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Don’t Want to be Friends with You 我才不要和你做朋友呢 Episode 8 Recap

Wu Zhixun knew that Li Qingtong had studied all night, and lied that Li Qingtong was sick. The teacher didn’t say anything, let Li Qingtong rest first, and went to the infirmary when he felt uncomfortable. After class, Wu Zhixun asked the teacher to apologize and said that Li Qingtong did study all night last night. Teacher Liu actually noticed it, and asked Wu Zhixun to tell Li Qingtong that learning must be methodical. After school, Wu Zhixun wants to make up lessons for Li Qingtong. If she is too sleepy, let her go back first and take her test papers back for analysis.

Mother Wu came to deliver milk to Wu Zhixun and saw him reading other people’s test papers. Mother Wu told Dad Wu and said that when she saw many crosses on the test paper, she was not a good student. Father Wu was going to find Wu Zhixun, and Mother Wu stopped him and told him to inquire clearly. Wu Zhixun analyzes the test papers for Li Qingtong and will make a study plan for her. If she does not make progress in the next exam, she will quit. Li Qingtong promised to make progress.

Unexpectedly, Li Qingtong would only score fifteen points in the next exam, she couldn’t believe it herself. Teacher Wu concluded in class that only Wang Xiaomin and Fan Shuishui’s grades fell. Teacher Wu asked Wu Zhixun to take Wang Xiaomin and Li Jincheng to help Li Qingtong. Duan Xiao and Li Jincheng both opposed, and Lin Xuewei mocked them for being inseparable. Wu Zhixun said that he would quit. He couldn’t teach others, and he also affected his own grades.

Teacher Wu asked him to talk to himself after class. Li Jincheng came to Wu Zhixun, and Wu Zhixun said that he had done his best, and Li Jincheng couldn’t help it. Li Qingtong apologized to Wu Zhixun, but Wu Zhixun said it was his problem. None of them knew, Wu Zhixun secretly made a study plan for Li Qingtong after returning. Li Wusi heard from a colleague that someone had seen Dahua’s mother in Shenzhen, Liu Fengxia wanted to ask Li Chenggai. Li Wusi felt that the child was in trouble and would not want to say it, but Liu Fengxia insisted on talking with Dahua’s mother on the phone. rest assured. Liu Fengxia said that Dahua’s mother had returned to China.

Li Chenggong quickly said that she had gone back to work and went back. Liu Fengxia asked to call, but Li Chenggong could only agree. Li Chenggong called Li Qingtong and made up a story, saying that she came back because she didn’t want to live with her mother and stepdad. Now she has to find a way to fool Liu Fengxia and the others. Li Qingtong called Wang Xiaomin to discuss with them, and Duan Xiao said he could find someone. Duan Xiao found the waiter in the bathhouse, asked her to pretend to be, invited her to eat and gave her things.

The waiter agreed, called the Li family, and read the manuscript prepared by Duan Xiao. Li Wusi answered the phone, feeling relieved. Unexpectedly, Chen Junhe heard the waiter call. Li May 4 and the others went to the market. They saw that Wang Xiaomin had won the big prize. Li May 4 also went to draw. Unexpectedly, they won 30 pieces of soap, which made Liu Fengxia very depressed. Li Chengjin came to Duan Xiao’s family for dinner. Sister Mudan looked at her very happy and said that she had always wanted a daughter and asked her to recognize Duan Xiao as her brother.

Duan Xiao strongly opposed it. Duan Xiao thought that Li Cheng’s stepdad would not treat her Okay, let her stay here. Duan Xiao said that his father was stationed at Mohe, and he would have the opportunity to take Li to progress in the future. Li Qingtong came to the library to find Wu Zhixun, but Wu Zhixun ignored her. Fan Shuishui saw Li Qingtong and felt that she was here to chase someone, so Li Qingtong hurried her away. Wu Zhixun proposed to counsel Li Qingtong with conditions, and Li Qingtong asked him to mention it.

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