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Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 41 Recap

At home, Nan Sheng was reviewing his homework. He looked peacefully at Nan Sheng ’s empty tent. He wrote his love for Nan Sheng with a little thought. Nan Sheng felt very warm in his heart and filled his peace. Confided in love. Seeing peace is happy. Afterwards, Peace wanted to ask Mr. Ma for guilt. Nan Sheng said that he must be in trouble and asked to go with him. Peacefully worry about Nan Sheng’s foot injury, Nan Sheng cares nothing for love.

University library, Xiao Xi immersed himself in studying hard. Luo Chen couldn’t find Nan Sheng, so he came to Xiaoxi to inquire. Upon seeing this, Xiaoxi talked about Nansheng’s return to his hometown. Luo Chen went back to the bottom to find out. Xiaoxi fell in love with Luo Chen and was upset to leave. Luo Chen stopped to swear on the road, Xiao Xi took the opportunity to kiss and confess Luo Chen, Luo Chen instantly petrified. The stream quickly slipped away.

On the lawn, peacefully took Nan Sheng to sit on the grass and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. He had a chat with Nansheng in peace, and it was very gratifying to learn that Nansheng had friends in school. Nan Sheng saw warmly on the peaceful shoulder. Nan Sheng once thought that his biggest world was peace and mother Lin. When he saw peace, he couldn’t help but tease Nan Sheng. Nan Sheng teased peace was about to be scolded by Mayor Mayor. Peace grew up in blame. It has long been used to it. Peace and Nansheng’s heart and soul are together. Peace hopes that they can be a harbor for Nansheng to shelter from the wind and rain, let Nansheng grow up in happiness, and firmly believe in being the best self.

Heping took Nansheng to the craft factory in a hurry. Ali had already collected the payment and gave it to Chief Ma. The Chief had no fun, and immediately promised to let Ali and Heping continue to sell in the factory.

Was shocked by the peace, and quickly asked Ari. A-li is jealous and peaceful about Nan Sheng’s feelings, and sneers and sneers away. Seeing peace, he quickly settled Nansheng back to school, and chased Ali alone out. Ali blamed peace only knowing about falling in love, and peacefully explained that he and Nansheng were looking for the whereabouts of the young uncle all night. Ali blamed Nanbu for opening the mouth to accuse Nansheng, and peace was quickly maintained. Upon seeing it, Ali asked for peace to give the financial power of cooperation to himself, and he agreed at the sight.

Luo Chen went to Xiaoxi again and happened to meet Xu Zhensheng at the junction with Xiaoxi. Luo Chen walked away with a breath. After that, Xiaoxi bumped into Luo Chen. Luo Chen questioned Xiaoxi about Xu Zhen’s high-density incident. Xiaoxi admitted that he could not hide. Luo Chen was angry and accused Xiaoxi of disappointing her trust in her. Xiaoxi argued reasonably, and the two quarreled and broke up.

Nansheng returned home, and Lin’s mother told Nansheng not to ask her uncle anymore. Nan Sheng was surprised when he saw it. Mother Lin pointed out that she had found the young uncle through the police, and Nan Sheng was shocked and hurt. Nan Sheng was not easy to dispute and hid in the house.

Hearing this, he went home and questioned her mother. Ms. Lin fought reasonably and lashed out for peace and got up and left. Nan Sheng was sad when she saw this. She knew that she had caused trouble for peace again. She also knew that the money Ali gave back to Chief Ma must have been borrowed. She said she would return the money to Heping and Ali. Seeing peace quickly hurry.

Xiaoxi didn’t want to be Xu Zhensheng’s ear anymore. Xu Zhensheng quietly came to the studio to investigate Luo Chen’s movements. Unexpectedly, he was caught by Luo Chen. Luo Chen teased Xu Zhensheng and asked Nan Sheng in person. Xu Zhensheng vowed to die, Luo Chen wanted to steal peace from Xu Zhensheng, Xu Zhensheng didn’t mind, mocking Luo Chen didn’t know the address of peace. Upon seeing this, Luo Chen planned to go to Fengshang Crafts Factory and Xu Zhensheng saw the fact that the young uncle had stolen the goods. Luo Chen quickly cared about Nansheng’s situation, Xu Zhensheng pointed out that Ms. Lin might not easily stop. Luo Chen saw that he must rescue Nansheng from the fire pit. Xu Zhensheng heard an emergency.

Luo Chen took the paintings at home privately, stopped Nan Sheng on the road, and wanted Nan Sheng to sell the paintings and pay back to peace. Nan Sheng questioned Luo Chen’s motives, and Luo Chen immediately confessed. Nan Sheng got up and left. Luo Chen said that only Nan Sheng was the love of his life.

The craft factory has not paid any salary for three months. Chief Ma brought the people together and solemnly introduced peace and Ali to the workers. Everyone was talking and talking. Heping publicly interpreted the ideas and insights on product sales, and everyone nodded in favor. Ah Li was very happy when she saw it.

At this time, Luo Chen appeared. He publicly accused Heping of the sales performance of his contribution, and pointed out that the patterns on the handicrafts were from his own hands, and everyone was surprised. Peace pointed out in public that the two had a holiday, Luo Chen deliberately made trouble.

Then, Luo Chen’s words slandered and peacefully seized Nansheng. When he saw the peace, he immediately turned his eyes to fight. Luo Chen whispered and talked non-stop, A Li quickly pulled the peace and wanted to drive Luo Chen away. Upon seeing this, Chief Ma quickly disbanded the meeting and took Luo Chen to the office. He walked away in peace.

Meet peacefully Xu Zhensheng meets and asks face to face. Xu Zhensheng accused Luo Chen of turning back. Seeing the peace immediately understood, accusing Xu Zhensheng of deceiving himself. Xu Zhensheng said that this was done to allow peace to accept help with peace of mind. Upon seeing this, he accused Xu Zhensheng of joining forces with Luo Chen to deceive himself. Xu Zhensheng quickly apologized and said that Luo Chen had stolen the paintings at home to help Nan Sheng. He quickly hurried away after hearing the peace.

Xu Zhensheng didn’t know how to close it, and Ali also found it. He scolded Xu Zhensheng fiercely, and immediately called Xu Zhensheng home to clean up. Xu Zhen walked away in vain.

Luo Chen made an artistic painting without permission from Nan Sheng. He was intentionally named his first love girlfriend and was selected by the school to participate in the competition. So, the school spread the relationship between Luo Chen and Nan Sheng.

Xiaoxi complained to Nansheng when he saw it, and Nansheng got up and ran to the painting room. Everyone was talking about the painting. Nan Sheng was going to see Professor Su Shan. At this time, Professor Su Shan came, Nan Sheng pointed out that Luo Chen’s purpose of painting was impure, but Professor Su Shan persuaded Nan Sheng to participate in art from the perspective of painting, and pointed out that the school had decided to take this painting to participate in the competition and took it with full appreciation gone. Nan Sheng hurriedly chased Professor Su Shan.

On the way, Ali blamed Xu Zhen for causing miserable peace. Xu Zhensheng said that he had done something bad with good intentions, but Ali did not approve. She cherishes peace and is full of longing for this partner. Upon seeing this, Xu Zhensheng immediately turned his face and ordered her sister not to pursue peace. Seeing a sudden anxiety.

Non-student contacted peacefully and slipped into the school quietly. Encountered Xiaoxi on the road, Xiaoxi told Luo Chen about painting. He went straight to the school office. Who knows that I just met Professor Su and recommended Nan Sheng to Professor Lu. Professor Lu wants to recommend Nan Sheng’s novels to the TV station, and Nan Sheng is very happy to hear it. Professor Su was full of praise.

Seeing this scene peacefully, walked down in despair and went to a tavern alone to drink booze. Ali saw it and walked in. Heping tells about Nansheng’s upcoming work at the TV station, and Ali understands the distress in Heping’s heart and feels comfortable. He believed that the road was chosen by himself and expressed no complaints. Seeing this, Ari encouraged peace and hard work, with a bright future. The two self-made partners toasted each other.

Nansheng returned to the dormitory, and Xiao Xi told the story of peace. Nansheng was surprised and quickly called Peace. Xiaoxi reminded her to stay in the middle of the night, and Nan Sheng had no choice but to stop. Nan Sheng shared with Xiaoxi what was going to the TV station, and Xiaoxi was very happy to stay.

He returned home peacefully, and looked at the empty tent and missed Nan Sheng more. Peace is happy for Nansheng’s growth, but his heart is full of loss. He knows that this is his inferiority complex, and secretly encourages himself to work hard so that he can walk side by side with Nansheng in the future.

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