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The Twin Flower Legend 长相守 Episode 11 Recap

Song Minglei received Zhang Shimao’s threats and had to come to Li Rui Pavilion as scheduled, but he didn’t want the conversation between Yuan Feiyan and Song Minglei to be heard by Shi Qingpei during the day. Shi Qingpei saw that the whole family had hundreds of lives and told the original Qingjiang . Just when Yuan Feiyan wanted to commit to Song Minglei, ruined his innocence, and could defy the decree, Yuan Qingjiang arrived with his men in time to prevent her daughter’s stupid behavior. In order to make Yuan Feiyan completely stubborn to Song Minglei, the original Qingjiang had to deceive her daughter that Song Minglei had reported to her in advance, and she would arrive in time in time.

As a result of compensation, the original Qingjiang not only promoted Song Minglei to be a servant, but also gave it to him. His independent courtyard, while Yuan Feiyan was placed under house arrest in Lirui Pavilion by his father, all his maids were dismissed, and the flower splendid by him had to return to Rongbaotang again. Afterwards, Yuan Feiqing went to Song Minglei and asked her sister Yuan Feiyan for an explanation. After hearing Song Minglei’s pains, she had no choice but to leave.

The imperial city of East Capital, in order to be able to go out to the queen as soon as possible, and conquer the throne for her son, the four princes, after the emperor’s nightmare, led the emperor to believe that someone had used the witchcraft in the imperial palace and wanted to murder him. Immediately, the emperor sent someone to search the entire palace, and because he found a puppet with the character of the emperor ’s birthday in the queen ’s bedroom, he not only immediately hanged the queen and hanged him, he also imprisoned the three emperor Xuan, and also this The government copied the house, depriving the original Qingjiang of his right to preside over the martial arts selection.

After the news reached Ziyuan, Mrs. Lian couldn’t bear the blow for a while, but couldn’t afford to fall ill. The original Qingjiang listened to Song Minglei’s suggestion and took the opportunity to declare that he had been staying in Ziyuan recently to take care of his wife, but secretly planned to return to Beijing at any time to save the drive.

Since the last time the flower hibiscus saved Yuan Feiyu, Yuan Feiyu had a lot of affection for the flower hibiscus, soaking in the junk workshop every day and guarding the flower hibiscus, but the helpless master Guo Erren looked at the flower hibiscus’ behavior When she came out and pooled the objects, she restricted Yuan Feiyu’s contact with Hua Muhibi, but she was rejected by Yuan Feiyu.

Yuan Feiqing was instructed to lead Yu Feiyan into Beijing to take Wu Zhuangyuan the same day, Hua Mujin sent his shoes that he had made overnight to Feiyan before he set off and delivered it to him. Yu Feiyan was very moved and promised to make a decision Will do my best to stand out in order to protect the younger brother and sister.

After Yu Feiyan left, Hua Jinxiu learned from Xiangqin’s mouth that the original non-smoke was under house arrest, and was demobilized back to Rongbaotang, all thanks to Song Minglei. During the Wuyi dinner, there was a direct quarrel with Song Minglei, and he was scolded by her sister for this. Later, the glorious flower splendid came again under the tree that met Sima Yun, but no matter how she expected, Sima Yun still did not appear again, but I did not know that he had been guarding himself in the pavilion opposite.

Yao Biying was irritated from the words of the beautiful flower, and could not afford another illness. After the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment, he needed a blind gadfly as a drug. However, because the gadfly is toxic, none of the drugstores in the city had this medicine. In desperation, the flower hibiscus had to go to Ziyuan Medical Center to obtain it, but the medicine in Ziyuan Medical Center was only provided to Yuan’s son and young lady. In order to be able to ask the doctor to sell himself a few gadfly, the flower hibiscus had to be in the sun Can’t afford to kneel.

Xie Sanniang went to the hospital to take medicine for Yuanfeibai. When she saw that Huamu was troubled by the doctor and had to kneel under the scorching sun, she told Yuanfeibai about it. He fainted because of heat stroke. It was not plain sight, and immediately asked Lin Shenyi to treat the flower hibiscus, and ordered the doctor to give all the gadfly in the medical hall to the flower hibiscus. With a lot of gratitude and gratitude to Lin Shenhua, Hua Mujin left happily, and it was not Bai who walked out of the curtain with confidence.

Yuan Feiqing and Yu Feiyan and others came to Dongdu, but they met all the people who came to refer to Wu Zhuangyuan. They were met with poisonous hands by Dou Yinghua, and after being replaced by his killer, they could n’t help but guess that Dou Yinghua and others were planning Forced palace.

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