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Don’t Want to be Friends with You 我才不要和你做朋友呢 Episode 16 Recap

Li Qingtong was about to go to school, Liu Fengxia packed her things, and cried as she packed, very reluctant. Li Qingtong was so frightened, she quickly comforted her mother. Li Chengjin and Li Qingtong arrived at the school together. When they went to get the key to the dormitory, they found that they were not together. It was a sophomore senior who gave them the key. In order to live with Li Qingtong, Li Jincheng said that Li Qingtong was irritated by failing the college entrance examination, and now only talks to her. Although the senior knew it was a lie, he arranged for them to be together. When the two arrived at the dormitory, roommates He Xiaoshui and Zhang Wanwan had already arrived and greeted them enthusiastically.

He Xiaoshui brought the special grilled fish fillets to Li Chenggong and they tasted them. A boy called Zhang Wanwan downstairs, and Zhang Wanwan hurriedly went down. The three people looked at the window very gossiping. Duan Xiao and Li Jinzhao were in the same city, and wanted to come to Li Jinzhao, but they were stopped by the aunt. Duan Xiao said that he would have military training tomorrow, and that his girlfriend was angry with him, and his aunt did not let him go.

Li Jincheng and they went to class. The counselor was a middle-aged woman. Li Qingtong felt that he saw Director Yang when he saw it. The military training for half a month began. The instructor was very strict. Several people were exhausted every day. They went back to the dormitory and fell asleep. Li Chengjin came to the cafeteria for dinner, and the uncle who served the meal told her to learn to choose and understand where she came from and where she was going. Before Li Jincheng could react, the people disappeared. Li Qingtong called home, and Li May Si was waiting eagerly.

Li Wusi huffed and asked for warmth, and hung up when he heard Li Qingtong was going to eat. Liu Fengxia was very dissatisfied. She complained that he only cared about his daughter and only had the daughter in her eyes. She was just a decoration. Li Wusi hurriedly coaxed her and said that in the future, they will have a good life. Chen Junhe sneaked a peek at Li Qingtong’s volunteers and went to a school with her. During the military training, some people bullied the big sail of pre-school education, thinking that he was a boy who had no success in learning this. Chen Junhe happened to pass by, taught them, and drove them away. It turns out that Chen Junhe is also in this major.

Duan Xiao finally found Li Jincheng in the cafeteria, and Li Qingtong hurried away with his roommates. Unexpectedly, Li Jincheng would be lukewarm to him. He would give him the meal he had just made, and asked him to go back to school as soon as he finished his meal, and then left. Duan Xiao was depressed. Chen Junhe suddenly came over, and the two found a place to chat, only to realize that they were chasing after their sweetheart. Why did Chen Jun ask Dafan to find Li Qingtong’s timetable and go to class with them. Li Qingtong screamed when she saw Chen Junhe.

He didn’t expect to be with him when he arrived at the university. Chen Jun stared at Li Qingtong for a whole class, and the teacher called him up to answer questions, let him look at the teacher more, don’t keep staring at the girl. After Li Qingtong returned to the dormitory, she complained more and more. Zhang Wanwan felt that Chen Jun liked her. Li Qingtong didn’t believe her, Zhang Wanwan said Such boys like to bully others, He Xiaoshui is very envious, they are all chased.

Duan Xiao gave Li Jincheng fruit. Li Jincheng said that she wanted to keep her distance. She needed time to think about it. Everyone should have new friends. Li Qingtong made a lot of calls to Wu Zhixun, but they were all hung up by Wu’s mother. Mother Wu felt that Li Qingtong was also interested, but Dad Wu felt that it was all Li Qingtong’s fault. Wu Zhixun decided to repeat the exam. The night before the college entrance examination, Wu Zhixun wanted to encourage Li Qingtong.

Father Wu firmly disagreed. He said a lot of bad things about Li Qingtong and tore his storybook to pieces. Dafan gave Chen Junhe and the others an idea, chasing girls is to confess boldly. When they came downstairs in the girls’ dormitory, Chen Junhe asked Dafan to call their names. Li Qingtong opened the window and saw that it was Chen Junhe, and went down to find him afterwards. Duan Xiao also called Li Jincheng down. Several people went to dinner together, but Li Qingtong saw that something was wrong with them and dragged Chen Junhe away. Duan Xiao asked Li Chenggong why it suddenly changed. Li Chenggong admitted that she also wanted to go with Duan Xiao, but they couldn’t have results.

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