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Love Designer 幸福触手可及 Episode 3 Recap

Shen Di and Song Luo were at the same table, and there was a conflict just after they met. Shen Di told the teacher of Song Luo ’s appearance, which made her look down on Shen Di. During the class, Song Luo saw Shen Di drinking water. I deliberately touched him and spilled water all over him. Ling Xi is a study committee member in the class. After seeing this scene, she handed Shen Di a tissue so that he could ask her for help if anything happened. She also persuaded Shen Di to be at the same table with her, but she was rejected by Shen Di. When Song Luo came back, she saw Ling Xi sitting in her position and drove Ling Xi away angrily, and then began to threaten Shen Di to adjust her seat quickly, otherwise it would make him look good.

Song Rin received a call from the school and learned that Song Luo was fighting at the school. He had to go to the school to deal with it. It happened that Zhou Fang learned that Shen Di was beaten and rushed to the school. Seeing Song Luo hurt Shen Di, he was kind. Accused Song Luolai. When Song Rin came, he just saw Zhou Fang forced Song Luo to tell his parents’ phone number. At first he was a little angry, but when he heard that Song Luo used people outside the school to threaten Shen Di to change his seat, he insisted that Song Luo pay Shen Di Apologize, but Song Luo didn’t listen to him and turned to leave the classroom. Shen Di didn’t want to pursue Song Luo’s beatings anymore. Zhou Fang took him to the medical office to deal with the wound. When Shen Di had something to tell her, don’t Hold yourself in your heart.

Zhou Fang was called by Song Rong when he came out of the infirmary, apologizing to Zhou Fang for Song Luo’s affairs, and questioning Zhou Fang’s repayment, Zhou Fang apologized for hurting Song Rong’s brother and sister by what he just said, and then explained those The money was for her meals and accommodation on the island, as well as the cost of her mobile phone, which she said never owed to Song Rong. Before leaving, Zhou Fang reminded Song Rin that the discipline of Song Luo was too strict, which would cause rebellious psychology, but Song Rin felt that she was nagging. Zuo Yulin wanted to invite Qin Qing to dinner. Qin Qing wanted to order some expensive things to scare Zuo Yulin, but she did n’t expect that she just found the order and found Wang Zeyang, Wang Zeyang was talking about business, Qin Qing went directly Trouble, claiming that Wang Zeyang is a fraudster, not only swindled the company’s money to harm the partners, but also cheated his fiance, and directly disturbed Wang Zeyang’s contract. Wang Zeyang was angry and wanted to fight Qin Qing, but was stopped by Zuo Yulin. .

Qin Qing asked Zuo Yulin to cut off Wang Zeyang, and then told Zhou Fang. Zhou Fang wanted to ask Wang Zeyang about the plagiarism of the design draft, but it did n’t work for a long time, so she called and asked Song Rong to press Wang Zeyang herself. . After seeing Wang Zeyang, Song Rong asked him to plagiarize, and Wang Zeyang begged hard, but Song Rong didn’t talk about it at all. Wang Zeyang said that he would talk to Zhou Fang separately. When Song Rin came out to call Zhou Fang, he recorded Zhou Fang’s mobile phone and Zhou Fang immediately understood his intentions. After seeing Zhou Fang entering the house, Wang Zeyang immediately knelt down and apologized to her, begging Zhou Fang to forgive him again, Wanting to reunit with her, Zhou Fang shook his hand away, saying that the two were impossible, and Wang Zeyang begged her to ask Song Rong to let him go. Zhou Fang kindly persuaded Wang Zeyang to tell all the truth, but Wang Zeyang was particularly hesitant, because there are so many complicated relationships in it that he couldn’t say it so easily, fearing that he would not be guaranteed.

Shen Di helped Song Luo to solve his homework and made Song Luo change his view on him. Song Rin, because he persuaded Song Luo to be invalid several times, reflected on what Zhou Fang said to him, changed his attitude towards Song Luo, treated Song Luo patiently and equally, and gave Song Luo Music Festival tickets, making Song Luo feel a little surprised . Song Luo asked Song Rong what conditions he had. Song Rong told Song Luo his reflective thoughts truthfully, and apologized for the harshness before, just wanting to get along with Song Luo in the future. Song Luo could n’t believe Song Rin ’s change, but she still wanted to go to the concert. After Song Luo received the ticket, Song Rin made a small request to Song Luo to let Song Luo add his WeChat Don’t delete it anymore, Song Luo accepted this condition with great pleasure.

Song Luo was in a particularly good mood because Song Rin wanted to accompany her to the music festival. She also bought a lot of clothes for Song Rin, but she did not expect Song Rong to receive an emergency call. To deal with this matter. Song Luo learned that Song Rin had to go back to his words and throw away his clothes angrily. He didn’t want to care about Song Rin anymore. Song Rong was also helpless. He flew to Japan to discuss cooperation, and took unconventional means to make the partners feel his Means and attitudes.

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