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Don’t Want to be Friends with You 我才不要和你做朋友呢 Episode 19 Recap

Chen Junhe and Duan Xiao went out for a drink, and the two went back drunk. When they met Li Chenggong at school, the two insisted on saying that she was the eldest brother Liu Bei, and they wanted to worship her and kowtow to her. Li Qingtong was so frightened that she didn’t know what they were doing, and the two of them took Li Qingtong and said she was Zilong. The next day Chen Jun, He Duanxiao and Li Jincheng went out for breakfast.

They felt very embarrassed when they remembered what happened last night. Duan Xiao didn’t want to eat steamed buns, but wanted to eat sandwiches made by Li Jincheng. Why couldn’t Chen Jun watch their show of affection and hurried away. After Li Chenggai went back to make a sandwich for Duan Xiao, Zhang Wanwan and the others were shocked when they looked at it, but they didn’t expect Li Chenggai to be like this when they were in love. Li Jincheng and Duan Xiao went to the library, and they both took out sandwiches at the same time.

Li Chengcheng heard that Wu Zhixun was fierce and Li Qingtong was very angry and told her not to go again. Li Qingtong went to find Wu Zhixun again, and Wu Zhixun let her in, but ignored her. Li Jincheng and Duan Xiao talked about this, and Duan Xiao felt that Li Qingtong should be allowed to live a life that was liked by others. Wu Zhixun wants to drink again. Li Qingtong can’t stand it. Even if he is angry with his parents, he can’t ruin himself so much. Wu Zhixun asked her to go back, and the two quarreled. Wu Zhixun simply set up the table. He could only be arranged by his parents before. Now he wants to play games and read comics. He has to try these again.

Li Qingtong couldn’t listen, and slapped him. Fang Jinhan saw Li Progress in the cafeteria and happily went up to say hello. He didn’t expect Duan Xiao to come back suddenly and grab Li Progress by the hand. Fang Jinhan understood, and was lost. Li Qingtong stayed with Wu Zhixun all night, and the next day he woke up to see a note left by Wu Zhixun, saying that he had gone to class, and he also prepared breakfast for her. Li Jincheng saw Li Qingtong come back and asked her where she had been last night. The roommate looked at her with an ambiguous expression.

Li Qingtong went out to wash, Li Jincheng chased it out and asked, learning that Li Qingtong had slapped Wu Zhixun and said that he played well. Duan Xiao told Chen Jun that Wu Zhixun was repeating in Linyang, Chen Junhe was anxious, and Duan Xiao asked him to listen to his own arrangements. Several people went to the haunted house to play together, and wanted Chen Jun to protect Li Qingtong. Unexpectedly, a staff member pretending to be a ghost suddenly appeared and touched Li Qingtong to scare her, and Chen Junhe was beaten by him.

Duan Xiao kept apologizing, and Li Qingtong broke down very much, feeling that he could not communicate with this violent maniac. Duan Xiao also felt that Chen Jun had done something wrong, and Li Chenggong felt that the problem was not big, and girls would not hate people who protect themselves. Wu Zhixun waited here and apologized to Li Qingtong, saying that he would study hard and live a good life in the future, and thank her. Li Chenggong looked stunned and felt that this one was over. Why did Chen Jun come to Li Qingtong and wanted to talk to her, but Li Qingtong said it was too late to go back, and ran back to the dormitory without saying anything.

Chen Jun can only call me out to the empty street like you. Li Progressive asked Li Qingtong what he planned. Li Qingtong felt that it was impossible for her and Chen Jun. Li Chenggong came to Chen Junhe and asked him what to do, Chen Junhe wanted to give up, Li Chenggong blurted out what to do with the child, and everyone saw it. Li Chengcheng quickly said that it was nonsense, and dragged Chen Jun to beat him. Li Qingtong went to Wu Zhixun’s house and found that his washing machine was broken, so he took tools to fix it. When Li Qingtong got up, he stepped on a tool and pounced on Wu Zhixun.

Both of them were very shy. As time passed, Li Qingtong focused on Wu Zhixun, taking care of his life, and accompany him to repeat his studies. Li Jincheng and Duan Xiao have always been with each other. Soon Wu Zhixun was about to take the college entrance examination, and Li Qingtong called him and asked him to take the exam. When Wu Zhixun finished the college entrance examination, he invited Li Qingtong and Li to advance their meal. The four of them were eating. Chen Junhe suddenly came and said that they were all classmates and wanted to eat with them.

Wu Zhixun is not easy to refuse. Halfway through the meal, Wu Zhixun went out to get a drink, and Chen Junhe also went out. The two almost fought outside. Fortunately, Duan Xiao came out and saw that they stopped them. Chen Junhe said that he would not let go, but Wu Zhixun ignored him. Several people went back together after eating. Li Qingtong looked at them and found it very strange, not knowing what was going on with them. Li Qingtong went after Wu Zhixun. Wu Zhixun suddenly said that he had something to say, hoping she could listen to it patiently.

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