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Antique Bureau Midgame 古董局中局2之鉴墨寻瓷 Episode 27 Recap

Yin Hong asked Wishing why the trimming time was changed from three days to one day. Wishing said that three days were too long, and worried that the conflict between Ouyang Mumu and Liu Chenghuan had subsided, they would not be able to use the battle between the two to protect themselves, just one day! Afterwards, Yin Hong told the wish to the secret word in the Guiguzi pot, what does “Chenxing eleven fingers and a half flat water” represent? The wish is even more confused.

It was time to open the can again, Yin Hong once again performed the stunt of “Flying Bridge Ascension”, and opened the white mouth on the debris from the wish. However, before it was time to tell the people the secret language in the white mouth, Ouyang Mumu first made trouble. He snatched the debris and looked closely, and found that the fragments were not from the blue-and-white pot that burned incense and worshiped the moon. They were all cheated by the wish. At the moment when everyone was arguing, he made a wish to use the acetylene jar under Yin Hong’s workbench to cause an explosion, and at the same time sounded a warning medicine to avoid it, and rescued Yin Hong from the burning room.

Wishing to tell Ouyang Mumu’s men that Ouyang’s boss and Liu Chenghuan were black and black, letting Wishing take Yin Hong first. The driver had no doubt about him, drove quickly, and wished to push Yin Hong, who was scared by the explosion, into the car. At this moment, the Dragon King came with people and made a wish to fight Yin Hong in order to protect Yin Hong and was finally caught by the Dragon King. Even so, looking at the car going away, he made a sigh of relief. As long as Yin Hong could escape, he could wait for rescue and escape.

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