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Don’t Want to be Friends with You 我才不要和你做朋友呢 Episode 23 Recap

Li Chengjin and Li Qingtong broke up in love and sighed in the dormitory. Li Qingtong felt that it couldn’t go on like this, and took Li Jincheng to eat dumplings. Li Qingtong said that falling in love is too boring, and she will change her boyfriend once a month, just like Zhang Wanwan. If she is in a bad mood, change her boyfriend. Duan Xiao school arranges activities. Duan Xiao will be away for a period of time, so that Chen Junhe can look at them and call him if he has something to do.

The owner of the small supermarket gave Li Jincheng and Li Qingtong one person and two hundred more, and he felt it was not easy for them. Li Jincheng and Li Qingtong sent away Zhang Wanwan and He Xiaoshui, and they were leaving too. After Wu Zhixun and his family have packed their things, they have to move out of the house they have lived in for so many years. Wu Zhixun wrote a letter to Li Qingtong and went to the airport, very sad.

Teacher Ye helped rent a house, and Li Jincheng and Li Qingtong moved in. The two cleaned up, and Li Qingtong suddenly vomited. Li Chengcheng joked and asked if she was pregnant. Li Qingtong denied it, and was worried in her heart. She went to the pharmacy to buy something to test and found that she was indeed pregnant. She didn’t dare to tell Li Jincheng and flushed the test paper into the toilet. Dafan brought back the medical examination form, and they could formally enter the job after the medical examination.

When Chen Junhe came to the hospital and saw Li Qingtong by accident, he knew she was pregnant. Chen Junhe asked Wu Zhixun, Li Qingtong said that they had broken up, and she didn’t want to tell Wu Zhixun. Chen Junhe sent Li Qingtong back, and Li Chengjin asked him to stay for a meal. Chen Junhe often came home afterwards. Li Qingtong was very sick with morning sickness and felt she couldn’t help it. Please ask Chen Junhe to find a house for her.

She wanted to think about it. Chen Junhe drove out Dafan who was living with him, he was about to go to the south anyway. Li Qingtong lied that to support the education, he could only go by himself and move to Chen Junhe. Chen Junhe promised that he would not do anything, and prepared breakfast for Li Qingtong every day. Li Qingtong was sleeping, and Chen Junhe received a call telling her that something went wrong at home. Li Qingtong, Li Jincheng and Chen Junhe rushed back to Tieyuan, only to realize that Li May 4 was in the late stage of lung cancer, and it was only a few days later.

Li Wusi was very happy to see Li Qingtong and asked the family to take a family portrait. Liu Fengxia couldn’t help crying. Li Qingtong stood by Li Wusi, complaining that he would not say anything, laid-off workers would not say, nor would he be sick. Li Wusi told her that he knew that the girl was obedient and sensible and could resist things, but he was reluctant to let the girl work hard. Li May 4 left. Li Qingtong thought for a long time to give birth to the child.

Why did Chen Jun come to her and tell her that raising a child is not easy. Li Qingtong also knew, but she could feel the existence of the child, and she didn’t want to lose another relative. Chen Jun he considered for a long time, wore a suit with flowers, took the household registration book and knocked on the door of Li Qingtong’s house, and asked her to get the certificate. Li Qingtong was frightened. Chen Junhe said that he wanted to give the child a household registration. Li Qingtong didn’t need to owe him. He would kowtow when the child was born.

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