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Don’t Want to be Friends with You 我才不要和你做朋友呢 Episode 24 End Recap

When he was a child, Li Chengjin asked Li Qingtong if she could call her by her name. The teacher said that she wanted to be friends with her parents. Li Qingtong didn’t think it mattered, what was her favorite name. Li Qingtong received Wu Zhixun’s letter. Wu Zhixun thanked Li Qingtong for giving him light. He was full of confidence in this relationship before. In the future, Li Qingtong can be himself, he may continue to be indifferent and selfish, trying to climb up, so that he remembers that he has lost a beautiful girl.

After reading the letter, Li Qingtong threw it into the trash can. Li Qingtong decided to marry Chen Junhe, and the two got a marriage certificate. Li Qingtong took the certificate and didn’t respond yet, how did he get married? The parents of both parties don’t know yet. Chen Junhe promised that the child would be divorced when he was born and would not be entangled, but Li Qingtong had to listen to him before the child was born. Chen Junhe took Li Qingtong over, called her daughter-in-law, and asked her if she wanted to eat in the bathhouse.

Li Chengjin watched Liu Fengxia eat dumplings and asked her how she made them. Liu Fengxia told her that Li Qingtong likes to eat celery fillings, and celery should be chopped a little. Several people ate together, Li Qingtong poured a glass of wine for Li Wusi, and Liu Fengxia poured a glass and drank it all. Everyone was very sad. Li Chengcheng told Li Qingtong that she should treat her children well in the future, and raising children is not easy.

Don’t always move, remember the child’s birthday and give her gifts. Li Chenggong feels that being a child is also very difficult, she should be the most ignorant child, very sorry for her mother. Li Qingtong felt that ***mother definitely didn’t think so, and she wouldn’t feel bad about her. Li Qingtong now understands what her father said, and now that the child hasn’t come out, she is beginning to worry, afraid that she can’t do anything well, afraid that she can’t raise the child by herself. Li Qingtong and Li Jincheng packed up and went back, and Liu Fengxia asked them to take good care of themselves.

Li Chengcheng took care of Li Qingtong and cherished the time they spent together. She didn’t know if the child was her or not, and it didn’t matter to her whether or not. Chen Junhe stayed here. He came to take care of Li Qingtong every day and accompany her to do check-ups. Li Chengcheng felt like a family of three. Chen Junhe mentioned that Duan Xiao was back, and Li Chengcheng couldn’t help crying while cutting vegetables. Duan Xiao came to their house, Li Chenggong deliberately worked overtime, and did not come back for a long time, Duan Xiao left first.

Li Qingtong was about to give birth. Chen Junhe took her to the hospital and fed her canned food. Li Chengjin was very pleased to see it outside. Li Jincheng came to the woods outside and received a call from Chen Junhe saying that Li Qingtong was about to give birth. Li Jincheng asked him to take good care of Li Qingtong and don’t leave this time. Li Chengjin heard Duan Xiao calling her, and the two couldn’t help but hug and kiss each other. Li Jincheng was awakened and found that he was in the sauna without Duan Xiao by his side. Li Progressive heard the boss say that this is Jinhai, and it is six o’clock in the morning.

Li progressed out of the sauna, very confused. If this is a dream, it is too real. Li Qingtong called Fan Shuishui and couldn’t cry. She didn’t find Li Jincheng all night. Li Chengcheng heard her voice and called her “Mom”. Li Qingtong was about to beat her, but couldn’t help but hug her. Li Qingtong called Fan Shuishui out and asked her why Li Qingtong divorced Chen Jun. Fan Shuishui said they were too stubborn and refused to bow their heads.

In fact, Chen Junhe has been thinking about them. Fan Shuishui took Li Qingtong to invest in stocks these years, but Chen Junhe gave the money. Fan Shuishui felt that Li Jincheng had grown up, and asked her to persuade Li Qingtong. Li Chengjin asked about Duan Xiao’s news. Fan Shuishui remembered that there was such a person, who was a lover, and was very kind to the female classmates in the next class. Later, the girl transferred to another school, and he was still sad for a long time.

A few days ago, a group of classmates sent old photos, and Fan Shuishui showed Li Jiancheng, but Li Jiancheng discovered that the boy named Duan Xiao was not the one Li Jiancheng knew at all. Fan Shuishui asked Li Qingtong for dinner, but Chen Junhe came. Both of them knew each other’s situation. How did Chen Jun know that Li Qingtong worked in a plastic surgery hospital, and Li Qingtong also knew that he opened a kindergarten. However, as the two talked, they quarreled.

Li Qingtong said it was Chen Jun who said he wanted to get a divorce. He had to get married at the beginning, but Chen Jun said she said he wanted to leave. It turned out that Li Qingtong wanted to tell Chen Jun he could not leave, why Chen Jun thought she wanted to say thank you, but didn’t let her speak, and the two divorced inexplicably. Chen Junhe took Li Qingtong back on a motorcycle, gave her a pink helmet, and the two started to quarrel again. Fan Shuishui and Li Chengzhan were very happy and went to eat happily. When Li Qingtong went back to find Li Chengzheng was mopping the floor, he was shocked, thinking she was sick. Li Chengjin also made a good meal.

Li Qingtong found it strange that it was Northeastern cuisine. Li Chengjin said that he learned it online. Li Jincheng also brought out dumplings, and Li Qingtong started crying after taking a bite. Li Qingtong found out that she was late and got up in a hurry. As a result, Li Jincheng was already ready to go to class and squeezed toothpaste. Li Qingtong got off work early to cook for Li Qingtong, and asked Fan Shuishui what to do, and bought a cell phone for Li Jincheng. Li Chengjin was very happy to see Li Qingtong chatting with Chen Junhe.

The school was closed, and Li Chengjin asked to go back to Cheorwon to have a look. Li Qingtong talked about the past and said she was the boss. Li Jincheng told her that she had gone the wrong way. When Li Jincheng returned to her hometown, it was exactly the same as in her dream. She seemed to still be able to see Li Wusi and Liu Fengxia, and see a group of their classmates having fun and eating here. Li Qingtong thought that Li Chengcheng had no impression, she had only been here when she was six years old.

Li Chenggong didn’t want to be Li Qingtong’s daughter, and wanted to be friends with her, but Li Qingtong said that she didn’t want to be friends with her. The two laughed happily. Li Chengkai To learn, a boy who was exactly the same as Duan Xiao was transferred to the class, who introduced himself as Zhou Yanchen. Li Progressive saw that he was very happy, and the two of them looked at each other and smiled. (End)

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