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Antique Bureau Midgame 古董局中局2之鉴墨寻瓷 Episode 28 Recap

Fang Zhen told the wish that the day passed. Wishing to learn that the medicine would escape again, I wished peace of mind. But Liu Chenghuan was not caught, but he was slightly disappointed. Fang Zhen told the wish that Liu Chenghuan was an antique dealer in Beijing. There was an antique shop at home called Mo Wenzhai.

“Mowenzhai” three words recalled the wish to make a wish. It turns out that Liu Chenghuan is the master of the four peacock embroidered peacock and lion embroidered Mowen asked the descendants of the boss. Among the owners of the four objects, the Zheng family has the “incense incense to worship the moon” tank, the Liu family has the “Zhou Yafu Tunbing Xiliuying” tank, and the pharmacist has the “Sangu Maolu” tank. Are the other two jars and the owners of the other two objects related?

Fang Zhen’s words interrupted the wishing conjecture. He told the wishing that the address book brought from Xiliuying’s old nest is important evidence. According to the address book, the police should be able to carry out a whole industry of theft and sale of cultural relics Chain. Wishing to express excitement that he would return to Beijing with Fang Zhen immediately, but before that, he would go to see Yin Hong first. Yin Hong was frightened by the explosion and had mental problems. He was unable to communicate with people normally and could not sleep. The most distressing thing is that due to the use of “Flybridge Ascendant”, he has been exposed to heavy metals all year round, causing cancer, and died soon.

Looking at the silly Yin Hong, he wished to blame himself, if not he wanted to get the secret in the blue and white pot, forget the psychological pain that Yin Hong left when he was young.

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