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Don’t Want to be Friends with You 我才不要和你做朋友呢 Episode 7 Recap

Recently, Wu Zhixun came back every night. Father Wu learned that their school did not make up classes. Father Wu scolded him for lying, and forced him to ask who the two girls were, saying that they were not allowed to be with the inconsistent people and that he could not stay in this small county. Wu Zhixun retorted that he was also in the small county, making Dad Wu even more angry. Mom Wu hurriedly stopped Dad Wu. Mother Wang chatted with Liu Fengxia and felt that their family shouldn’t raise children in this way, but Liu Fengxia felt nothing.

Duan Xiao heard that Li Jincheng was injured, so he pulled Li Qingtong back to visit after class. Wang Xiaomin saw that his mother was there, and asked her for money to buy delicious food for Li Jincheng. Duan Xiao made a sleigh to find Li Jiao, and he also carved a sunflower on it, so he could use this to pull Li Jiao to go to school. Wu Zhixun was practicing basketball. Li Qingtong accompanied him. Several classmates came to grab the court. Li Qingtong was not afraid at all and drove them away.

Li Qingtong stood at the door, but Wu Zhixun couldn’t stand it, so he took her away and invited her to dinner. Li Qingtong had actually eaten it, but Wu Zhixun had a treat to her and she still ate happily. There are only a few people in the class who have not formed a team. Teacher Wu urged him in class. Li Progress reminded Wu Zhixun. Wu Zhixun went to write the names of him and Li Qingtong, making Lin Xuewei very angry. The basketball game is about to begin. Wu Zhixun and Duan Xiao compete, and whoever advances three goals wins.

Li Chenggong reminded Wu Zhixun that Duan Xiao was not allowed to make a long shot, so he was stimulated by then, deliberately letting him make a long shot. After the start of the game, the two were on the same level. Wu Zhixun blocked Duan Xiao outside and stimulated him with words. As expected, Duan Xiao made a long shot mistake. Wu Zhixun took the first shot and scored three points first. Both Li Qingtong and Li Jincheng were very happy.

Li Jincheng came to thank Duan Xiao, who turned out to have asked Duan Xiao for help in advance. Duan Xiao also felt that Wu Zhixun had two sons, but his status as the god of the ball was lost. Li Chengcheng said that he will always be her ball god. Tomorrow, I will do as the study group. Li Qingtong was so excited that he couldn’t sleep, pulling Li Jincheng to talk in the middle of the night. Wu Zhixun counseled Li Qingtong, but Li Qingtong just stared at him without listening to a word. Duan Xiao and Li Jincheng sat together, very happy.

Wang Xiaomin had to team up with Fan Shuishui, and both of them were very dissatisfied. After the exam results came out, Li Qingtong only scored nine points. Wu Zhixun came to Li Jincheng and felt that Li Qingtong’s foundation was too poor and he couldn’t teach. Li Chengjin asked him to persevere, he would first teach Li Qingtong the basics. Li Chenggong called Li Qingtong out to reprimand Li Qingtong. Li Qingtong was very dissatisfied. Teacher Wu just saw that Li Chenggong should not be too intense and learning should be done gradually. Li Qingtong vowed to study hard and went back to the formula for the whole night. The next day Li Qingtong couldn’t keep going to sleep in class, so Teacher Liu asked Wu Zhixun to call her up.

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