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Don’t Want to be Friends with You 我才不要和你做朋友呢 Episode 10 Recap

Director Yang called Wu Zhixun, Chen Jun and a group of people over and yelled. He didn’t expect that they would be able to fight even at a sports meeting. Li Qingtong saw a hole in Wu Zhixun’s face and took a band-aid to apply it to him. Chen Jun came from behind and bumped Li Qingtong, causing Li Qingtong to stick it crooked. Li Qingtong was very angry and felt that Chen Jun was sick. Wang Xiaomin and Fan Shuishui did not get a good ranking in their sports, and now only Li Qingtong’s 5,000 meters has not run. Li Qingtong went arrogantly, feeling that she could only rely on her to win honor.

Chen Jun, why did you find out? The girl was recording, only the number is not remembered, Chen Jun asked Niu Xiaohuo to draw her attention, and let Dada change the number. Chen Junhe saw Li Qingtong’s number plate and asked the two of them to go quickly. Niu Xiaohuo deliberately hit the girl and argued with her. Dada took the opportunity to say that the teacher wanted to record, and took away the recording paper.

The referee called Li Qingtong over, and the first place on the list was changed to Li Qingtong’s number, but the fourth place was this number again. The teacher scolded Li Qingtong for changing her name. Li Qingtong was so wronged that she didn’t know anything. Director Yang called Li Qingtong to scold Li Qingtong, and Mr. Wu was also hurt and scolded by the principal. When Li Qingtong saw Niu Xiaohuo and the others, he understood what Chen Jun did, but he didn’t know how to provoke Chen Jun again. Director Yang also notified Li Qingtong and the others on the radio to severely deal with it after the Games. Chen Junhe apologized to Li Qingtong, but Li Qingtong didn’t want to talk to him at all.

Why did Chen Jun go to Niu Xiaohuo and the others, Niu Xiaohuo and the others didn’t mean it, and they didn’t expect things to turn out like this at all. Wu Zhixun and the others were writing inspections in the office, and Li Qingtong became more and more aggrieved as he wrote, feeling that he was too injustice, and he became like this when he didn’t do anything. Why did Chen Jun come to see Li Qingtong, only to see Li Qingtong talking with Wu Zhixun.

Wu Zhixun gave Li Qingtong and Wang Leehom’s tape. He had said before that Li Qingtong would invite her to eat barbecue after running into the top three, and now he gave it to her before making the top three. Li Qingtong was very happy. Chen Junhe was very lost and turned and left. In the evening, Li Qingtong held the tape and refused to let it go, and he was reluctant to open it, which made Li Progress speechless. The next day Li Qingtong gave Wu Zhixun a spectacle case, saying it was a courtesy exchange.

Why did Chen Jun come to Li Qingtong to explain, but Li Qingtong didn’t want to talk to him and wanted to keep a distance of ten meters from him. Wu Zhixun was still the first in the exam, but Father Wu was very dissatisfied. He felt that his first place in the exam was his duty. Only four points more than the second would be a step backward, and there were many problems in every subject. Father Wu said that he helped others with tutoring and affected his grades.

The last fight was also because of her. Wu Zhixun didn’t want him to insult his friends, so he went back to the room without eating. When Wu Zhixun went to the library, Li Qingtong saw that he was unhappy and asked him what’s wrong. Wu Zhixun said that he was with his father. The mother quarreled. Li Qingtong is scolded by her mother every day, and she has long since taken quarrels with her parents seriously. Li Qingtong wants to have a barbecue with Wang Xiaomin and the others, so that Wu Zhixun will come with him, but Wu Zhixun refused.

Li Qingtong had to go by himself, so that Wu Zhixun could come anytime he wanted to. Li Qingtong looked at the door while eating barbecue. Wang Xiaomin heard that she called Wu Zhixun, and was sure he would not come. Duan Xiao saw Wu Zhixun at the door and asked Wang Xiaomin what to do if he came. Wang Xiaomin said that he took the lottery.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Wang Xiaomin turned his head, he saw Wu Zhixun and his face changed in fright. Li Qingtong received an advertisement at home, saying that it was an aviation training school enrolling students and spending 500 yuan to train. As long as he passed the college entrance examination, he could go to aviation school. Li Qingtong told Fan Shuishui Wang Xiaomin about this matter. They were very excited and wanted to participate in this training. Li Qingtong borrowed money from Wang Xiaomin, and Wang Xiaomin agreed and asked her to pay it back.

After Wang Xiaomin went back and talked to his parents about this matter, Wang’s mother agreed, thinking that he was finally able to do something business. Wang Xiaomin asked for a thousand yuan, and Wang’s father readily gave it. Li Qingtong didn’t come back very late, so Li Qingtong went to the hotel of Duan Xiao’s house without worry. He didn’t expect Li Chengjin to leave long ago. The two went out to look for it separately. Li Qingtong’s car fell off the chain, and Li Qingtong came down to fix it, and two drunk punks came to tease her. Chen Junhe was on the roof in a daze about the college entrance examination. He jumped down and picked up a stick and started fighting.

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