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Intense Love 韫色过浓 Episode 21 Recap

Su Huangbei heard Gao Zitong telling herself and Xu Jiawei’s past. She understood that Gao Zitong had always had a deep affection for Xu Jiawei. She decided to forgive Gao Zitong for all the bad things she had done to herself. And persuaded Gao Zitong, there is no reason for feelings. If she can go to the end with Xu Jiawei, it is a fate. If there is no result, you do n’t have to be sad. As long as you love yourself, Gao Zitong will be able to reap her own love Willing to treat Gao Zitong as a friend and face everything with her. Gao Zitong was moved by Su Guanbei’s sincerity and shed tears.

Wu Di learned of Su Huangbei’s attitude towards Gao Zitong, and was very pleased to say that in such a complex performing arts circle, there are rare people like Su Huangbei who are simple and kind. Su Huangbei laughed happily, saying that he didn’t want to learn from those who are at odds. He kept his innocence and self-bestness for the sake of his superiors who stepped on others. Xu Jiawei, who was temporarily idle, stayed at home and found traces of Zhou Suying everywhere in the room. In the refrigerator, she prepared cold drinks for herself, and also carefully left notes, which helped sleep. These details brought Xu Jiawei back to the situation when he was interacting with Zhou Suying. He couldn’t help but think of Zhou Suying.

Unexpectedly, Xu Jiawei found that he was struggling to find the missing son everywhere. It was Zhou Suying, and he was very excited, but he still could not find Zhou Suying, so he simply posted a tracing video on the Internet. Zhou Suying, who is playing games in an internet cafe, was very moved when she saw the video, but she was not sure how much Xu Jiawei had feelings for herself, but just hoped that he could get out of the trough of life and career as soon as possible. Xu Jiawei found the Internet cafe where Zhou Suying was located by his ID address. He hurriedly drove to it, but after that, he found that Zhou Suying had left.

Zhou Shiyun’s academic research won an award. Everyone congratulated him. Su Yunbei was also determined to hit the new character “Future Female Warrior” and was determined to win the award. Only in this way can he match Zhou Shiyun’s talents. However, the director of this new play is notoriously demanding, and has very high requirements for the role. In addition, the heroine plays a lot in the play, which is particularly difficult. But Su Huangbei’s idea was fixed, and Wu Di could not persuade him. Gao Zitong also wanted to use this role to restore the defeat. She had calmed her mind and decided to compete fairly with Su Huangbei. then. The two began devil-like training. They were exhausted every day. Fortunately, the doctor responsible for the medical assistance of the crew was Zhou Shiyun. Apart from the training, the two people could have a sweet interaction from time to time.

After intensive training, both of them were in a good state and were well received by the director. Gao Zitong also ate with the director under the company’s arrangement. In order to make Su Yunbei get the role more smoothly, Zhou Shiyun contacted his friends in the acting circle, but he thought that Su Yunbei would not agree to walk through the back door for her, so he didn’t start the matter in front of his friends, but did not know All this was taken by the reporter in the dark.

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