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The Twin Flower Legend 长相守 Episode 12 Recap

Hua Muqin left with the gadfly happily, but on the way back, he met the original family’s son, Yuan Wu. Yuan Wujian Hua Muqin held the gadfly in his hands, and asked Hua Muqin for some gadfly for his sister who also had blood stasis. The flower hibiscus gave him some gadfly because of his poor sister Wu Yuan.

Fair splendid happened to hear that the original Qingjiang was preparing to lead his troops to Beijing, and wanted to take the opportunity to completely get rid of Liu Yansheng’s devil’s claws. At this time, Song Minglei also received an order to go to Beijing with the original Qingjiang, and therefore went to Xiaobeiwu with Hua Mujin and Yao Biying. Compared to Yao Biying ’s worry, Hua Mulei was full of information about Song Minglei ’s trip and gave Its advice. During the talk, the flower splendid also came to Xiaobeiwu to resign. Unlike the flower splendid who wanted to stand out, the flower hibiscus only hoped everyone would be at peace.

On the day of the martial arts selection, Princess Gui saw that the emperor had been staring at the ring, and after giving the emperor poisonous wine to the emperor, she lied that she had some heatstroke and was unwell and left early. Just after Gui Fei left, Yongchuan Hou, under Dou Yinghua’s suggestion, gave orders to the killers on the field, everyone immediately stopped the competition and cut all the swords in his hands to the emperor.

At the time of the crisis, Yu Feiyan and Yuan Feiqing were firmly guarded by the emperor, fighting back against the killers of Dou Yinghua and Zhang Shixian. Later, Song Minglei led the original avant-garde army and the original dark man to the palace, and finally, the original Qingjiang He then arrived with a large group of people, not only saved the emperor safely, but also defeated Zhang Shixian and Dou Yinghua’s men.

At a critical juncture, Dou Yinghua saved his life, not only handed Zhang Shixian, gave his emperor’s head salaries to the emperor, but also persuaded the four princes, Xuan Fuyu, to bring down all the guilt to Zhang Guifei and Zhang Shixian. Although the emperor knew in his heart that today ’s events must be related to Dou Yinghua, in order to check and balance the original Qingjiang, he chose to endure. After exterminating the Zhang family, he released the three imperial princes who were being imprisoned, and rescued today. The meritorious scholars rewarded the Qingjiang as Jinwu An Gong, the former Fei Qing and Princess Shuqi were married with the prince’s gift, Jin Feng Dou Yinghuai Huaiyang Gong, Pan Zhengyue was General Xiaoqi, and Yu Feiyan was specially set up For this time, Wu Zhuangyuan was conferred as General Siwei Wuwei. Pan Zhengyue saw this, in order not to let the original Qingjiang get what he wanted, he recommended Yu Feiyan to the emperor as the Feiqi school captain, and led the Tianwei army with 5,000 people to defend Yuezhou against Wu Yue. This ca n’t help but have no battlefield experience. As for the danger, Feiyan did not expect the emperor to grant Pan Zhengyue’s recommendation. Yu Feiyan could only promise to use his merits to repay Pan Zhengyue’s recommendation.

In the Purple Garden, Liu Yansheng reported the events of the Eastern Capital to Mrs. Lian, and encouraged Mrs. Lian to remove Xiaowuyi as soon as possible, so as to break the arm of Dongxiying. Later, Mrs. Lian summoned Hua Hibiscus and Yao Biying to Rongbaotang for allegedly murdering the fetus in her belly. Faced with the accusations of Mrs. Lien and Liu Yansheng, Hua Mujin and Yao Biying denied that Liu Yansheng not only severely punished the original force, but also ordered Huaian to conduct a search of Xiaobeiwu.

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