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My Dear Destiny 亲爱的义祁君 Episode 2 Recap

Mi Qiqi jumped into the lake to find the body.

Mi Qiqi wanted to break away from Ugli’s body. After careful consideration, she guessed that as long as she returned to Ugli’s place, she might have a chance to get away from Ugli’s body.

Lu Ao secretly sent a confidant to follow Mi Qiqi to investigate the cause of Mi Qiqi’s resurrection. He followed Mi Qiqi to the lake at night and witnessed Mi Qiqi jump into the lake. A servant heard the sound of water and rushed to the lake, staring at Mi Qiqi climbing up from the lake in surprise.

When Mi Qiqi returned to shore, he was very frustrated and broke away from his ugly and clear body. Just when she was frowning, an old man with white hair and white beard pulled her under the eaves, spouting herself with alcohol, claiming that she was Luo Jiuchen and was Si Tianjian. Mi Qiqi looked at Luo Jiuchen, who was drunk and talking, and gradually realized the mysterious secrets of all the gods in the palace, all strange and strange.

Lu Ao explored the movement of Mi Qiqi to the confidant who returned to life, and he confirmed that he had witnessed Mi Qiqi jumping into the lake. Lv Aohuan retreated, his brother Lu Che suddenly came to visit, the two brothers met, and talked happily.

Mi Qiqi traced his eyebrows in the house and painted his face into a big face, feeling good about himself, and attracted a group of people who could not help but endure. Mi Qiqi went to Lv Ao’s residence with his escort and met Lv Che on the road.

Lu Che was born like a crown jade, and his face was not under his brother Lu Ao. Mi Qiqi vaguely saw Lu Che’s true appearance through the veil, and was suddenly intoxicated.

Difficult to hold. Through the veil that was blown by the wind, Lu Che saw Mi Qiqi painted as a big flower face, and a trace of disappointment suddenly appeared on his face. Unsightly.

Lu Ao entered the room to test the details of Mi Qiqi, and asked if Mi Qiqi remembered other things after the lake was rescued. Mi Qiqi was confused, saying that he forgot his experience before falling into the lake.

Ugly Qingli not only resurrected her life, but also gained a beautiful face. The princess was jealous and decided to meet Ugly Qingli and find out why Ugly Qingli became beautiful.

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