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Don’t Want to be Friends with You 我才不要和你做朋友呢 Episode 15 Recap

Li Qingtong and the others packed up their things and went to play in the ancient village. Wang Xiaomin told them that Wu Zhixun really did not take the college entrance examination. He had a few quarrels with his dad at home. The neighbors next door heard it. This was what he heard from his classmates and he lived in They are downstairs. Li Qingtong remembered the last time he went to Wu Zhixun’s house. Wu Zhixun hid behind the door and refused to open the door to her.

Li Qingtong heard the movement inside and said something he wanted to say outside, telling Wu Zhixun not to hide like this. They are still friends. Chen Junhe suddenly got into the car and brought them a bunch of snacks. It turned out that Duan Xiao asked him to come. Everyone went out to play together. Li Qingtong and the others were all shocked. They didn’t expect Duan Xiao to know when Duan Xiao and Chen Jun would become good friends. A few people went to the ancient village together, ordered a lot of food in the evening, and drank beer. They were all very happy.

Several people were sitting outside chatting when they were drunk. Wang Xiaomin said he wanted to make a lot of money, Fan Shuishui said he wanted to lose weight, and Li Qingtong wanted to cheer up Wu Zhixun. Why did Chen Jun say that Li Qingtong could not be achieved, and let Li Qingtong chase him. Duan Xiao shouted that he liked Li Jincheng and wanted to be his boyfriend. The next day Li Qingtong and the others came up and remembered what happened yesterday, and asked Li Chenggong what they thought, but Li Chenggong didn’t say anything.

Duan Xiao and the three of them also got together. Duan Xiao couldn’t believe that he had said it. They felt that Li Chenggong must have forgotten them. They didn’t expect Fan Shuishui to tease him when he passed by. A group of people went to the river to catch fish. It took a long time to catch a fish, which was not enough to eat. Duan Xiao proposed to act separately and go with Li Chenggong. Wang Xiaomin wanted to be with Li Qingtong, but Chen Junhe stared at him and went away with Fan Shuishui. Wang Xiaomin sharpened the stick and spear fish, but he caught nothing. Fan Shuishui was scorned, and the two began to quarrel again.

Chen Jun took Li Qingtong to the upper reaches and caught a bucket of fish. Just about to go back, a snake sprang out of the grass. Chen Junhe pushed Li Qingtong away, and he was bitten by a snake. Li Qingtong was so scared that he wanted to suck the venom out of him, so Chen Junhe quickly pushed her away. Li Qingtong was going to find someone. Why did Chen Jun deliberately pretend to faint and scared Li Qingtong to tears. Chen Junhe quickly said that he was lying to her. The snake was not poisonous. Li Qingtong was so angry that he yelled at her and turned around and left. Li Qingtong woke up the next day and didn’t calm down.

Chen Jun was so helpless, but he managed to save others. Li Qingtong went home to describe to his parents his feat of catching snakes, and was very excited. Li Qingtong woke up in the middle of the night and was very moved when he heard his parents worry about tuition fees. Li Qingtong estimated the score, which was only four hundred points, and asked Mr. Wu if there were any schools that did not require tuition. Mr. Wu told her about the normal school, and Li Qingtong filled the normal school. Li Qingtong’s school was the same as her newspaper, and Li Qingtong was surprised.

Her grades didn’t have to go to college. But Li Jincheng wanted to be with Li Qingtong. Teacher Wu came to Wu Zhixun’s house and made a big bone for him. But put too much salt. Teacher Wu told him that it would be better if you made the sauce big bone again and added less salt. Teacher Wu gave the written letter to Wu Zhixun and encouraged him to do it again. Li Qingtong called to check his scores and found out that he had scored more than 450 points on the test, and he had gone to university after passing the line.

Wang Xiaomin, Fan Shuishui and they all received admission notices one after another, and Li Jincheng also received them. Only Li Qingtong has no news yet. Li Qingtong was very disappointed. Li Wusi comforted her. It was nothing if she was admitted to university. He also hoped that the child could stay with her for two more years. Li Chengjin brought back a letter, it turned out that Li Qingtong had written the address wrong.

Everyone was very happy and went out to eat to celebrate. Wu Zhixun came to eat barbecue alone, and remembered how he came with Li Qingtong before. School started soon, Fan Shuishui and Wang Xiaomin were close, and the two of them left together. Everyone couldn’t cry too much when they came to send them off. Duan Xiao was going to leave too. Li Jincheng came to send him and gave him a bracelet made by himself. Duan Xiao confessed again, but Li Jincheng said that he might leave.

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