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Don’t Want to be Friends with You 我才不要和你做朋友呢 Episode 18 Recap

Wu Zhixun repeated his studies in Linyang and called home. Mother Wu told him that Li Qingtong was here again and left the dormitory phone. Father Wu refused to say, but Mother Wu felt that Wu Zhixun should be allowed to make the decision. Wu Zhixun called, and Li Qingtong happened to receive a call from Fan Shuishui. At the end of the holiday everyone will go back to school. Dafan encouraged Chen Junhe to confess. Chen Junhe made up his mind and came to Li Jinqi first.

Li Jincheng asked him to promise that he would not leave Li Qingtong. Chen Junhe seriously promised that if Li Qingtong is his wife, then he will only have one wife in his life. Li Chengcheng helped Chen Junhe to say a lot of good things, and Li Qingtong finally agreed to meet. Li Qingtong waited all night and didn’t say this. It turned out that Chen Junhe received a call from Niu Xiaohuo while he was waiting in the playground. Niu Xiaohuo was collected by someone for debts.

Chen Junhe went to rescue him and fought him and was arrested at the police station. Niu Xiaohuo owed money for gambling. He wanted to get some money to treat his mother, but he didn’t expect it to be like this. Chen Junhe said that he would not care about him in the future and give him the money to let him go home. When Chen Junhe rushed past, the playground was already empty. Seeing Chen Jun’s black nose and swollen face, Li Jincheng scolded him, saying that he would not care about him in the future.

Why did Chen Jun come to Li Qingtong, Li Qingtong didn’t want to hear him explain, saying that there would be no next time. Duan Xiao was going to participate in a few weeks of practice in other places, so he called Chen Junhe to talk about it. Li Qingtong received a call from Wu’s mother, saying that Wu Zhixun hadn’t repeated his studies and didn’t go to class every day. Wu Zhixun only has such a friend, and Wu’s mother hopes Li Qingtong can visit him.

Li Qingtong found Wu Zhixun at school and wanted to eat with him, but Wu Zhixun refused. Li Qingtong followed Wu Zhixun back and found that the room was messy and there were wine bottles everywhere. Li Qingtong wanted to help clean up, but Wu Zhixun refused and asked her to go back. He Xiaoshui read the letter in the dormitory and found that there was a love letter written to Li Jincheng. Li Chenggong heard that he quickly grabbed it, and went outside to see that it was written by Duan Xiao. Duan Xiao wrote about their good times before and confessed to Li Jincheng, saying that if they really separated, it would only be because separation would make Li Jincheng happy.

Li Chenggong couldn’t find Duan Xiao, so he called Chen Junhe. Chen Junhe said that Duan Xiao had gone to practice. The signal from that place was not good, so he couldn’t contact him. Li Qingtong took Wu Zhixun to dinner. Wu Zhixun talked about his own thoughts. From childhood to adulthood, he was under the expectation of his parents. Even if he took the first place in the school, he would not be praised, because the first place in the high school entrance examination in a third-rate city is not worth proud.

Wu Zhixun wanted to retaliate against them, so he didn’t have the college entrance examination. Now he can’t review at all, and doesn’t want to review it, so Li Qingtong won’t use it. Chen Junhe called Li Jincheng, Duan Xiao should have returned yesterday, but there is no news today. Li Chengcheng was not relieved, and went to Duan Xiao’s dormitory to look for him and saw his own photos on the bedside table. Li Jin When I reached the station, I learned that Duan Xiao had a car accident.

The last train was gone. Li Jincheng stopped the taxi, but the driver said that he could not make it through the accident. Li Chenggong was at a loss, squatting on the ground and crying. Duan Xiao suddenly came back by car. Li Chenggong cried and hugged him when he saw him. Duan Xiao and Li Jincheng were together and told Li Qingtong, Li Qingtong was very depressed watching them show their affection. Chen Jun complained that Duan Xiao didn’t talk about loyalty, and Duan Xiao couldn’t help Chen Jun work hard. Li Qingtong went to Wu Zhixun again to help him clean up, but Wu Zhixun just focused on playing games and refused Li Qingtong.

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