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Don’t Want to be Friends with You 我才不要和你做朋友呢 Episode 20 Recap

Wu Zhixun and Li Qingtong confessed that he liked her for a long time, but he didn’t dare to admit that he was not good enough. They broke contact after graduation. He couldn’t accept that this happened again, and asked Li Qingtong if he would be his girlfriend. Li Qingtong agreed without hesitation. She had been waiting for a long time, and she couldn’t help but confess. The two kissed affectionately, and Chen Junhe was going to come back to see Li Qingtong, watching this scene be lost and gone.

Li Qingtong and Wu Zhixun went to the library on their first date and went to eat Japanese food. Li Qingtong was not used to it, so Wu Zhixun promised to take her to eat Dongbei cuisine next time. Li Jincheng is anxious for Chen Jun, but Chen Jun has to give up and go to the kindergarten with Dafan for an internship. Li Chengcheng didn’t want Li Qingtong and Wu Zhixun to be together. After all, Chen Jun would be her father in the future, and if that were the case, she would not exist.

Li Chenggong has been depressed, Duan Xiao noticed it, and came to Li Qingtong to have a good chat with Li Chenggong. Li Qingtong called out Li Jincheng and wanted to know why Li Jincheng was unhappy, but Li Jincheng couldn’t say anything. Li Qingtong was very angry. She felt that she was dissatisfied with Chen Jun before, but now she is dissatisfied with Wu Zhixun. It is erratic and wants to control others. The two began a cold war, and the roommates found it very strange, and it was very embarrassing to be caught in the middle. Duan Xiao came to Li Qingtong to talk about this.

Li Qingtong was very dissatisfied that Li Chengjin had always wanted to control her. Duan Xiao explained that Li Chenggong was only worried about her, afraid that she would be wronged. The last time she heard that Li Qingtong was driven out by Wu Zhixun, she was angry. Li Chengjin has been with Li Qingtong for so many years, and she has come to a school with her high scores. This is a real feeling. Li Qingtong actually understood that Duan Xiao suggested that everyone come out and play together.

As long as Li Jincheng saw that Wu Zhixun was good to Li Qingtong, he would naturally feel relieved. Li Qingtong came to Li Jincheng and apologized to her, feeling that she shouldn’t be impulsive. The two men were reconciled again. Li Qingtong called out Wu Zhixun, hoping that he could perform well. Wu Zhixun felt that their feelings did not need to be explained to others, but they were still willing to do it for Li Qingtong. After Li Jincheng and Duan Xiao arrived, they didn’t really want to care about them, and they took Duan Xiao to catch the baby.

As a result, Duan Xiao worked so hard to catch one, but Wu Zhixun caught a lot, making Li Jincheng even more depressed. Wu Zhixun told Li Chenggong that he knew that Li Chenggong had been opposed to it, but he did not show her what Li Qingtong was good to, because he was going to be good to Li Qingtong in the first place. Li Jincheng said that he knew it, and Duan Xiao looked at Wu Zhixun with admiration. Duan Xiao and Wu Zhixun walked back together after sending their girlfriends home.

Wu Zhixun actually has no confidence in this relationship. He can only learn, his personality is dull, and he will be away for many years in the future, and there will be more and more problems. Li Jincheng wants to go out for a walk, Duan Xiao received a call from Li Qingtong and hurried back to the playground. Find Lee Progress. Duan Xiao told Li Jincheng that whether it was Wu Zhixun or Chen Junhe, it was all decisions that Li Qingtong had to make. She could give advice, but could not help her make decisions. If Li Jincheng wants to help Li Qingtong, he must help her live the way she wants.

Li Chengcheng wanted to understand. She told Li Qingtong that she would no longer intervene in her life. She could live the life she wanted, whoever she wanted to be with, whether she would have children in the future. Wu Zhixun was admitted to the ideal university. Li Qingtong was very happy when he heard that, and the school also hung up a banner. Wu’s father and Wu’s mother were here, very happy. When Li Qingtong and Li Jincheng went home, Liu Fengxia saw them and remembered that they were on holiday. Li Jincheng felt that Liu Fengxia was a lot haggard, and Li Qingtong didn’t notice it either.

Li Qingtong, Fan Shuishui and Wang Xiaomin got together, and Wang Xiaomin confessed to many people that they had failed, and this time he returned with a flower in despair. When Wang Xiaomin wanted to give the flowers to Li Qingtong, Duan Xiao quickly stopped and said that Li Qingtong had Wu Zhixun. Wang Xiaomin was not convinced, and confessed to Li Qingtong through Jiu Jin that he wanted to give her flowers and Fan Shuishui. Duan Xiao hurriedly pulled Wang Xiaomin out. Wang Xiaomin was still annoyed when he woke up. The two went for a drink. They happened to ran into Chen Junhe and drank together. Li Chengjin met a mysterious man sweeping the floor on the street and told her that the time was almost up and she should go back.

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