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The Twin Flower Legend 长相守 Episode 13 Recap

In order to remove Xiaowuyi, Mrs. Lian and Liu Yansheng first set off against the flowers Muqin and Yao Biying who stayed in Fufu. Facing Mrs. Lian ’s mischief, Hua Muqin denied it, but she was pulled out by Mrs. The weak Yao Biying had no choice but to prove the innocence of the flower hibiscus by death. Fortunately, the first painting requested Yuan Feiyu to send Guo Erren before saving Yao Biying from the dead gate. In the face of Guo Erren’s question, Liu Yansheng’s strategy was full of loopholes, and even his wife had ordered Liu Yansheng to use force against Guo Erren.

However, his own martial arts were not Guo Erren’s opponents. In desperation, Liu Yansheng had to use a hidden weapon to injure him. Guoerren. Just when Guo Erren was in danger, fortunately, Han Xiuzhu arrived at the news with Lin Shenyi in time. Not only did Liu Yansheng subdue, but Guo Erren had not healed the wound. Subsequently, under the confirmation of both Han Xiuzhu and Lin Shenyi, Mrs. Lian and Liu Yansheng had no choice but to admit their plants, and let everyone take Hua Mu Hiang and Yao Biying for the time being.

After leaving Rongbaotang, Han Xiuzhu and Guo Erren ordered Hua Mu Hiran and Yao Biying to be brought back by their masters. After deliberation, they decided to bring one back each. The original non-Yu Jianguerren brought back the flower hibiscus, although it was a bit lost, but for the flower hibiscus, also willing to take care of her sister sincerely.

After returning to the original Qingjiang House, after hearing what Mrs. Lian and Liu Yansheng did, after all, it was intolerable, and sent Mrs. Lian to the East Capital for labor, and deprived Mrs. Lian of the housekeeper’s right, and gave it to Shi Qingpei.

When Hua Jinxiu returned to Yuan Mansion, she heard that her sister was beaten and injured again by Mrs. Lian, and immediately rushed to visit Xifengyuan. Song Minglei also asked the original Qingjiang to lift Yuan Feiyan from the ban, and immediately rushed to Yubei. Zhai paid a visit and wanted to take Yao Biying away, but after hearing Guo Erren’s persuasion, he decided to give up for the time being.

The real person of Jin Gu sees that if he is going to oscillate today, the five sons have their ups and downs, but it is the best time to let go down the mountain together, and they will be expelled from the division on the ground that they are too heavy to hold their bodies. The original Qingjiang heard the news, in order to gather the six sons of the country, he sent people to search for Qifang.

After Hua Jinxiu saw that she had returned to Ziyuan, Liu Yansheng was still entangled in herself, and she wanted to take advantage of the original Qingjiang to send her soup, and asked the original Qingjiang to transfer herself from Rongbaotang, but did not get the original Qingjiang ’s reply.

On the other side, after Yuan Feiyan lifted the ban, under the persuasion of his brother, he had put down his misunderstanding of Song Minglei, but at this time Song Minglei completely demarcated it from her in order not to give her any non-divided thoughts.

Yuan Feiyu has not seen Hua Hibiscus recently, and she missed it so much that she did n’t even want to eat tea, but she did n’t want to. At this time, Yao Biying gave Song Bilei the ginseng health pills given to Yao Biying before taking Song Minglei However, after the old disease relapsed, Guo Erren became suspicious of this medicine after he got the pulse.

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