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The Twin Flower Legend 长相守 Episode 10 Recap

Ziyuan meets martial arts, and Yu Feiyan and Hua Jinxiu fought fiercely, and finally entered the martial arts finals. After that, the final officially started. After a fierce fight, Yu Feiyan did not hurt the flowers, but she cut off her weapons, making it impossible to continue the fight. In fact, the victory and defeat have been divided, but the sidelines are not smoke. He insisted on not accepting defeat, but proposed to let Huajinxiu exchange his weapons to continue the competition. A girl who can’t pass the beautiful white flowers is able to surpass many levels. It’s not easy to fight at this moment. The original Qingjiang listened to his son’s opinion and ordered Feiyan and Huajinxiu to be the double one in Ziyuan.

The Purple Garden martial arts test has been completed, and the official test has officially started. As expected, the test questions for the cultural test are just like the strategy of Hua Mujin. After reading Hua Bin’s “Jiang Yuan”, Song Minglei wrote a pen and wrote an essay, but he angered the original Qingjiang completely because of the admiration of the original Qingjiang in the text. Yuan Feiqing fought for an opportunity for explanation. Song Minglei used his three-inch tongue to thoroughly persuade the original Qingjiang to win the first place in this cultural test.

After the competition, the former Qingjiang rewarded the top three in this competition. Yu Feiyan obtained the qualification to enter Beijing as a reference champion. Song Minglei invested in the former Qingjiang and became a strategist. Hundred and two of the rewards, half of them were given to the parsley that wanted to murder themselves.

Subsequently, the original Qingjiang sent people to investigate the reason why Xiao Wuyi obtained the top three, and learned that everything came from the plan of Hua Muhibin, and couldn’t help but look at the strange woman, the head of the six sons.

Several families were happy and some were sad. After Mrs. Lian in the Rong Baotang heard that Yuan Feiyan had helped Yuan Feiqing to manage Xiying in an orderly manner, before Liu Yansheng’s persuasion, she understood the idea of ​​marrying Yuan Feiyan. I wrote a letter to my sister who was a queen.

In the evening, everyone in the junk workshop held a grand celebration feast for Xiaowuyi. Just when everyone was happy for today’s achievements, Huajinxiu was not willing to work hard to be the best, but he was still a senior. Samurai Ji, and although her sister is brilliant, she still has to work in a handyman’s workshop and is unhappy. Later, the flower splendid came to the tree where she and Sima Yun met, and seeing that she had hung a red rope of a tree, the lovesickness in the flower splendid heart was even more widespread.

Even the queen received a letter from her sister, and she started Zhang Luo’s marriage for the original non-smoke. After hearing the proposal of Queen Lian, the emperor seemed to agree with it on the surface, but actually had his own plan.

In this event, the original Qingjiang received the decree from the emperor to marry Yuan Feiyan and the four princes Xuan Fuyu, and then informed Yuan Feiyan of the matter. Yuan Feiyan complained about Yuan Fei’s partiality to Yuan Feibai, and he complained to Yuan Feibai and Xie Meixiang, who had already passed away, and then angered Yuan Qingjiang, and almost slapped him.

Another year when the cherry blossoms were blooming, Hua Mu Hiran and everyone in the junkyard went to play in the garden, but they happened to meet Yuan Feiyu and Yuan Feibai who had passed by since then. Everyone saw that Yuan Feiyu had to return to the distant Hunyue Kingdom with him because of fear of being caught in his phase, and they all avoided him.

Yuan Feiyu found out that the woman was the one who stole the gold on the same day according to the Huaihua fragrance on Hua Mujin’s body, and Hua Mujin was sorry for Yuan Fei Yu’s serious eye disease because of an accident. Seeing that it was not white, he couldn’t help but leave in a sad mood. Subsequently, Hua Mujin saw Yuan Feiyu who suddenly collapsed and brought him back to Xiaobeiyuan. When Yuan Feiyu just woke up, he was taken away by his master, Guo Erren, and he was not allowed to contact Hua Mujin and others again.

Zhang Shimao, who has been responsible for monitoring Song Minglei, used Yao Biying to threaten Song Minglei to go to the original non-smoking agreement.

Yuan Feiyan told Song Minglei about his marriage to the four princes, and described his love for him. He hoped that Song Minglei could form a small family with himself, but Song Minglei refused. But the original non-smoke at this time is not stubborn, and I still hope to come to Lirui Ge tonight.

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