the plan to slow down the soldiers, saying that he would help Li Heng and Zhu Yan run away three days later. Liu Sheng secretly found two killers and asked them to play a good show three days later. Zhu Yan knew Li Heng’s conduct, knew that he would elope, and quickly packed his luggage and prepared for elopement. Liu Sheng also ordered his men to secretly pass the false message of elopement to Zhu Yan.

In the dungeon, Gongsun Mo and Nongying froze. But after hearing a few whispers from the soldiers, Gongsun Mo Lima loosened the shadowy rope.

Chang Le opened his eyes and saw Li Che collapsed to the ground. Li Che said he also drank poisoned wine and was going to die with her. But General Shen only gave Li Che an antidote, and Li Che coaxed Chang Le to tell the truth. Chang Le knew Li Che was lying and pretended to take some medicine. After knowing that Li Che was also taking poison, he quickly put the antidote into Li Che’s mouth. Li Che took Changle into his arms and ferried the antidote back to Changle’s mouth again. The two hugged each other tightly, and Li Che said that he owed Changle the rest of his life. At this time, General Shen pushed in, and everything turned out to be a test. The poisoned wine that General Shen drank to Changle was actually a drug. General Shen sees that Chang Le is affectionate towards Li Che and fulfills the love of the two. He also said that Chang Le Meiyu had the pride of Queen Shen. General Shen was very satisfied with Changle, so Changle called his grandfather on the spot and told Li Che to rescue the villagers as soon as possible. Li Che was shocked by General Shen’s move. This was equivalent to giving up an excellent opportunity to overthrow Liu Sheng. For the rest of his life after Chang Le, he hugged Li Che tightly.

General Shen used the plan to draw out the crime of Lord Xie, because the letter was written by a shadow, and Lord Xie bite it out of the hands of Changle, which is clearly to be happy. Lord Xie shouted injustice and said that he would like to make a contribution, and asked General Shen to keep him alive. General Shen did not soften, and poisoned Master Xie.

Thank you for your death, Liu Sheng urgently summoned Ning Ying to return to Liu Mansion. To protect Ning Ying, Chang Le and Qin Feiyu secretly protected. It’s easy to get away from the shadows, and didn’t tell Liu Sheng about Changle’s identity. Liu Sheng transferred the people in the cottage again just in case. Chang Le saw that the entrance to Liufu ’s dungeon was in the kitchen, and wanted to go straight in to save people, but Qin Feiyu thought that he should n’t be scared by the snake and should go back and make plans.

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