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Don’t Want to be Friends with You 我才不要和你做朋友呢 Episode 13 Recap

Wu Zhixun came to see Li Qingtong. Li Qingtong said that he wanted to eat canned food, so Wu Zhixun bought her. Unexpectedly, he couldn’t eat this after the operation. Li Qingtong felt pain again and was taught by the nurse. Wu Zhixun apologized to Liu Fengxia, Liu Fengxia did not blame him, saying that Li Qingtong was greedy. Fan Shuishui and Wang Xiaomin came to see Li Qingtong. Wang Xiaomin brought canned food and was stared at him very innocently.

Duan Xiao and Chen Junhe came to class with black eyes, and Li Chengjin was surprised when he looked at him. Teacher Wu asked them what was going on, and both of them said it was a fall. After the two people had a fight, they sat and talked together. Chen Junhe said that he hadn’t beaten anyone. He also mentioned his parents. His father was a military doctor. He left the army to open a clinic. There was a car accident when he was going to save people. The couple was gone. His second uncle is willing to raise him because he has not married a wife.

Duan Xiao said that his father was also a soldier, and asked him to study hard for his second uncle. Li Qingtong met his father’s former colleague in the hospital and learned that his father had been laid off. Li Chengcheng heard at home that Li Wusi and his wife were worried about money and gave Liu Fengxia the money given by the mysterious person, saying that it was given by her mother and let her keep it. Li Jincheng told Chen Jun that he would pay him back.

Li Qingtong was hospitalized for appendicitis and had nothing to do with him. Why did Chen Jun let her not pay back, and he would not leave Li Qingtong, he could only promise not to cause her trouble. Why did Chen Jun come to Li Qingtong, Li Qingtong said that he just wanted to study hard and was already afraid of him. Chen Junhe was very disappointed.

After returning, he moved the table away and sat on the other side. Li Qingtong was discharged from the hospital and went home. Today is her birthday, but her parents didn’t prepare anything for her. She took Li to the outside and couldn’t help talking about Li’s layoff in May Fourth. Li Chengcheng said that she had not celebrated her birthday, but she began to be considerate of her mother. When the two went home, Li Wusi was carrying buns with candles on them, and wanted to celebrate Li Qingtong’s birthday. Li Wusi explained that the cake shop was closed late after get off work, and Li Qingtong was very moved. Li Qingtong made a wish and asked Li May Si to pay attention to his body.

Li Qingtong took the initiative to ask Wu Zhixun to study in the library, and Wang Xiaomin was stunned. Director Yang asked them to learn about the rooftops, and wanted to know whether Chen Jun had hit someone. Li Qingtong said that he fell by himself, and Director Yang had no choice. For the 20th anniversary of the school, a cultural festival will be held, and the third year of high school cannot participate. Lin Xuewei came to Teacher Wu and didn’t want to miss the school celebration.

Teacher Wu went to Director Yang. Director Yang told them to focus on learning and don’t think about these things. Teacher Wu came back and asked the students that everyone wanted to participate. Teacher Wu plucked up the courage to find the principal. Everyone got together and was very happy to hear that Teacher Wu came out and agreed. Teacher Wu told everyone that the principal put forward a condition, asking them to increase the three-mode rate of their classmates below 550 points by at least 30 points, which means that everyone except Wu Zhixun must improve.

Lee Qingtong thought she could do it, but no one else was confident. Li Qingtong and the others got together, Li Qingtong didn’t want to give up, Li Jincheng decided to make everyone active. The next day Li Jincheng took out a petition and talked about her own affairs in the class, saying that she had never had any friends until now playing with everyone and encouraging everyone to work hard together. The students were very moved and wrote their names on the petition, and Wu Zhixun also signed them.

Li Qingtong asked Wu Zhixun to help everyone make up lessons, but Wu Zhixun refused and said that he had spent five or six nights making up the notes specifically for her, and he didn’t have so much time to help everyone make up lessons. They did not reluctantly Li Chenggong, and a few people organized and made papers together. Li Qingtong felt that studying was too boring, and took Wu Zhixun to talk for five minutes every day, but she was talking about it. Li Qingtong felt that she was stupid, and Wu Zhixun comforted her that she had made great progress.

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