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Love Designer 幸福触手可及 Episode 2 Recap

Song Rin is thoroughly checking the imitation clothes of the April brand clothing sold on the website, but because the security of the imitation factory is particularly strict, his Chen Chen ca n’t help him understand the actual situation, so he brought a new one. The intern Zuo Yulin came into the factory, and Chen Chen and Zuo Yulin entered the factory. They finally got two fakes, but they were beaten for the two clothes. Song Rin let Zuo Yulin leave, and then took Chen Chen to find a lawyer, and this lawyer happened to be the lawyer Shen Yuan that Zhou Fang was looking for. He also heard Zhou Fang’s name in Shen Yuan, only because it was related to client confidentiality. The lawyer couldn’t tell him much.

Qin Qing was so deceived by Wang Zeyang because of Zhou Fang. He kept nagging Zhou Fang all the way. Zhou Fang blamed Qin Qing for this. Like his mother Li Ruhui, she didn’t expect her mother to call. Zhou Fang did n’t know how to tell his parents that he was cheated. Qin Qing asked Zhou Fang to say something softly, but Zhou Fang would n’t talk like that, he could only ask Qin Qing to help her. When eating, Li Ruhui asked why Wang Zeyang did n’t come. At dinner, Zhou Fang and Qin Qing pushed back and forth, not knowing how to answer. Li Ruhui saw that Zhou Fang and Qin Qing had something to hide, forcing them to tell the truth. Zhou Fang had to tell the truth. Qin Qing interjected and mentioned Wang Zeyang ’s money, and Li Ruhui learned that his blood pressure suddenly burst. Qin Qing and Zhou Fang immediately took the medicine box for treatment.

Zhou Fang and Qin Qing checked all the company’s contracts overnight and found that there was an order that was only signed. Zhou Fang immediately called the factory to ask if this order could be shipped smoothly. Zhou Fang found Wang Zeyang had a leaky fish In a particularly good mood, she thought that she could finally make a big difference and become her own independent brand, but she didn’t expect that she received the lawyer’s letter from Shen Yuan early the next morning. Shen Yuan is a lawyer for Song Rin. Because Zhou Fang produces imitation April brand clothing, he had to send a lawyer letter to Zhou Fang. Song Rong did not know about Zhou Fang, but he knew Zhou Fang last time. Unpleasant, and Zhou Fang’s production of imitations made him dislike Zhou Fang, making Shen Yuan have to go through legal procedures normally.

Qin Qing took Zhou Fang to find Shen Yuan. With her friendship with Shen Yuan, Shen Yuan was forced to contact Song Rong so that Zhou Fang could talk to Song Rong in person. Song Rin received a call from Shen Yuan and promised to think about it. Zhou Fang grabbed his cell phone and introduced himself, but Song Rin did not change his mind because of this. Zhou Fang had no way to block Song Rong directly. Zhou Fang explained to Song Rin that the fake design draft was obtained by her ex-boyfriend, and she did not know what was going on, but her ex-boyfriend had already cleared the relationship with the company when she left, so she could only carry it by herself Company things. Zhou Fang wanted to be private with Song Rin, so Song Rong Tongrong should not sue her, but Song Rong did not agree, and accused Zhou Fang of not taking it. Qin Qing was dissatisfied that Song Rong said Zhou Fang, and explained to Song Rong for Zhou Fang, but Song Rong did not listen at all.

Zhou Fang was awakened in a nightmare. At this time, Director Wang called. Director Wang could not reproduce the orders of Zhou Fang because of the lawsuit between Zhou Fang and Wan Feng Group. She couldn’t afford the fines for late delivery. She could only find Director Wang to find a way. Director Wang couldn’t agree. Zhou Fang had to take the unproduced fabric back to the company and plan to borrow the fabric to sell some other finished products. According to his own design, Zhou Fang made a set of samples to find Qi boss all night, hoping that boss Qi would understand her difficulties and let her change the sample delivery. While Boss Qi was hesitating, Mrs. Qi initiated her temper because the dress was too ugly. Zhou Fang took out a dress she designed for Mrs. Qi and wanted to help her make a dress suitable for her. Mr. Qi promised Zhou Fang, as long as Mrs. Qi was satisfied, he would accept the finished products of all the sample clothing delivered next week.

Zuo Yulin finally found the courage to go to Qin Qing, but when he arrived at the door, he still dared not ring the doorbell, so he called Qin Qing. Qin Qing didn’t want to get caught in Zuo Yulin’s entanglement and lied that she was drinking in a bar, but she didn’t expect Zuo Yulin to be in front of her house just after hanging up the phone and trying to go out for a run. Zuo Yulin did not want to miss Qin Qing. When Qin Qing wanted to leave, he seized the opportunity to confess to Qin Qing, indicating that although he had no money and had just found a job, he liked Qin Qing very much and wanted to pursue Qin Qing. Although Qing Zuo Yulin talked verbosely, Qin Qing gave Zuo Yulin the opportunity to meet again the next day.

Song Rong still took Zhou Fang to court, because of infringement, Zhou Fang had to compensate Wan Feng Group for 1.8 million, which made Zhou Fang who received the verdict very helpless, but had no choice but to go back and work harder. Make money. After a few days of work, Zhou Fang finally completed the dress for Mrs. Qi, and Mrs. Qi was also very satisfied. Qin Qing also specially designed a platinum ring for Mrs. Qi to celebrate their anniversary. My wife is very happy.

Song Rin took the materials of other 27 plagiarized factories to find Shen Yuan to solve the problem, and Shen Yuan was unfair for Zhou Fang, complaining that Song Rong was too cruel to sue Zhou Fang. At the same time Shen Yuan complained, he made Zhou Fang a few nights to make clothes to save the list of products that had been discontinued, but he did not know the inside story and could not tell Song Rong about Zhou Fang ’s design ability, because he did not let Song Rong right Zhou Fang changed his outlook. Zhou Fang soon paid 1.8 million in compensation to Wan Feng Group, and also paid back the money owed to Song Rin last time.

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