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The King: The Eternal Monarch 더 킹: 영원의 군주 Episode 11 Recap

Luna was caught in front of Li Lin. Li Lin said that she could help her, but Luna was unwilling to be on the same line with him. Li Lin took out Zheng Taiyi’s identification card and told Luna that she is you in another world. She is different from you. Her health is still growing up under the love of her parents. Luna suddenly remembered what Gu Ruilian said, and Li Lin told her that he could let Luna have the same life as Zheng Taiyi, as long as she nodded. Li Zongren ’s death left Li Gun in endless sorrow. Qi Ruili looked at him so painfully, and actually showed a smile. The secretary of KU gave Qi Ruili a document with a photo of Li Lin appearing on the street. Gu Ruili was very surprised.

Zheng Taiyi and Zhang Michael are on a mission together. Grandma Lu is crying because of Li Zongren’s death. He lay in bed and wept bitterly. Li Gong also shed tears in the corner of no one. Zheng Taiyi thought of Li Gang who was sad to say goodbye to her that night. She could see that Li Gang did not come from another world, but from another time. It should be a day when many decisions were to be made. Zhang Yanzhi committed suicide in prison. That day, there was a power outage, so the surveillance video was not captured. Zheng Taiyi did not believe that Zhang Yanzhi committed suicide, and decided to find Song Jinghui. Zheng Taiyi and Jiang Xianzhi did not find the contact information of Li Zhixun’s family, so they had to ask for parking lot monitoring here. Jiang Xianzhi had seen Song Jinghui. Jiang Xianzhi doesn’t know who Li Lin is, Zheng Taiyi replied, he is the origin of all of this, and Jiang Xianzhi may also be brought to this world by him.

Luna gave all the things she had to the little boy playing yo-yo and seemed to want to leave. Li Zongren ’s eldest son Li Chengxuan came back to collect his things. Li Zongren refused to let him step into the Korean empire during his lifetime. He came back this time to want to inherit Li Zongren ’s position, but he did n’t expect Li Gang to tell him that he It is still impossible to step into the Korean empire, nor to become the second heir to the royal family. This position is true. Li Chengxuan should go abroad immediately after 49 days of mourning, and Li Gang sent someone to monitor him. Li Zongren’s cause of death was strangled, and a ring was found on the body, which appeared to be worn after death. Li Gun was so angry that Li Lin did not plan to hide for a moment, and never thought of hiding. Time stopped once again, Li Gong was about to leave the royal family, but the secretary told him that unknown news was appearing all day, and Li Gong called Gu Ruili but was told she took sick leave.

Jiang Xianzhi found that someone was tracking his own and could not bear it, and the other party was Li Lin’s men. The two started a fight. Li Lin’s men were very arrogant. He took a car and ran away while Jiang Xinzhi was not paying attention. The license plate number was the car that Jiang Xinzhi was very familiar with. Zheng Taiyi was very nervous to see Jiang Xianzhi injured and wanted to take him to the hospital. After Jiang Xianzhi went to the hospital to bandage his wound, Zheng Taiyi asked him what happened, and what they were investigating and where they were heading. Li Gun couldn’t get in touch with Rui Rui at all. Li Gun realized that she seemed to want to go to a certain place and decided not to move. Li Gong checked Li Zongren’s log and finally found clues. Li Gun interrogated the two people who were exchanged by Li Lin. They caused chaos in the two worlds and had to pay a price here.

Zheng Taiyi once told Li Gang that she only wanted to live today, instead of arranging for a relationship with Li Gang, because they seemed to have no tomorrow. Thinking of Li Gong, Zheng Taiyi seemed a little sad, and she suddenly met a woman who looked exactly like Gu Ruili. Zheng Taiyi hurried up and asked her to show her ID card. She was called Gu Zier. Zheng Taiyi silently wrote down her date of birth and address. Luna came to the Republic of Korea and saw that Zheng Taiyi and Zheng Daoren were sour when they went to the supermarket together. Zheng Taiyi suddenly fainted at home, and Qi Ruilian also came to the Republic of Korea, where she met Cao Ying at Ming Nali’s tea shop.

Li Gong found that the stop time is getting longer and longer. This speed will be still for 62 times. By then, the two worlds of him and Zheng Taiyi will be still forever. Li Gang found the Yushui Bookstore. Li Lin’s men Liu Qingwu was the boss. Li Gong remembered him clearly, he was still alive. Li Gong led people to raid Yushui Bookstore, and ordered not to keep alive. After inspection, Li Gong knew that it was not Liu Qingwu who was lying on the ground, but him in another world. Zheng Taiyi woke up and found herself in a dark warehouse. She seemed to see a little boy through the door. Li Gong realized that people with the same face were stealing the sky for another day. He collapsed and hoped that Zheng Taiyi would be able to hold on for a while. The little boy helped Zheng Taiyi untie the rope.

He told Zheng Taiyi that he had tried to maintain balance, but there were too many enemies. Before Zheng Taiyi had time to think about him, the people who saw her came in. Zheng Taiyi knocked them down and jumped into their car, but the people behind him followed closely. Zheng Taiyi realized in a panic that this is the Korean Empire. Learning that Zheng Taiyi ran away, Li Lin immediately ordered her to be taken back, even if only the body was enough for Li Gun to show up. Zheng Taiyi’s car was out of fuel, and there were only three bullets left in the gun. She could only keep running forward. Zheng Taiyi found the phone booth and rushed forward to call the royal phone. He left a message saying that he was being chased and killed in the Korean Empire, and asked Li Gong to come to her as soon as possible. Li Lin’s men drove into Zheng Taiyi, and Zheng Taiyi exhausted his last effort to stun him, then took her gun and continued to escape. Zheng Taiyi stood helplessly at the center of the crossroad. When Li Lin ’s men arrived, the helicopter and the police car arrived at the same time. Li Gun appeared again on a white horse and ordered to protect Zheng Taiyi, the future queen of the Korean Empire.

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