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Don’t Want to be Friends with You 我才不要和你做朋友呢 Episode 22 Recap

Li Jincheng and Li Qingtong came to see Teacher Wu. Teacher Wu was very happy to hear that they were in love, but Duan Xiao and Wu Zhixun did not expect that Duan Xiao and Wu Zhixun would really catch them. In fact, he had noticed it a long time ago, especially Duan Xiao, his eyes clinging to Li Chenggong couldn’t get off. Teacher Wu sent them out and asked them to tell Duan Xiao and Wu Zhixun that they must be nice to them, otherwise they should settle the accounts.

Duan Xiao was on the opposite side, holding a flower and smiling at Li Chenggong, Li Chenggong jumped over and hugged him. The two went to dinner and watched a movie, and Li Chenggong suddenly broke up. Two people were sitting at the bus stop. Duan Xiao asked her why she did a bad job. Li Jincheng cried and said that he was the best person in the world. Duan Xiao took out the necklace he made. Last time he said that he would take her to see the Aurora, but he didn’t think it.

He personally polished it so that she could see the Aurora every day. Li Chenggong was going back, so Duan Xiao didn’t have to send her off. Duan Xiao agreed and told her not to cry, not to make her cry when being together, and not to make her cry after breaking up. Li Jincheng got in the car and cried so hard, Duan Xiao also cried, yelling at her and he will wait for her. Dafan and Chen Junhe distributed the leaflets all morning to no avail.

Chen Junhe received a call from Duan Xiao and hurried back to ask Li Jincheng to find out. Duan Xiao refused, Li Chenggong is his favorite person, she said that if you want to break up, then break up. Chen Junhe was very helpless and wanted to take him to drink, but Duan Xiao took him to play ball. Li Qingtong and Wu Zhixun arrived in Beijing and lived in a hotel. Wu Zhixun had to go to the school first if they had something to do. Li Qingtong waited for a long time and he didn’t come back. He called back to the dormitory boringly, only to find that Li Jincheng was crying. Li Qingtong called Duan Xiao, but Duan Xiao didn’t receive it.

Li Qingtong called Zhang Wanwan again. Zhang Wanwan only knew that Li Jincheng was unhappy, but he didn’t know why. Li Qingtong waited until Wu Zhixun came back when he fell asleep and apologized to her, but there is still an important meeting tomorrow. Li Qingtong was not happy. Wu Zhixun obviously asked her to come, so she was allowed to sit in the hotel. Wu Zhixun apologized again and again, but Li Qingtong didn’t say anything.

After Wu Zhixun left the next day, Li Qingtong left a note and wanted to go back to see Li Jincheng. Chen Junhe and Dafan were appreciated by President Luo and wanted to take them to the South for research. When Chen Jun heard that he might not be back, he didn’t want to go, so Dafan persuaded him to think clearly. Li Qingtong returned to the dormitory and found no one, and asked Chen Jun how he knew they had broken up, so he hurriedly came to Li Jincheng. Zhang Wanwan and He Xiaoshui have been following Li Jincheng, Li Qingtong rushed over and talked to her alone.

Li Chenggong didn’t explain, he just kept crying, and Li Qingtong couldn’t ask again. Wu Zhixun returned to the hotel, found Li Qingtong’s note, and called her. Wu Zhixun wanted to talk to her about the exchange student. Just when Li Jincheng came back, Li Qingtong died first, and I’ll talk about it next time. Wu Zhixun went home to discuss with his parents that he did not want to go abroad, but his parents already I sold the house and gave all his savings to Wu Zhixun, hoping that he could continue his studies abroad in the future.

Faced with the expectations of his parents, Wu Zhixun agreed. Wu Zhixun called out Li Qingtong, not only was he going to exchange for a year, but he would stay there to continue studying in the future. Li Qingtong was very sad when she knew it, and felt that Wu Zhixun had not considered her, and now he was only here to inform her. Li Qingtong has changed a lot for Wu Zhixun, trying to integrate into his world, almost never knowing himself. Every time he thinks about himself and his parents, he doesn’t care about her at all. Wu Zhixun admitted to her mistakes, but Li Qingtong didn’t want to listen, every time he admitted the mistakes and didn’t change them. Li Qingtong told them all to go back to calm down. Li Qingtong thought a lot after returning, and finally decided to break up.

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