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Don’t Want to be Friends with You 我才不要和你做朋友呢 Episode 9 Recap

Li Qingtong wants to take Li Jincheng out to play, but Li Jincheng has to go to see the Aurora. Li Qingtong is very depressed. Now there is no Aurora in May. Li Qingtong got angry and told them not to go out. Wu Zhixun gave Li Qingtong a review note with a total of 75 pages. If Li Qingtong can memorize it, he will continue to coach Li Qingtong. Li Qingtong quickly agreed. Li Chengjin went to the Peony Hotel to help with work, twisted the sheets with Duan Xiao, and wiped off the sweat for Duan Xiao.

With excitement, Duan Xiao threw the twisted sheets back, thinking about the beautiful picture of two people drying the sheets together. Duan Xiao invited Li Jincheng to go to Mohe with him in May, where he could see the aurora. Li Chengjin wanted to see Aurora too, and agreed. Duan Xiao packed up all kinds of warm things and turned over his mother’s things. Li Wusi gave Li Jincheng a thick hat. He used to wear this when working on the farm. It was very warm.

Li Wusi returned one hundred yuan to let her go out as a spare. Li Qingtong also gave her the hundred yuan he secretly saved to let her have fun. Li Chengjin and Duan Xiao got on the train together to Mohe, but there was a lot of snow on the road, and the railway broke down. They had to spend the night at the railway station. Duan Xiao called his father, and Duan’s father asked them to go back tomorrow morning. Duan Xiao was very lost, he hadn’t seen his father for three years. Li Jincheng comforted him that he could fix it soon, they waited first.

The next day, Duan Xiao’s father arrived at the train station to see Duan Xiao. Duan Xiao was so excited that he almost cried while holding his father. Duan Xiao gave his father the clothes and food prepared at home and told him that everything was fine at home. Duan Xiao’s father told them about the army. He still has a mission and can’t stay for long, so he can only go back first. Duan Xiao and Li Jincheng took the train back. Duan Xiao talked about his father, and Li Jincheng realized that a family without a father can be so warm.

The school is going to hold a sports meet, and Mr. Wu told everyone to report. Wu Zhixun came to the teacher and said that he did not want to participate in the sports meeting. Teacher Wu told him about his own affairs. He only learned about the importance of friends after work, but he couldn’t go back anymore. He hoped that Wu Zhixun would regard learning as a phased goal, and there are many important things. Li Qingtong heard that he could walk five kilometers at any time, so he decided to report this. Li Qingtong went out with Wu Zhixun and persuaded him to report one as well.

Li Qingtong just wanted to make him happy. Wu Zhixun was moved and reported a tug of war. Everyone was training during the physical education class. Wu Zhixun was reading while Li Qingtong took Wang Leehom’s magazine and said that he liked Wang Leehom. Li Qingtong is now studying hard and staying to endorse after school. Wu Zhixun went to the bookstore to buy a book and saw Wang Leehom’s tapes, so he bought a box. Wu Zhixun and the others went to tug-of-war and were drawn to Chen Junhe’s class. Chen Jun saw that he was about to lose, so he winked and asked others to come and help. Wu Zhi

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