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My Love, Enlighten Me 暖暖请多指教 Episode 14 Recap

Nuan Nuan told the previous partners that Gu Lao agreed to cooperate. The other party was very happy. Warm and Han Che celebrated eating puffer fish and pig’s trotters, and their feelings rose sharply after this incident. After eating, Nuan Nuan accompanied Han Che to buy clothes. Nuan Nuan meant to let him buy a simple T-shirt, but Han Che wanted a white shirt to match the cufflinks that Nuan Nuan gave him. . The two passed by the photo studio, remembering the memories of their childhood, the aunt of the photo studio pulled them in, and the two took a photo.

After they were busy, the two drove away from Gujiacun and warmly talked about their impression of Dunhuang in the car. Looking at Han Che driving seriously, Nuan Nuan finally realized that he was full of Han Che. like. Nuannuan handed over the hard-won Nantong Bensi silk to Li Lie’s hands and finally won her approval. Li Lie asked the assistant to record fingerprints and issue the design department card to Nuan Nuan, and let her follow the design team starting tomorrow. In addition, Li Lie also asked her to attend the meeting and submitted several options for joint cooperation of stars to show her. Nuan Nuan Xing Chong rushed to meet Fang Hanchen, but he accidentally confessed to her, Nuan Nuan rejected him, and admitted that he liked Han Che.

After Fang Hanchen said to Guoguo, the last step between Nuan Nuan and Han Che went, but he did not go. In the evening, Han Xue and Nuan Nuan had dinner. Han Xue suspected that Lin Jiayi liked Han Che. Nuan Nuan wanted to say that he liked Han Che. The next day, at the meeting of the marketing department and the design department, the two sides respectively put out their own star candidates, warmly pushed Fang Hanchen, causing Han Che’s vinegar, he deliberately pushed Lin Jiayi, and the reasons were very good, although Lin Jiayi did not meet Li Li Expectations, but she still chose to believe Han Che’s vision. When they were drinking tea, the two succumbed to each other and ate the vinegar of Lin Jiayi and Fang Hanchen.

Nuan Nuan followed Li Lie to discuss cooperation with Liu Ge and Lin Jiayi. Liu Ge was not happy with Li Lie’s attitude. Lin Jiayi was simply not allowed to cooperate, but because Lin Jiayi recommended himself to Han Che, it was necessary to win this cooperation. . Nuan Nuan thought, since Lin Jiayi was able to participate in the design, why she couldn’t do it, she started to draw with pen and paper, but after an hour passed, she still had no inspiration. Han Che prepared coffee for her and placed it in front of her door. The next day, Lin Jiayi took Nuan Nuan to Han Che’s studio to learn from him. Although Nuan Nuan did not have a good foundation, fortunately, his learning ability was good, and he quickly understood what Han Che said. Han Xue saw Gu Li’s circle of friends blocking her, and subconsciously wanted to send him a message to question, but she thought and deleted the words in the dialog box.

Lin Jiayi sent a circle of friends, and Han Xue learned that she and Nuan Nuan were in Han Che’s studio, so she also joined in a wave of excitement in the past. Unfortunately, she wanted to talk to Gu Li about the topic, but Gu Li didn’t care about her, which made Han Xue feel frustrated. Nuan Nuan and Lin Jiayi were auditioning. The two talked about Fang Hanchen. Nuan Nuan clearly stated that he did not like him. It happened that Han Che came over and only heard the second half of the sentence. Nuan Nuan returned home and found that Han Che had prepared a gift for herself. She was very happy and made breakfast the next day, but he didn’t have a good look at Nuan Nuan.

Lin Jiayi and Han Che were photographed by the paparazzi at the entrance of the studio. The next day, the incident spread throughout the entire network. Brother Liu came to Nuan Nuan for rescue, because her height and shape resembled Lin Jiayi. Liu hoped that she could take a few photos with Han Che. Not Lin Jiayi.

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