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Don’t Want to be Friends with You 我才不要和你做朋友呢 Episode 11 Recap

Li Qingtong yelled that someone was coming, and the two gangsters were beaten up, and they ran away without caring so much. Why did Chen Jun go after him? Li Qingtong hurriedly stopped him. Li Qingtong pushed the car back, why not rest assured that Jun Chen kept following behind him. Duan Xiao searched a lot of places, and finally saw that Li Jincheng was eating wontons with Wang Xiaomin. Duan Xiao was very angry and blamed Li Progressive for running out alone and not telling everyone, making them very worried. Duan Xiao picked up Li Jincheng and left, which surprised Wang Xiaomin.

Li Chengcheng quickly explained that he had met Wang Xiaomin and talked about aviation school, but Duan Xiao didn’t listen at all, so she couldn’t come out alone at night. Li Jincheng knows that Duan Xiao is for her good, but they are not people of the same world, and there will be no results. Chen Junhe broke his watch on the ground during a fight, which was left to him by his father. He went to the master to repair it, but the watch was too old and the master did not have any accessories to change it. Li Qingtong went home with Li Chenggong and drove herself away from the gangsters.

Li Chenggong didn’t believe it at all, and Li Qingtong couldn’t make it up, so he had to say how Chen Jun helped her. Niu Xiaohuo did not enter the university. His relatives have factories, and he is ready to help. Dada passed the college entrance examination and will soon go to school. Chen Jun didn’t pass the exam, and now he can only help out in the second uncle’s bathhouse. The three people came to say goodbye, and they were all reluctant to give up. The second uncle asked Chen Jun what he planned, and wanted him to repeat the exam. Why did Chen Jun feel that he could not pass the exam, and it would make no sense to repeat the exam. The second uncle was so angry that Coconut hurriedly stopped him, pushed Chen Junhe away, and asked the second uncle to find the teacher.

Da Mao transferred school to another place. Li Qingtong and Wang Xiaomin came to see him off. Li Qingtong couldn’t cry so much that she held Li Chenggong’s hand so that she must not leave, otherwise she would not be able to live. Teacher Wu came to Chen Junhe and told him about the repetition. Why didn’t Chen Jun agree to it? He felt it meaningless. Teacher Wu asked him what he wanted to do after reading for so many years. He also asked him to think about the people around him instead of just thinking about himself. First come to his class and repeat one year.

If he really fails to pass the exam, he won’t go to the technical school. late. Li Qingtong has not received any notice from the school. He looked for it according to the address on the leaflet and found that it was empty. The dreams of the four of them were shattered, and they couldn’t keep things secret, and they were scolded by the parents. Wang Xiaomin’s father went to find out. This is a liar who has defrauded a lot of people’s money. Now that the police have opened a case, they might be able to get it back. Li Chengcheng suggested that they pay back their money from work.

Five people came to the barbecue restaurant. The boss only needed two people to let them try it out. There were various reasons why they were not appropriate. In the end, they worked for nothing for a few days and didn’t get a cent. Wang Xiaomin proposed to collect waste products in the community, and eventually developed to pick up waste products, but it only cost 20 yuan a day for a few people to collect so much money. Li Qingtong is unwilling to continue Continued, go home and study. Li Progressive also realized that their team really couldn’t do much. The most accomplished is Li Qingtong.

She memorized all the seventy-five pages, found Wu Zhixun in the rain, and memorized him sentence by sentence. Wu Zhixun was shocked. School will start soon, and Chen Junhe has arrived in the class and wants to sit at the same table with Li Qingtong. Wu Zhixun refused to let him, so Chen Junhe sat in the aisle, angering Teacher Wu who came in. Li Qingtong sat at the end alone, unexpectedly Chen Junhe and Wu Zhixun both sat over. Li Qingtong came to Teacher Wu after class, and Teacher Wu asked her if she had any premature love.

Li Qingtong was very wronged and shouted whether she was not in love. Teacher Wu can only ask her to go back to class first, and he will solve it. Li Qingtong felt that it was better to be like this, otherwise Chen Jun would be looking for trouble in three days, and in the end it would be her fault again. In the self-study class, Wu Zhixun gave Li Qingtong a topic, why Chen Jun was so angry that Li Qingtong was eating instant noodles.

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