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Intense Love 韫色过浓 Episode 20 Recap

This night, many people cannot sleep. Zhou Suying repeatedly tossed and fell asleep was worried for Xu Jiawei, and Xu Jiawei himself was frustrated by being treated unfairly by the company. His insomnia became more serious, so he found the recording that Zhou Suying sent to himself and heard it. Therefore, he thought of Zhou Suying’s innocent smile and couldn’t help smiling. Zhou Suying slumped after turning around, but unexpectedly had a nightmare. She dreamed that Xu Jiawei was seriously injured and was unconscious. She woke up with a nightmare and thought for a long time, so she hurriedly packed her bags to go back to her hometown. Zhou Shiyun didn’t know what she was going to do when she learned that, so she was confused.

Su Huangbei and Zhou Shiyun took a sweet interactive photo together in the bookstore, which was photographed by fans and posted on the Internet. The company has quite a whisper about this, thinking that Su Huangbei has now completely subverted the previous pure jade girl, which is not conducive to the company’s future Development and her own acting career. At this time, Gao Zitong succeeded Su Huangbei’s rehearsal of the new drama “Pursue the Right One”, which happened to be propaganda, and Su Huangbei was somewhat depressed. On the set, Gao Zitong’s crew was filming, but the female No. 2 in the play was accidentally injured. Gao Zitong had a scheming suggestion that the director let Su Huangbei act. Wu Di felt that it was too shameful for Su Huang Bei to be with a newcomer, but Su Huang Bei was willing to try.

Xu Jiawei wanted to cancel the contract with the company, but according to the agreement, it was very difficult for Xu Jiawei to compensate a large amount of liquidated damages. After Zhou Suying learned that, he agreed to a game company that wanted to sign his own before, and withdrew the remuneration in advance He paid a penalty for Xu Jiawei and cancelled the contract. Xu Jiawei learned that a man named Wuxunzi had paid a large amount of liquidated damages for himself and helped him recover his freedom. He was very surprised. He saw the back of Wuxuzi from the monitoring screen and judged it to be a young girl. Su Huangbei promised to play the female number two in the new play. When playing against Gao Zitong, Gao Zitong gave a big-name posture to command Su Yunbei and blamed Su Huangbei on Xu Jiawei.

In the face of Gao Zitong’s constant upsurge, Su Huangbei has endured many times, but Gao Zitong has to be intimate. He even asked the director to modify the script and add to a drama that beats the female number two. Big Brother suddenly appeared on the set. It turned out that the investor of this new drama is the Haohan Group of the Zhou family, and the big brother Zhou is the chairman of the Haohan Group. Gao Zitong’s attitude changed abruptly, and he welcomed Zhou Dong’s arrival with everyone, but it was too late. Zhou Dong announced the removal of Gao Zitong’s female one in public. The face-scarred Gao Zitong left the studio in a gray, Zhou Dongcai said to Su Guibei, these are what Zhou Shiyun asked you to do, Su Yunbei looked towards the elder brother’s eyes, seeing the misty rain covered, Zhou Shiyun holding an umbrella , Linfeng Yuli, her heart burst with warmth.

The crew reported to the reporter that the reason for replacing the heroine was due to Gao Zitong’s personal problems. After seeing these, Brother Shui, the principal of the agency, only knew what the artist Gao Zitong had done these days. He decided not to reuse Gao Zitong, and instead went all out to recommend Su Huangbei to the director. Seeing that she was hit by a blow, she turned and ran out. Su Huangbei didn’t worry about her, and she chased it out, but Gao Zitong didn’t buy Su Huangbei’s kindness to herself, and angrily complained about her various wrongs. The envious jealousy of Su Huangbei can easily have everything he can’t get with his best efforts.

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