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The Twin Flower Legend 长相守 Episode 9 Recap

At the same time that Song Minglei and Yu Feiyan obtained the original non-clearing pine mouth and could ask the doctor for Yao Biying, Hua Jinxiu also sent the original non-white place to Yao Linying for Yao Biying. After the diagnosis and treatment, Lin Shenyi discovered that Yao Biying’s body had been infected with the strange poison streamer, and with the assistance of Hua Hibiscus, he forced the strange poison out of his body, and Hua Hibiscus also passed this time, guessing the last time Lin Shenyi The reason why he came back to heal himself was also assigned by Yuan Feibai. The strange poison in Yao Biying’s body was Song Minglei’s last resort to prevent Ming Fengqing from seeking Yao Biying’s revenge for the clan.

The contest is about to take place. Song Minglei of Xiaowuyi only took part in the cultural test. Although Huaxixiu participated in the competition, the practice was not smooth, and Dongying had not yet determined whether to let Yu Feiyan participate. In order to be able to force the five people to have to let go, the original Qingjiang captured the Rongbaotang from the Zuofangfang and Xiaowuyi, etc., and because of the theft of Yuci Yupei by Yao Biying, and wanted to find death, it polluted the auspicious of Ziyuan And want to kill all related people. Upon seeing this, Yao Biying wanted to bear all the blame alone, but Hua Mujin made an agreement with the original Qingjiang that Xiao Wuyi would win the top three in the Wen Wu double test, otherwise Xiao Wuyi would accompany everyone in the handyman workshop to die together .

After returning to the small north house where Yao Biying and Hua Muqiang lived, Hua Mujin made suggestions to everyone’s future training methods. According to Hua Mujin’s plan, everyone really reversed the previous disadvantages and successfully obtained the qualifications for the competition. Yuan Feibai had already seen the original purpose of Qingjiang’s move and sent Han Xiuzhu a special training for Feiyan. Later, Hua Mujin gave his father’s “Jiang Yuan” to his second brother Song Minglei to help him pass the written test smoothly, while the beautiful flowers on the side saw his sister’s life so much as to send his father and mother’s life in a soldier’s book. After giving away, I can’t help but feel very sad. Upon seeing this, Hua Mujin immediately stepped forward to explain his original intention to him, and finally got the understanding of Hua Jinxiu.

In South China, Yu Wang Duan Gang suffers from diabetes, so he wants to use his own land and all his net worth to replace the only son Duan Yuerong who has been raised by the emperor, but he does not want the emperor Duan Guangyi to give Duan Gang a beautiful young beauty Yang Lushui in person. Duan Gang was very embarrassed. Duan Yuerong on the side saw this, in order to relieve his father’s siege, he personally asked the emperor for the woman, and got the emperor’s permission. Before the departure of Duan Yuerong and his father, the emperor personally tested it. Duan Yuerong heard that the emperor was about to go to Dongdu and established commercial relations with Dongting.

Tomorrow is Ziyuan Huiwu, who intersects with Yao Biying’s full of worries, and Hua Mujin believes in the strength of the two brothers and sister. At this moment, Yu Feiyan and Song Minglei came to Xiaobeiwu to visit the two younger sisters. Xiao Wuyi was drinking together before the game. During the banquet, Song Minglei introduced the situation of the four children of the original family and the background of the mother’s family. Hua Mujin heard that Yuan Feibai had broken his leg on horseback. He couldn’t help but doubt that this person was the little son he saved. Later, Song Minglei also mentioned the current situation in North Korea to everyone. Everyone thought that the original family wanted to usurp the throne.

On the way back, Zhang Shimao reminded Song Minglei that as long as he could enter the top three, the original Qingjiang would award the award himself, but it was the best chance to assassinate the original Qingjiang. After not receiving Song Minglei ’s affirmative answer, Zhang Shimao again looked for Yao Biying as Threatening, but not wanting Song Minglei at this time is not afraid.

The official start of the Purple Garden Meeting Martial Arts, Yu Feiyan, Song Minglei and Hua Jinxiu follow the plan of the previous flower Hibiscus, no matter how the rules change, the three of the five Wuyi are united to the outside world. After the initial 13-person melee, Yu Feiyan and Hua Jinxiu both successfully entered the semi-finals, while Song Minglei chose to be eliminated together with Xiang Qin for protecting Hua Jinxiu from being attacked by Xiang Qin. The news came back to the juggernaut, just when everyone was worried about their own destiny, Hua Mu Hiran was still winning.

The rematch started. The first players to play were Yu Feiyan and Yuan Wu, who represented Dongxi Camp. Everything was as expected by Hua Hibiscus. Yu Feiyan really passed the previous competition, tasted the joy of winning, and successfully won the rematch. In the second round, Huajinxiu and Yu Beizhai’s Amir face off.

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