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Don’t Want to be Friends with You 我才不要和你做朋友呢 Episode 12 Recap

Teacher Wu came over and called out Chen Junhe and the three of them. He was already so mad at them that he let them fend for themselves and didn’t want to care about them. Li Qingtong was so angry that she also had a fever and did not come to class the next day. Chen Junhe discussed with Wu Zhixun to let him move out by himself, but Wu Zhixun refused. Li Chenggong called Chen Junhe out and told him not to harass Li Qingtong, and Chen Junhe said it had nothing to do with her.

The two people disagreeed and almost fought, but fortunately Duan Xiao came to stop them. During the meal, Li Jincheng told Li Qingtong that Wu Zhixun had helped her to copy notes. Liu Fengxia was very happy to hear that some classmates helped them make up lessons and asked them to call people back and invite him to have a meal. Li Maysi just came back from work. I heard that Li Qingtong is motivated to study now and is very happy.

Let her study hard and become a college student. Chen Jiankang prescribed Chinese medicine to Chen Junhe, which was refreshing, and said that he had no abilities, and he could study for him. Chen Jun didn’t want to let him down and drank all the medicine. Li Qingtong returned to school and was surprised to see Chen Junhe was studying. Lin Xuewei told everyone that afterwards, all sub-classes will be changed to main classes and self-study, and the school will hold a parent mobilization meeting. Chen Junhe’s grades have improved a lot, and Mr. Wu is also very happy.

Chen Junhe asked him not to tell his second uncle. Teacher Wu said he was not a person who would sue him. Both Wang Xiaomin and Fan Shuishui sighed. Their papers were still signed by someone. If the parents knew the results, it would be terrible. Duan Xiao didn’t dare to let his parents know when he was fighting at school. Chen Junhe suggested to find someone to impersonate his parent. During the parent mobilization meeting, Chen Junhe helped them find a few people to get through. This was held together in the same grade in the auditorium, and he didn’t know who was who.

Unexpectedly, there will be an extra link this year. Everyone will have a small meeting in their respective classes. This is all exposed. Chen Jun did not expect that there was no such link last year. Director Yang called them over and yelled at them, asked them to find their parents, and told them what they had done. Li Chenggong was very angry. He felt that Chen Jun had harmed them, and he himself did not find anyone to pretend to be. Chen Junhe explained that Director Yang knew his second uncle, but Li Chengcheng didn’t believe him, and wanted to find his second uncle.

Li Chengjin asked his classmates and found out that the boss he met in the bathhouse last time was Chen Jun and He Ershu, and he was shocked. Chen Junhe took Li Jincheng away and said that he knew about Coconut calling her to pretend to be her mother. If she wanted to say, then they would not be better off. Father Wu came to Teacher Wu and asked him about Wu Zhixun’s grades. Teacher Wu felt that it was a normal fluctuation. The study group was also a study plan, and it was not good that Wu Zhixun had no friends. Father Wu was very angry.

He felt that Wu Zhixun was not here to make friends. He had lofty ambitions. If Teacher Wu remained like this, he would go to the principal. Li Jincheng came to Chen Junhe To solve the coconut problem, Chen Junhe must stay away from Li Qingtong, saying that they will not have a good result. When the two argued, Chen Junhe pushed Li Jincheng to the ground, and Li Qingtong just rushed over, but was also thrown away and bumped into the chair. The pain was unbearable.

Chen Junhe sent Li Qingtong to the hospital, and Liu Fengxia and Teacher Wu also rushed over, only to realize that Li Qingtong was the guilty of appendicitis. Li Qingtong was undergoing surgery, and Liu Fengxia was crying outside, shocking Li Wusi who came over. When Li Wusi learned that it was appendicitis, he felt that it was just a minor illness and asked Teacher Wu to go back first. Chen Junhe went home to take the money and gave Li Chengjin to pay her medical expenses. Li Wusi looked at the bill and was very worried. They had no money anymore.

Li Chengcheng said that she had already paid it, and that it was her mother who gave the money, and that it was Li Qingtong who lent her. Liu Fengxia had to accept it first, and wrote an IOU to Li Jincheng. Duan Xiao and the others also rushed over and learned that Chen Junhe had been looking for Li to improve at the beginning, and got angry to find Chen Junhe in the game hall, and fought him.

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