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The Twin Flower Legend 长相守 Episode 8 Recap

In order to heal the injured Yao Biying, Hua Mujin listened to the words of the mistress of the handyman, came to fish for Han Xiuzhu to cure the non-white disease, and the gold kept in the water specifically did not want to be poisonous. Fortunately, Yuan Feiyu, who was born with a pair of red pupils, was rescued. Regarding the display of Hua Hibiscus, Yuan Fei Yu mistakenly believed that she was the one sent by Mrs. Lian to murder herself. Hua Mu Jin explained to her that Yuan Fei Yu accidentally dragged the flower Hibiscus from the tree. Afterwards, Hua Muqin caught another piece of gold and went back to boil a pot of medicine soup for Yao Biying.

After driving Yao Biying away from Li Rui Pavilion, Yuan Fei Yan personally went to Rong Bao Tang to ask Mrs. Lian for a beautiful flower. Although Mrs. Lian promised to let others go, she ordered her to spend her time in Lirui Pavilion, but still loyal to herself. After receiving her promise, she ordered her to leave.

Song Minglei heard that Yao Biying had been stolen and left Lirui Pavilion, and Hua Jinxiu was transferred to Rongbaotang, and she became suspicious of her, but she had no real evidence in her hand, and warned Hua Jinxiu not to betray Xiaowuyi. go away.

Sima Yun suspected that the condition of Yuan Feibai was often repeated recently, and with the assistance of Han Xiuzhu, he inspected the supplies and medicines that were often taken by Yuan Feibai, and found that the problem was actually in the rose essential oil candle.

According to the previous agreement, Hua Jinxiu reported to Liu Yansheng the situation of Li Ruige as scheduled. Unexpectedly, Liu Yansheng violated it again just after reporting to him. Fortunately, Sima Yun and Han Xiuzhu passed by, which not only stopped Liu Yansheng’s viciousness, but also The incident was brought to Mrs. Lien’s Rongbaotang. Seeing that Mrs. Lian at this time was still protecting Liu Yansheng, Sima Yun had to threaten to tell the original Qingjiang, so that Mrs. Lian had to reprimand Liu Yansheng afterwards.

On the way back, Sima Yunping retreated from Han Xiuzhu and promised to Flower Fairview that as long as he was in one day, he would not let anyone hurt the Flower Fairview again. After hearing the promise of Sima Yun, Hua Jinxiu couldn’t help but moved to tears, while Han Xiuzhu on the side took a panoramic view of all this.

In the evening, Hua Muhibin heard that the rouge of Xifengyuan was in full bloom, and wanted to sell it at a discount to buy some supplements for Yao Biying. Who would have expected a group of seven-star cranes in Xifengyuan to be fiercer than wolves. Hua Muqin and Yu Feiyan who came to help were run around by the seven-star crane, but still couldn’t escape the seven-star crane’s mad chase. Fortunately, Han Xiuzhu arrived at the news and stopped the seven-star cranes in time. Afterwards, the two were brought to Sima Yun to be inquired. He heard that the flower hibiscus not only stole the plum blossoms in Xifengyuan today, but also stolen the precious gold a few days ago. Do not want to embarrass the two, just want to leave the flower hibiscus to take care of plum. Worried about Yao Biying, who is still ill, Hua Mujin promised to let the rouge plum blossom in full, in exchange for the opportunity for Yao Biying to receive medical treatment.

Yu Feiyan and Hua Mujin returned to the Zaofang Square, and at the door they met Song Minglei, who came to deliver some medicines and food for Yao Biying. The three of them talked and laughed, and all the words were spoken by Yao Biying in the house and Ming Feng hiding in the beam. Qing heard it.

Origin Qingjiang wanted to select the best from the East-West Camp Competition to participate in the martial arts selection. Yuan Feiyan and Yuan Feiyu heard that they were all eager to try. When the original Qingjiang saw this, he allowed the children of the Yuan family to send someone to participate. Looking at the entire Xiying, Song Minglei won the ticket, but for the future of his sister and Song Minglei, the original Qingjiang still decided to leave Song Minglei in the original house and only participate in the cultural test. After hearing about Yuan Feiyan, he immediately found his brother and threatened Song Minglei to participate in the role of Li Ruige. In desperation, Yuan Feiqing informed his sister of his pains.

Since Yao Biying moved to the junk workshop, Hua Mujin not only took care of her body, but also kept the two people’s houses organized. This time it was for her. She repeatedly refused to leave the junk workshop and went to the west. Fengyuan’s chance, this can’t help but make Hua Jinxiu full of worry for the future of flower hibiscus, and therefore the two sisters quarreled. Han Xiuzhu heard that Hua Muqin was not only Hua Bin’s daughter, who possessed the wisdom of the world, but also after such a sentimental balance, she couldn’t help but make a determination to help Yuan Feibai get the girl.

After seeing that he had become the burden of Xiao Wuyi, Yao Biying chose not to drag four people, so he chose to die by himself. Fortunately, the discovery of Hua Mujin was timely. With the help of everyone in the miscellaneous workshop, Yao Biying was removed from the river. Beg. Later, Song Minglei and Yu Feiyan went to the former non-smoking office for help, and Hua Jinxiu found Sima Yun for help because of self-blame.

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