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Love Designer 幸福触手可及 Episode 10 Recap

Tiancai Designer Competition officially started, Zhou Fang was very relaxed. She took the eliminated heart to participate in the preliminary competition, but she still took the competition very seriously. The first round of the competition was to choose fabrics for live production. Zhou Fang didn’t grab the fabrics for the first time, but after everyone had chosen, she chose a piece that she felt was more appropriate to start making. I exaggerated Zhou Fang with other judges. It seems that I intend to make all judges pay attention to Zhou Fang. Zhou Fang chose the fabric that no one wanted, and started to design her own clothes. Seeing that she wanted to choose the fabric selected by others into waste cloth, she immediately borrowed it for herself. Fang greeted him, saying he admired Zhou’s unrestricted design, so many judges paid attention to Zhou Fang.

The result of the first round of the competition was only one of Zhou Fang’s promotion, which made other designers very dissatisfied, thinking that Zhou Fang was promoted by relationship. When the contestants opposed Zhou Fang, they asked them to appeal and reminded them to prepare for the promotion, but Zhou Fang did not have the joy of promotion. Zhou Fang did not know whether he was promoted by his own ability, so he asked Song Rong to ask him the real evaluation to see if Su Yushan had given her water. Song Rin explained that Su Yushan did not release water today, but Zhou Fang did not believe it. He could only persuade Zhou Fang, and he should not pay too much attention to other people ’s praises. He felt that Zhou Fang should do it seriously since he made the choice to participate Good thing.

The second round of the game is a partnership between stars and designers, because Zhou Fang has no popularity, no star is willing to choose Zhou Fang, leaving Zhou Fang facing the situation of being eliminated. Zuo Yulin worried about Zhou Fang, but there was no way to report to Song Rin. Song Rong asked him to tell Zhou Fang directly and let Zhou Fang find a way. After knowing her situation, Zhou Fang said calmly that she was willing to try it out for herself and help herself find a partner star, which surprised Zuo Yulin and Qin Qing. Zhou Fang took his own materials and knocked on the door of the stars one by one, but no one was willing to choose Zhou Fang, which made Zhou Fang very helpless. Luna took the initiative to find Song Rin, indicating that she wanted to choose Zhou Fang, but Song Rin did not want Luna to do so. She just wanted Zhou Fang to go through the game with her own strength. Luna insisted on choosing Zhou Fang, and Song Rong only asked Luna, don’t ruin Zhou Fang who works so hard, but Luna does not agree. She feels that Zhou Fang is willing to accept her choice. It is up to Zhou Fang to decide.

Zuo Yulin told Luna’s choice to Zhou Fang, and Zhou Fang was also very surprised. She didn’t know why Luna made such a choice, so she wanted to ask Luna clearly. Luna politely stated that Zhou Fang is a newcomer with a lot of plastic space. She feels that she has a lot of attention with Zhou Fang, but Zhou Fang does not believe that Luna is so simple. Zhou Fang reminded Luna that she might be eliminated in the next round, which would even cause Luna to be eliminated, but Luna thought that Zhou Fang said that she had no confidence in herself, so she satirized her.

After being stimulated by Luna, Zhou Fang asked to talk to Luna, and finally decided to partner with Luna. Luna also requested that Zhou Fang must move to her time to arrange the recording program. Li Ruhui missed Zhou Fang and Shen Di, took Zhou Yunian to Zhou Fang there, wanted to cook for them, and just happened to meet Shen Di and Song Luo downstairs. Song Luo was invited to dinner at home, but Shen Di wanted to urge Song Luo to go home in private. He was afraid that Song Rin would be found by Li Ruhui and the house would be in trouble.

Shen Di didn’t make it clear, Song Rong directly found it. Shen Di wanted to make it clear to him that he wouldn’t let him in, but he didn’t expect Song Rin to come and sit down just like he was familiar. After Song Rong sat down, Li Ruhui came over to confirm Song Rin’s identity. Song Rin wanted to pretend not to know Li Ruhui, but he didn’t expect much to say, and finally said that he leaked out to let Li Ruhui know that he was Song Rin of Wanfeng Group. Song Rin was recognized, there was no way to lie again, only to recognize his identity, and Zhou Yunian invited Song Rin to stay and eat with him at this time, making Li Ruhui even more angry, Li Ruhui wanted to count Song Rong and him and Zhou Song Rin had no choice but to call himself and Zhou Fang just ordinary friends, and then left Song Luo in a panic.

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