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Don’t Want to be Friends with You 我才不要和你做朋友呢 Episode 6 Recap

Li Qingtong, Fan Shuishui and the others went out to play in the snow. Wang Xiaomin wanted to welcome Li Jincheng in the northeast way. Several people threw a snowball to Li Jincheng. Duan Xiao used his body to help Li Jincheng block. For the first time, Li Chengjin was very happy with so many friends. Chen Junhe and the others were also playing here. Niu Xiaohuo made a snowman and said that it was Chen Junhe. Unexpectedly, Fan Shuishui and the others came over and accidentally knocked down the snowman. Niu Xiaohuo was very angry and asked them to settle accounts.

Chen Jun didn’t see Li Qingtong coming over, and said nothing to bring them away with Niu Xiaohuo. Niu Xiaohuo was very dissatisfied, and Chen Junhe asked them to have a barbecue. Soon on New Year’s Eve, Liu Fengxia made a big table of delicious food and a big plate of dumplings. The crowd was lively, and Li Wusi suddenly received a call from the factory, saying that the factory had closed down. After Li Qingtong and the others fell asleep, Li Wusi told Liu Fengxia about the incident. Liu Fengxia panicked. Li Qingtong was about to go to university.

It was just when he was spending money, and he didn’t know how to live the next day. Li Wusi went to the mobile market to pick up some chores every day, barely living his life. After the winter vacation, Mr. Wu asked them to form a one-on-one study group, one with good grades and one with poor grades. Li Jincheng felt that this was an opportunity and wanted Wu Zhixun and Li Qingtong to be a team. Lin Xuewei also came to Wu Zhixun and wanted to join him, but Wu Zhixun refused. During the exam, Wang Xiaomin looked around and wanted to cheat. Teacher Wu took a cardboard box and buckled him on his head to make him feel at ease. Wang Xiaomin asked Duan Xiao for help.

Duan Xiao wrote a note to him. After Wang Xiaomin finished copying, he wanted to give it to Li Qingtong, but he didn’t expect to throw it on Lin Xuewei’s desk. Teacher Wu caught it upright and asked them to admit that Lin Xuewei said that Wang Xiaomin threw it away. Teacher Wu was very angry and asked him to call her parents to expel it. Duan Xiao said that he wrote it, and Li Qingtong also admitted that the note was for her. Lin Xuewei proposed to punish them for running laps, and Teacher Wu asked her to supervise them.

When Chen Junhe saw them gloating over misfortune, Li Chengcheng was very angry and complained that Duan Xiao shouldn’t help them. Unexpectedly, Duan Xiao said that it was because of Li Jincheng’s face that made her even more angry. Li Qingtong saw Lin Xuewei at the stairway and deliberately knocked off the book in her hand, and the two quarreled. After returning home, Li Qingtong admitted her mistake, and Li Chengcheng said that she would not care about her. Duan Xiao was going to team up with Li Jincheng, and Li Jincheng agreed.

The school is going to hold a basketball game, and there is still a substitute. The physical education teacher thinks Wu Zhixun is high enough, and Wang Xiaomin mocks him for not knowing how to play. Wu Zhixun volunteered to be a substitute. Li progressed to see that he likes to play basketball, and proposed that he had beaten his classmates in a month, but he wanted to be in a team with Li Qingtong. Li Jincheng brought Wu Zhixun to practice football at night and asked him to practice for four hours a day. Li Qingtong also came to help them pick up the ball and send water. Li Jincheng accidentally fell while playing, Wu Zhixun rushed to take her to the hospital, but fortunately, it was just a minor injury to recover. Dad Wu

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